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  1. I have been dealing with Jeff over there since 1994, he didn't mention they were owners of the site.
  2. Facebook is horrible for bands and music and hasn't improved much. Even doing things for bands on the page app is terrible. I actually think the forum is fine now and am trying to get the guys over on KC to come back.
  3. As I said I still think they can hold their own with some sounds.
  4. Not sure but do you have access to Roll R Kari dollies?
  5. I had three cancellations in a week and now a fourth. I have on in July in Fairport NY and Buffalo NY. Then no shows at all.
  6. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRMHIMvbLKE
  7. I use to have 6 shows every summer month in the season. I have 5 now till September. We are starting phase 2 in NYS which is good but by the time live music is back in phase 4 most facilities will have limited capacity.
  8. Well implosion can follow that type of thing often enough. Disfunctionality will kill a band on it's own.
  9. I just had to cancel another gig. Most summers we have 4 to 5 a month in the summer as we make the most money. Now I have 6 this summer total.
  10. Really no one wants spinets. I am kind of in the business and most guys don't touch things other than an M-3 or M100. There isn't a good residual for them so most guys don't want to store them.
  11. One club in town will not accept pre-recorded material. He tells me "it's a false representation of bands , 8 times out of 10 they can't reproduce live what they did in the studio"
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