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  1. MR GRUMPY,,,No,,,All I did was swap my old Little 59 for the Little 78,,, same wiring, same position,, my neck & middle never had hum in #4,, middle is rwrp,,,,I did take out the neck SC & tried an old early 70's Strat pup, I lost the hum but they were out of phase, so I reversed neck wires & got the hum. For now, I left it as is,,, it's nice pup & dcrew the hum. I'm just baffled by this phenomenon after simply changing only the Little bridge pup. I'm going to put the original Lil 59 back in just to hunt down this gremlin!! Thank you all for all your expertise, which I lack in the broader sense, but I'm good with the intermediate level stuff~~ Will advise!!
  2. Man, I checked everything, including things I know it would never be...Heres a pic,,, fwiw, the tone pot is hooked up only to the bridge,,, the volume pot is well grounded to the pickguard, and the output jack is fine,, neck & middle p/u's each have the whites to the switch & blacks to ground.... The switch is selecting the pups correctly,,,, it's that darn #4 position that has suddenly reared it noisy head.... Could the switch be faulty even though it's switching properly? Thnx all~~
  3. Yeah, dat ampz a killah~~ AC20 DELUXE
  4. Without opening up my pickguard, here's the beef: Bridge>SD Little 59/78, Middle> SD RW/RP SSL2, Neck>SD SSL2,,, Don't remember having the problem before but I'm suddenly getting hum in my #4 position (neck w/rwrp middle),, previously I was getting hum only in 3 & 5, which is normal,,,, Is it likely that knocked some ground loose on the middle p/u? Wouldn't I get no sound if I did? I did very recently swapped the 59 for the 78, so my suspicion is the obvious loose wire theory!!?? Be safe all!!
  5. Hi all & wishing everyone well~~ I'm in need of a techie to look at an Ibanez TS808 35th Anniv. model I just received. It doesn't light up & no signal whatsoever passes through. Rather than returning it, I'd like to get it going, and I would even mail it to a reputable repair business person that is on the grid!! Thanks in advance, and be safe!! Kenny
  6. But which one? To keep this simple & hopefully do it only once, I want it rich & thick, good definition but not gritty or fizzy, no tone-suck that I've heard on many pedals, low noise, & perhaps true bypass. TS9 & the countless modified 9's, 9-GOLD, TS808, 808HW, MINI, 9DX, 40th ANNIV., any particular Keeley version, oh, & yeah, that MAXON OD808 40th & its many modded versions on Fleabay,,,? BK Butler Tubeworks Tube Driver?? FWIW, using mainly low powered amps, it would not be the sole source of drive, but I do want something 'special' to go with my super loud Buddha TwinMaster combo. Thanks all & be well! 🕉
  7. A single 9v battery in a separate compartment. The 'on light" can be seen on the far right on the board.
  8. Hoping everyone's safe.. This is strange territory for me & probably most of you, but as I know less than any of you, I've included some pictures of the circuitry & any necessary wiring. The issue is that I cannot get the Sustainer (neck) p/u to go on. Guitar has a 3-way switch..The bridge is fine, as is the middle, but oddly, the middle p/u is on also in the #3 position. I went as far as disconnecting the middle p/u to verify this finding... and nothing happening the neck position. One thing that caught my eye was that those red & white (& perhaps black?) wires go from the neck p/u going to one side of that board, then off the other side of the board & straight to that Mini-pot on the bottom of the pic, with NOTHING going to the switch. On the switch, the Blue is the bridge, Red is the Middle, & that White wire in the Middle goes to one of the pots. Also, 2 of the 3 mid p/u wires are going to ground.... Fernandes can offer no further info on this model. Can ANYONE help me make heads or tails out of this, & has anyone ever worked on one, or know anyone who has?? If you've read this far, thanks, & I look forward to hearing back. Kenny
  9. Basically just a Twin, pushed by a LP Custom,,,, loud & bad!! That entire crowd, Jones, Thunders, Waldo, & others use them with similar affect!
  10. Thanks WRGKMC,,, but don't forget, I'm working with a Master Volume & a tone that controls only the bridge. Looking to brighten the 2 through 5 positions that sounded fine when that exact pickguard was mounted on a different body. It's not pickup choice. Thanks
  11. Good day all,,, Here's my DIY pickguard, 2-SSL's & a Lil' 59, and the tone is hooked up only to the bridge p/u. Both pots are 300k, and I'm finding things on the dark side, especially for positions 2 thru 5. Is the best way to brighten things up a bit to put in a 500k pot, and which pot to change, or both? How does that work, especially with no tone on the middle & neck? Thanks everyone & stay safe!
  12. Yes decrease the amp's cranked output volume. Thanks
  13. Yeah,, I have a Weber Mass I just received & have yet to try, but my previous experiences are forewarning. Thanks all ~~
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