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  1. My buddy just gets stuff at cost from Hammond-Suzuki.
  2. My fiance is a care manager for a county long term facility. It's one of the best in the state. Most of the residents are getting younger it seems like. We play for a set fee ever year for labor day fireworks. It's an easy show, the band likes it and most of all the residents like it.
  3. Man I remember this thread when it first was posted. Man I'm getting older....
  4. Not sure. Could he contact Yamaha or see if there is a part online?
  5. Yes thanks to social media but I am glad it's still here.
  6. I never knew he did that to a B-3. That is really strange.
  7. Most of the time with Korgs of that vintage you just need to replace the CR2032 batteries. It's pretty easy actually and then just restore the factory sounds. I have done it before on a bunch of M-1. T Series , or O1W keyboards.
  8. I could use one. Do you have pictures?
  9. I kind of disagree. I have opened for a lot of people also. More people will know Bob Marley around the world than Dvorak hands down because of accessibility and what Bob did politically though music.
  10. That's a loaded post. Not sure really if it's that simple. There is tons of art in other music.
  11. OK but I guess a lot of it has to do with how they left. Sometimes band members bail and leave a trail of sh-t behind them.
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