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  1. Hi DeepEnd! It's too low to sing for me but I might try to record it in another key! You all are much tighter than I am! (I'm simply not!) It's been a pleasure to listen to your clips! (I don't have a karaoke machine but it would have been fun for tonight's family diner! I'm looking on the net to see if there is an easy way with an amp, a mic and a computer to simulate karaoke!!) Cheers!!
  2. Far from perfect and not exactly one take (*Well, yes for the voice and yes for the piano but then I mixed the tracks...) but I wish you all a Merry Christhmas !!! I hope you are all doing fine and having a good time with your family!! Be safe and be healthy!! Comme on dit en français: excusez-là!!! SomeoneU loved.mp3
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum! The models that you listed are probably very similar to newer models with other names! Just take a look at them all!
  4. Not sure enough of me! Will repost when I think I'm better!
  5. Not too bad or really bad or terrible ??? 🤪 (I know I need to work on my high range a lot...
  6. Hi to you all! I hope you are well! In my quest for acoustic videos, I found one by Antoine Dufour. He is playing his new Beauregard guitar. I didn't know this builder. He is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The neck seems gorgeous and small!! OMG! Me like it a lot!! Here it is: Link to Beauregard Guitars: http://beauregardguitars.com/ (Not affiliation! I just like his work!)
  7. I guess it's worth supporting too because waiting is better than having nothing but it could be better! They say there are too many chiefs and not enough indians!
  8. Maybe I would need more RAM. There are 8 GB in my PC and in my laptop. Also, I run a piano VST (Native Instruments package: The Maverick, The Grandeur and The Gentleman. Btw, they can be obtained for less money every year around Black Friday. I got it last year.) It makes my electric piano sounds a thousand times better. It sounds crazy good! However, there are some misses sometimes. It's only installed on my laptop which has an I5 7200U Intel chip, a SSD and 8 Gb of ram. Some people told me more ram would help! I5 "U" CPUs are not as powerful as their counterparts, "non -U", versions. I don't think it's the electrical installation that is bad at my place because the digital piano doesn't do it otherwise. It just sounds less good than the VST! (It's still a good piano but VSTs are phenomenal, imo.) I know I'm a little bit crazy about sound quality. I don't have great music skills, I just enjoy listening to music and watching videos with great sound!
  9. I never tried any USB microphone except a regular mic with a USB soundcard. Maybe it's my computer, but USB connections always gave me popping and crackling audio problems... !!! ??? Maybe my computer is not powerful enough, but then, my laptop either. For the small guitar, I think big guitars may make me look... small!! Anyway, they hurt my back! The surgeon fixed my digestive problems, now maybe I'm going to be able to treat my herniated disks (3 + 2 bulging) more efficiently! I could not tolerate AINS or muscle relaxants before.
  10. Well, if it's Hi-Tech, then it's Hi-Tech but small (devices)!! I don't wan't it to take too much space! The Dreadnought Jr sounds much bigger than a little Martin, imo! It sounds very good and for my 5'6'' would be perfect! Maybe it's just this one that sounds good. I can't say! I'm still trying to resist though having so much medical fees helps me a lot in this way... (In Quebec, Canada, the free medical system means that you have to pay if you don't want to wait for years on a waiting list. I use a mix of both private and public medical services, this way I wait a bit less.)
  11. I just got a small mixer, a Mackie 402VLZ4 with Onyx preamps and wow!!! The sound is great! I wanted something small and prefered a mixer to a soundcard in the past for several reasons. I can listen/watch videos on my Ipad, keep Garage Band open on my Ipod and have an AT2020 (Audio Technica microphone) at my disposal at the same time! Quick and easy setup! I can't believe how much the sound quality is improved when I use headphones (I tried different models, I haven't connected to external speakers, yet) compared to when I'm connected directly to a cellphone/ Ipad/Ipod, etc. I'm overwhelmed to say the least! And I can't stop listening to music! On anorher subject, I also tried a guitar today I have GAS now: a Martin DJr-10E! Best mass production small guitar I've heard! comfortable and easy to carry! I haven't tried it plugged but there's a pickup in it! (I just found out!) No, it doesn't sound as big as my Taylor 324CE but it's easier to carry and less fragile. The neck is great, the size too (at least for me!) I can't justify it but... my, my, it would be fun! (And it would be my first Martin!)
  12. https://youtu.be/jfqpxlKirUc https://youtu.be/ikTtBpIo6OE
  13. I knew that I would have to change my mind after my surgery and I decided that I didn't want to waste my time having to watch publicities and I also wanted to be able to access lots of videos locally without being dependent of a wifi connection so I subscribed to YouTube Premium. After around 10 days, I must say that I love it! I will have a hard time cancelling it. I "need" it now! I like to watch live sessions, like this one: https://youtu.be/zt_9h4i0Lw8 I watched a couple of clips from the Howard Stern Show tonight. Do some of you are Premium YouTube users too? Do you know of any favorite Youtube channels you would like to share?
  14. Hi Garthman and DeepEnd! I just had my gallbladder plus another (benign but misplaced) mass retrieved. I have a few stitches but I already feel relieved compared to the pain I had! I can hardly believe it! I'll be around and gladly read your topics, listen to clips and enjoy your posts!! 🙂
  15. Very nice petite guitar, FK! I love it! I hope you’re doing fine! (I should have time to lurk around more for the upcoming weeks as I just have had surgeries yesterday. I can’t play guitar because of my belly for now, but I can read!) 😉
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