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  1. Hi all,,, Everything else on the market is 52, 54+mm, & I need 2", 50mm, & can't find them anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Be well all~
  2. Hi all,, I need 50mm, 2", center E to center e spaced Strat style steel saddles for this short scale guitar, & narrow than most E to e necks. Having trouble & could use a few leads. Thanks in advance & be well~ Kenny
  3. Hi all & hope all are well~ For my one & only Squier DIY, which I though I was hot stuff outfitting it with brass block & saddles,, but those are the lessons we learn when we DIY,, the gtr is great plugged in, but acoustically dead,,, but now am going all black steel with a Wilkinson SB513 from the Gotoh factory, everything I need & (no need to piece it together) pictured below,,, so, keeping it real simple, πŸ‘orπŸ‘Ž Thanks to advance~ Be well! πŸ•‰
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