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  1. Yeah, great story, & somewhere in between my best buds & his brother's knack for a good 'story', lies the truth. I just sent Sean an email, since Yoko doesn't pick up!!🤔 Will advise,,, thnks
  2. Okay, so here's the alleged story: My life-long buddy of 65 yrs & counting, had an older brother whose mother-in-law had been a housekeeper at the Dakota in NYC, w/Yoko Ono being one of her clients in & around the mid 80's. This maid was gifted this CORT bass, of course with no documentation, along with a solid state Peavey bass amp, that belonged to the family, but was probably young Sean's, and wasn't getting much use by anybody. My buddy & I are closer than blood, & closer to him than his brother (rip), who's been known to whip up a story or two in his life!!,, Here are all
  3. Good day & hope all are well~ If you check out my picture, you'll see those 3 dip switches, & the 2 end switches need to be replaced, but my technician can't get in between those 2 green wafers to unsolder the bottoms of the switches, and the wafers don't easily separate. Who locally could I turn to to help tackle this tricky job,,, a jeweler, a blacksmith 🤔,,, any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance for your help~ Stay well~ Kenny
  4. Hi all,,, Okay,,,I've found several great mics under $300Any thoughts on these for the soundhole on 12 string, single mixing a 6 string, & possibly some vox?RODE NT2-A & (RM2 clip)AUDIO TECHNICA AT2050 AKG O420CAD M179CAD E300S Again, many thanks.Kenny
  5. Hi all,,, I've found several great mics under $300 Any thoughts on these for the soundhole on 12 string, single mixing a 6 string, & possibly some vox? RODE NT2-A & (RM2 clip) AUDIO TECHNICA AT2050 CAD M179 CAD E300S Again, many thanks. Kenny
  6. Good day all~ After a 10 yr hiatus & liquidation of everything, I'm getting back into it with the Tascam Model 24... So far I have an Equitek E100 for electric guitar, but for recording my custom 12 string acoustic, (& single micing a 6 string on omni), thinking I'd put a larger diaphragm mic capable of an omni pattern on the sound hole, & put the E100 on the neck. Anything exceptional for $200 or less,,, if something sticks out for a little more, I'll live. Thanks all & best of health~
  7. Nice effort, but I think James Calvin Wilsey's rolling over right around now,,, but, that's just me,,, i love that guitar part & sound, & have fortunately & successfully been able to duplicate his tone & feel through an AC30,,, & it is heavenly!! But I applaud your work!! That song is an official 3-chord wonder!!
  8. Actually, you'd want the condenser on the sound hole, & a dynamic on the neck, or condensers on both. I just wanted to know if there's an exceptional all in one stereo mic,,, I tend not to think so.... Thanks
  9. Hi all~ While i know there are probably NO direct drop-ins for tubes, except for the 12**7 family, and that different rectifiers, if acceptable to the circuit, can change the amp's attitude, albeit not greatly, I am curious about the 6SC,SN,SL,SJ7 family. With appropriate design tweaks, which of these octals share the same pinout or are close enough to be rewired, and could be subbed, if any....?? As I'm legally blind, it's often difficult to easily download & investigate these stats, which is why I come to this place, hoping for some quicker results. Again, I don't do mods, & all I
  10. Hiya all,,, Looking to keep the load light, & need a decent, not very expensive, Stereo mic.... So far, I've only seen the Audio Technica AT822, but I'm not sure if it excels at recording acoustic guitars & vocals, as much as it does for field work? Something that could do well also w/electric guitars (not too loud).... Thanks for amy & all suggestions. Stay safe & be well~
  11. Hi & hope all are well. Now, about that HUMP in the Blender,,, the whole of the effect happens between 8 & 10 on the dial,,, there's no gradual sweep. I thought I had tried a Linear, but I cannot recall, but right now there's audio pots in there. It's not a terrible thing, & it's kinda nice to have the blend just a quick touch away, but how do I get back to a 'normal' sweep? What hump? 😏 thnx all, be well!! Thanks,Kenny 🕉🎶
  12. Hi & hope all are well. A quick question,,,, I noticed on all of my pickguard I've been making, positions 2 & 4 sound like you threw a blanket over the speaker. SD Surfers, SD Texas Hots, Little59, anything. 1/3/5 all sound great, but 2/4 loose all the top end & quack. Everything's in phase, & basically cool except for that veil. The only thing these pickguards all share in common, is a Blender Pot. I have a master Vol., Master Tone, & the blender. Before I start operating on everything, what the heck could it be? My volume pots are already 300k, but does the value of
  13. ksl


    Under what circumstances is the 5R4 a suitable sub for a 5U4, 5V4, how it change the amps gain, and/or voltage the voltage going to the power section. I have one of those big based military 5R4's & while some minor changes and/or rebiasing may be in order, what am I looking at, & is there audible change, sag, tightness,,, whatever? Thanks all & stay safe!! Kenny
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