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  1. By the way, my teacher sais once that his Martin (D18, I think) always stands well in a mix. There must be a reason why they are so popular!! πŸ˜™
  2. Yeah, it makes me think that I'd need a blood transfusion from them to play a bit like that!
  3. i did not notice. I will let the team who did it take care of it!!
  4. I started to learn Free Fallin' and did a noisy-short-recording. (I will maybe regret posting it tomorrow after a couple of hours of rest but, well, here it is!) Free Falling day 1 practice.mp3
  5. I think it's too good not to share!! Hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays !! https://youtu.be/j86V_t4gBsY Edit: I can't embed the link for the video !?!?!
  6. Congratulations! These guitars are made in my country and in my province! Enjoy it!! They are good guitars!
  7. Hi! Still not out of this pandemic for the end of the year 2020. I hope you are all safe and well and your family too. I'm on vacations plus I'm confined like the rest of my province. Merry Christmas to you all !!
  8. This is my Taylor 324-CE recorded with a THR-5A. It is very bassy. My teacher was very surprised when he heard it. (He got a Taylor, lately.) I was not supposed to buy a guitar the day I got it. I was looking at beaters. The guy in the shop told me to try the 324-CE. He told me it was its favorite... I HAD to get it... I have always loved Taylor guitars for their necks. Mine is just boomy! When I play it, I can feel the bass against my body! It just plays well and souds good, imo... Maybe I'm biased, but I like this sound! The Jokeguitare seul.mp3
  9. My teacher (not right now but he used to be) uses a Boss GT-1. He is the guy with the green guitar in this video. I don't know what his friend is using! Edit: Another one with the same guys!
  10. Hi! Thank's for listening! I'm afraid to go out of tune so I restrain myself. Also, I live in an apartment and I sing at low volume because I'm always afraid to disturb the neighbors. I need to fix that! My teacher told me that high notes will be easier if I don't restrain myself. (I send her a clip because I still can't take lessons right now...)
  11. Ha! Good to know about that! I was wondering! Thank you very much again!! It's very appreciated!!
  12. Hi Davie, Thank you for taking the time to listen to my recording. I remember that I felt dizzy after the lesson. I don't know if it's common to people trying to control their breath during (or right after) singing lessons !?!
  13. It's very cool! Maton is a brand I've never seen in Quebec. That's unfortunate because it looks like a good brand!
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