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  1. Hi daddymack, I fully understand everything you says about the charged caps! No, I have not found those replacement cans...any leads? I would consider myself an intermediate level DIY'er, much better with the non-lethal circuits found in guitars, but I can read & understand a schematic & follow a signal path.....right to those lethal charges, which I know how to discharge, but this restore that I'm up against would be much better dealt with by an expert! Thanks for any tips! Kenny
  2. Hiya... I'm trying to identify this amp component that, looking at the bubbling on the right side, needs to be replaced. I simply don't know what to ask for & where to look. FWIW, it goes from one of my old Gibson GA40's power tubes to some chassis mounted can. It's definitely not original & would like to make certain I get the correct thing. Thanks everyone! 🕉
  3. Very good info..& it's actually Tru-Oil that I have on tap. As for whatever stain I go with, I can always try some on the base of the neck that will be hidden by the pocket. I guess I want to find the best shade to make the grain pop, w/o going too dark & you can't see anything. Honey Maple's nice, & would compliment my gold hardware nicely. Thanks~~ 🕉
  4. Hi all~~ I just received my custom neck, black ebony on birdseye maple, and am prepared to stain & seal with Tung Oil. The untouched maple is really light & IF I chose to use something to make it more interesting, what should be used, Minwax, & when should it be done....BEFORE the Tung Oil, I assume, and with the same technique of 0000 steel wool between coats? Thanks~~ 🕉
  5. Hi all~~ I'm going to need tubes for my new, 1953 Gibson GA40 T combo, it's been ages since I've needed octals. I'm not at all concerned about period correct metal 6SJ & 6SN7's, & coke bottle 5V or 5U4 rect. I want strong, reliable & quiet. Glass or Metal? Without furthur breaking an already broken piggy bank, where's the place to go for these oddball octal? I'll just go EH or JJ for the 3 6V6's, one for the tremolo, but the others I'm just not in the loop. Thanks for everyone sharing your expertise. 🕉
  6. Hiya all, well I just scored a well worn in early 50's Gibson GA40-T L.P. Amp! Needs a LOT of lovin', & having owned a bunch of GA20's, 20T's & 15RVT, I know what's just what's in store once it's propetly resurrected from someone elses work bench. Can anyone who knows more than I do about the 40T L.P. put me on the fast-track to a 1953 schematic running all octals? I'll need for my tech to have the right one! Thanks everyone & keep rockin' & buying~~ And, where can a correct handle be gotten? Thnx kenny
  7. Hi all..... What's the skinny on these allegedly light springs for my Strat?I'll be running a floating system bo do mild Bigsby like bends...no divebombing. Are they truly lighter than the average gauge springs i have in my toolbox? I know FU-Tone offers 4 or 5 differently weighted noiseless springs & he suggested that 2 springs is ideal. I just don't know enough as this is my 1st Strat DIY, & my only guitar with a standard Strat setup. FWIW i use 9-42's & i want the best & softest control, & something that hopefully returns to pitch. Who doesn't?! I installed a KGC staggered claw & the big brass block. Any suggestions, & are the Raws any way to go? & how many for optimum pitch return? Thank in advance. 🕉
  8. Well, it all worked out better than I ever could've thought. Look at this & say hello to my new little tool!! Now to rid myself of that upward bend. I think I'll leave that to some local machine shop, unless there's any tricks up any of your sleeves; a hole in a work bench......? I don't have a vise, unless I take it into Home Depot & test drive one of theirs?! see pics!Thanks all for your collective smarts~ 🕉
  9. G'day all~~ I was advised that my original Fender Strat rosewood on maple neck, 7.25 radius, requires a curved-bottom nut, not flat. I trust the source, but I'd like to be certain.see pic belowThanks~~
  10. Hi all... Can the the threading on one of my whammy bars be machined from the 5 or 6mm it is now, to a Fender 10-32 threading? It's straight & black & I like its feel. I don't have the tools, so I'd have to bring or send it somewhere.Many thanks, kenny 🕉
  11. Hiya all~ What's the latest buzz on a GREAT set of new production 6V6's for my Egnater Rebel 30? Not that longevity isn't a concern, I don't play out a whole lot, and would settle more for something, smooth, warm & Classic 6V6 sound. Should I go NOS & take that plunge, or IS there an equally as good & safer new production option? I see a pair of Delco branded Tung Sol's for not an arm & a leg...? Also, does changing the value or type of the PI tube effect the slightly unruly OD? I like the idea of a TS Gold pre in the shared V1, but to better tame the dirty channel, is the dedicated OD channel V2 the value to focus on, with maybe a 5751 or an AT7? Thanks.
  12. Hiya.Hiya.. I like the idea of a TS Gold in V1, but to better tend to the dirty channel, is V2 the one I really need to focus on as well? Any suggestions for the best Marshall-like OD? Also, what's the latest buzz on a GREAT set of new production 6V6's for my Rebel 30? Lastly, does changing the value or type of the PI tube effect the slightly unruly OD? Thanks~
  13. Thanks for the advice! & i was fortunate enough to see Roy live in NYC~ Amazing!! 🕉
  14. UPDATE: I did pick up a Stomp Under Foot Violet Menace, and i was unable to get the Vol & Gain above 8 o'clock with getting this whiney overloading sound. Matt from SUF said i could send it in (pics taken looked normal, he said), but I'm thinking more & more that it may be my medium hot P90's in concert with my Mesa DC3, but on clean. MY QUESTION, is this more common than I thought, where the gain structure of a pedal in combo with my pups & amp, is simply too much?? Deep underneath the awful noise, I can tell the pedal means well, but not a good match. I think i need a Muff 'type' box, but able to roll off the fuzziness & wooliness, & give me a nice mid hump, & a nice nod to the cello or violin type O/D. Thanks for all the input~~
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