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  1. UPDATE: I did pick up a Stomp Under Foot Violet Menace, and i was unable to get the Vol & Gain above 8 o'clock with getting this whiney overloading sound. Matt from SUF said i could send it in (pics taken looked normal, he said), but I'm thinking more & more that it may be my medium hot P90's in concert with my Mesa DC3, but on clean. MY QUESTION, is this more common than I thought, where the gain structure of a pedal in combo with my pups & amp, is simply too much?? Deep underneath the awful noise, I can tell the pedal means well, but not a good match. I think i need a Muff 'type' box, but able to roll off the fuzziness & wooliness, & give me a nice mid hump, & a nice nod to the cello or violin type O/D. Thanks for all the input~~
  2. Hey all~~ As I wait for my custom neck to be finished, I'm busy contemplating what bridge components I want to put together for a rather traditional Fender style whammy assembly, brass or steel parts & all. My question is are roller saddles really a tone/sustain/resonance 'killer' for any build? After all, I am going for the most resonance I can get even before I plug in. Some guitars w/good wood, ring for days, and I don't want to put any weak links into the chain. In keeping with very much a Stratty p/u setup, is a brass big block the way to go, and brass or steel saddles? I want as little friction with the saddles due to my Bigsby-like trem approach, & thinking rollers would help stay in better tune. No dive bombing here!! So, as for the 'roller saddles'.... or ? And other metals to consider?Thnks~~ 🕉
  3. Hi all~ Has anyone here used one or own one? I've heard the YouTube videos, & I wasn't 100% sold on it. Our hearing is a funny thimg, & tend we to perceive a boost in volume as something which it may or may not really be what it's advertised to be. I didn't really hear anything that a simple boost pedal can't add. Maybe in real time & not online, it adds something special, but I couldn't tell. Any thoughts? 🕉
  4. Wow.... That Civil War is a beast.....very much what I am seeking. It's called a Big Muff II...same thing? I see many variations on Fleabay... some ridiculous money & while others not so much. But I want a good one! LOTS of clones.....man I need help with this one!! Chicago Stompworks...EHX Deluxe Big Muff II..Stomp Under Foot...Wren & Cuff?? Think Rypdal, Taylor, & Gilmour. Thnx
  5. About 30 yrs. ago, my band & I recorded in a top A room studio, and I was playing my H'bucker loaded Strat into a Boss Heavy Metal pedal, set to a tone cut, as opposed to any boost, then into my rack which contained a parametric EQ set to a subtle but sharp EQ curve cut in the low mids, then into a low powdered Gibson amp. The tone I got was something like a combination of Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal, & Mick Taylor from 'Time Waits For No One'. It sounded almost like a violin, somewhat O/D'n but smooth & not edgey. No that different from Clapton's old tone cut 'Woman Tone' sound with Cream, but with more high end clarity. No longer owning any of that equipment other than the guitar, I want to try to replicate that type of sound, with the least amount of the buying, swapping, & selling dance we all do. I know the amp is a big piece of the puzzle, but is there a OD pedal that comes to mind that might give me what I've described? I know Terje uses a TC Electronics Sustain-Param. EQ pedal thru AC30's, & Taylor is simply a guitar tone god, so what I seek is surely a tall task, but I just want that rounded OD sound w/o the spikes & edge, with something of a parametric EQ effect on board as well, or seperate. Thanks all!!
  6. Hiya... Preferably one made for the 'non-collar' model, but would consider the other one?! Thanks 🕉
  7. Hi all... I really love this pedal, but as everyone knows, when it's engaged, you lose all the low end, but even worse for me is losing all the high end snap & string attack. Are there fairly simple mods that can be done to this pedal to put some life back into it? I wouldn't attempt this myself, but with explicit instructions & direction, I would give it to my tech. OR, is there some renowned & reputable pedal guy out there that is known for this stuff, especially with this particular pedal? I'm all ears! Thanks folks~ 🕉
  8. Hi all~~ I'm look8ng at this AVATAR A50 & the owner's not 101% certain it's original..... Any AVATAR users out there who might know by looking at the numbers CR-963 16-47 ? thanks ​​​​​​​🕉
  9. I'm looking to either sell my Little 59 Bridge in parchment, & mint with long leads for $60 delivered, OR trade for the same pup in CREAM. Thanks, Kenny 🕉
  10. Having been informed by a 'gear-mate' that the Dynamic Filter needs 12v AC but only 9v DC, is there a mod to make the AC input function properly with the 9v from my Mutron 9v Battery Buddy instead of the AC requirement of 12v?? Right now all I get is a barely visible super dim red light with the Mutron.....pedal works fine with a battery....hmmm~~ Please be specific for the benefit of my tech. Thanks 🕉
  11. Hi all~~ I just purchased this pedal used, & while it powers up fine using a 9v battery, it won't do so using my 9v Mutron Battery Buddy. All I get is a very very faint light, visible only with the room pitch black. I also have another mid 80's BOSS HF-2 with the same requirements & plug input, and that one works just fine, as do my other 4 pedals in the chain. Seller claims "although it is the pedal of this age, ACA Series or 12V is required when using a DC plug. There is also a method to use it connected to the BOSS power supply(PSM or LS or TU).​​​​​​" 12v?? I've never heard of that before from a 9v Boss device. Am I missing something? Thanks, kenny 🕉 [TABLE=align: center, border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0] [TR] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. I couldn't agree with you all more. For what I want, Warmoth was 400+ minimum. Best Guitar Parts is mid 2's for exactly what I want. Hardware was 80ish & body 50. As soon as the right color 'road worn' body comes around, I'll jump. 🕉
  13. Yeah, the neck, which will definitely be a keeper, & all the hardware will make its way to new body if the Affinity fails. But no other measurements to be careful of when building the neck, besides the pocket & placement of the neck, which I dare not do myself? Thanks. 🕉
  14. Hi all..... I've begun my first DIY & badly need help before ordering a neck. The body, according to the seller, is an Affinity, comes with stock trem assembly, but my own pickguard & all black hardware except for neck & nut. Neck will (hopefully) be ebony on maple with 6130 frets, 22 fret (with overhang), 25 1/2", not sure about the radius yet...i'd like it to be much like my prized 60's neck pictured....any guesses on my radius I have there? Is the anything I need to be careful of before I spring a few bills for a nice neck & have it professionally installed? I'll surely wait until the body gets here & measure the pocket & go from there. Anything else to concern myself with? Thanks in advance, folks~~ 🕉
  15. Hi all~~ I'm having a neck made for a project, & I'd like to stick to the feel & specs of my 60's something neck that I've owned & played for 45 yrs. I'm hoping someone could tell me its radius, & if the pictures don't offer enough info, perhaps the necks age will help shed light on the answer. Thanks everyone~~🕉
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