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  1. I'm getting smart, following everyone's advice, & installing grounded 3 conductor cords into some old 50's P.A. amps. I've watched ALL the YouTube videos, and ALL of them deal with guitar amps w/polarity switches & 'death caps', & I don't see any clear, definitive or consistent info. Okay, Green is GROUND,, some videos show the White Neutral going directly to one of the trannies, and the Hot Black wire going to the power switch then on to the fuse, & then to the tranny. Then others show the white neutral going to the fuse & the black hot to the On/Off,,, AND vice versa, w/white to the power switch, & black to fuse. These are old mono tube amps, & as I mentioned, no polarity switch or death cap. I don't want to be another toasted statistic, or fry anything.Thanks in advance for your assistance!BE WELL!!
  2. How does one add a 3-prong plug to any of these 50's amps I've been talking about? Please be specific, & perhaps a rendering would be great. Be safe all~
  3. ksl

    Help With A.C. Cord Polarity

    Thanks DEEPEND!! Cool,, & that hot side typically goes to the fuse, & not the switch, or does it not matter in an old 50's amp? I've been told it does. I realize it's no substitute for 3-prong surgery, but just checking for a temporary fix. Thanks again ~
  4. Hi all & hope all are well~ On the pic of this plug, which lug is considered the hot, which from what I understand, is connected to the fuse post? Thanks all, happy 4th & a better 5th~
  5. Good day all & hope all are doing the best they can!WHAT IS THIS?,, & kindly direct me to a plug or adapter so I can use/make a 1/4" jack out of it... Thank you & be well~~
  6. Hey 1001GEAR,,, honestly, I've been playing since I was 8, 1963. But, each day still brings something new, even if I don't practice... My home is in the pocket, locked in w/the bass & drums, & stepping into leadwork as it's called for... What a waste it would be if I couldn't play, but owned such vintage & boutique amps... Guitars are cool, but perhaps to your point, I get my sound from my fingers & amp choice, & navigate rather well through those idiosyncrasies. Peace & be well ~
  7. Not all that well...🤔
  8. If I wanted modern technology stuffed in there, I would have simply purchased some modern technology. I have that in my Mesa, 54's Gibson, Budda, Morgan, Vox, Egnater, & a modded Masco pa amp that sounds unbelievable!! Modding doesn't always translate to a total gut-job,,, To a qualified modder, a few choice value changes can take an amp built for amplifying 8mm sound from 60 yr old family outings, to a true vintage sounding rocking guitar amp that could do anything....
  9. Hi all,,, I'm wanting some freaky, psych (not tie-dye) grill cloth for an amp project. This particular pic is of a National, iirc, & the other pic is currently from ebay. Thnx & be safe!!
  10. It's a Bogen HE-10 mono P.A. amp, very cool small amp, to be modded. This is how it was done in the 50's, and I've seen a lot of worse factory jobs, like Bell & Howell, and Masco ~~
  11. Hi all,,, I'm in need of a funny looking 250 ohm, 5 watt resistor that goes across one of the filter cans... here's a pic, & what do they call it, & will ANY 250 ohm 5 watter work? I don't want to get the wrong thing. Thanks again ~
  12. Thanks all! It's a Bogen 2x6v6 mono amp that's getting a makeover. I simply opened it, ran a wire that linked the 2 -- pins of the connectors, and ran another wire from the 2 bridged + posts on the connectors, that is also bridged to that ohm selector. There an unused hole on the back chassis awaiting a 1/4" jack!! While I have you all I need a funny looking 250 ohm, 5 watt resistor that goes across one of the filter cans... here's a pic, & what do they call it? I don't want to get the wrong thing. Thanks again ~
  13. Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:28 pm Hi & hope all is well. Kindly check my pic and tell me how to easily run +/-- cables from these ancient speaker connectors. I did see a picture from someone who dangled wires, but I lost it & can't find it, but still it didn't differentiate + from -- I'd rather run & dangle wires than start drilling & installing 1/4" jack's. Do I simply open it up & check the hot & ground, & drag wires? And what about Impedance? Thanks all Kenny
  14. ksl

    JJ EL844?

    Hi all,,, although their output is probably less than their EL84 counterparts, but can they handle the voltage of an AC30, or a Boogie DC3? Thanks
  15. Thanks friends. I finally got a reply back from Guitarelectronics.com, who said they would accommodate my needs at no extra cost, & their prices are good!! Be well~
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