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  1. Yeah long time. Actually I got rid of the mojo. It broke internally once and it didn't come through the front of house that well.
  2. Actually upstate NY. I am only 5 hours away from NJ really. I think you and I might have known some of the same people? I can't remember/
  3. Well it's too bad as I fear this year it will be more of the same. Most festivals that usually have a lot of local acts are not having music this year.
  4. Well that was always the things with these organs, they are touch to work on. Are you going to sell it?
  5. Yeah I saw that. It's very sad.
  6. Welcome back I think I remember your handle. I am still here and check in after 20 years. I can't believe it.
  7. I don't know him but I would imagine they have a large market share of online sales.
  8. I did three gigs as a small act with tracks and it just wasn't the same with my 6 piece band. People couldn't dance so they left the last gig we did. It was embarrassing kind of but the owner didn't want to get fined. Two members are adamant about being distanced at rehearsals and it caused tension so we scratched it. These vaccines can't come soon enough.
  9. Yes. This place was very active from about 2000 till 2011.
  10. I have been dealing with Jeff over there since 1994, he didn't mention they were owners of the site.
  11. Facebook is horrible for bands and music and hasn't improved much. Even doing things for bands on the page app is terrible. I actually think the forum is fine now and am trying to get the guys over on KC to come back.
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