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  1. That's a loaded post. Not sure really if it's that simple. There is tons of art in other music.
  2. OK but I guess a lot of it has to do with how they left. Sometimes band members bail and leave a trail of sh-t behind them.
  3. Man what an old thread. Those 88's are older vintage board.
  4. Yes I understand what you are saying.
  5. There is a lot of information on the web available you just have to know where to look. Don't bother doing that to an H series. They aren't fun to work on.
  6. There are tons of Tonewheel organs out there.....a ton. Leslie speakers not so much. I just helped a guy sell one of these last years come to find out. The aren't sought after but if you hook it up to a Leslie they don't sound bad. It's just that they don't demand anything because people don't want them. They were supposedly going to replace the B3 but Hammond got it right the first time.
  7. Go to the organ forum: https://organforum.com/forums/
  8. Yeah that is probably a different thing but when you have 6 or 7 people it's another.
  9. Well they kept telling me I should go and "it's his 65th birthday" and call kinds of other things. As I said they never really got the butt end of things like I did over the years because I run the band.
  10. I actually posted this on another forum but it's relevant here. Running into Old Band Members can be Awkward. Tonight I have to go to my former bass player's birthday party as some of my present members will be there and kind of roped me into it. This guy had quit on me three times in five years. To give you some background his playing was inconsistent among some other things....... Small things became large things and after some back in forth we eventually came to the conclusion in August of 2016 that he should play the music he wants to play. He kind of was a show boater and really didn't like what he was doing with my group but he wanted to be in a popular band. The other members didn't feel it as much but emotionally and administratively I had to put up with it....and I thought I did because we were friends from way back in other groups but that I wasn't in charge of. I saw him once at a party last summer and it was weird. He had his bass and wanted to come up and play and we didn't let him. We were playing where there was a lot of musicians at a party for a local singer. Then my present bass player was having surgery last October and I was in a bind for a bass player. At my singers insistence he came and played a show with us and sounded bad in front of two other bands who don't play nice in sandbox that we were on the bill with. That night I was reminded why he isn't here and would have cancelled it in retrospect. At any rate it has been some time but my drummer is telling me we should come up and play some old Reggae songs. Apparently they have his band is currently playing. I have no desire because he really couldn't feel it in the first place and why would I want to relive something that constantly was a problem for 5 years? It's just not fun at this age and the reason I don't do many open jams. Sorry for the rant but maybe I will just go get a beer say hi and leave.
  11. Phil the thing will to be get guys over here that migrated over to Keyboard Korner. Funny thing is they went through a platform upgraded.
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