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  1. Thanks DADDYMACK!! I do appreciate your input & investigative instinct!!
  2. Good day all~ I'm writing on behalf of a dear buddy & phenomenal, award winning pro guitarist who has this olde as the hills(early 60's) Premier model 120 amp that is forever blowing fuses, most of the time upon turn-on. I hooked him up with a literal old geezer (but 2 yrs younger than meπŸ€” & the sweetest guy) who can fix & rebuild anything from an old Crosley radio to a large LCD, & modern day 400 wpc Phase Linear ss amp, circuit board, HW, & even fixed my ultra high-end SACD everything player that needed a $20 laser replaced. To date, he's built me almost 10 tweed killers
  3. Thnx for the article DADDYMACK!!
  4. Hiya,, but of all the many, just this once caught my attention. Thanks
  5. Are those flat 'Gibson 6' badges available anywhere, or do I need to just get lucky? Thnx
  6. G'day one & all~ a 'Gioson'?? Ever since my GA20, 20T, 20 'Brownie', & GA78 Stereo left my life, I've been watching & waiting for one of this particular GA6 model, & NOW I can chill~ Lesson,,, wait long enough, don't panic, & be ready to jump, at ANY hour!! Now, my world, & my collection, cam rest & breath!! Welcome homeβ€πŸŽΈπŸ–€πŸ₯‚ πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  7. Daddymack,very true, but when I seek an answer, or a trail of breadcrumbs, get a joke or sarcasm,,,,, lemme re-group,, I need a mini hbucker for my neck that's got a nice bluesy neck sound,, with definition,, A5? Thanks all, & thnx daddy,,,,
  8. Thnx daddymack for your endless unbecoming, self-amusing wit & humor & your lack of anything useful to offer. 'FOR RECORDING PURPOSES', playing with the guitar on 10 thru a clean amp setting is different than playing through a cranking o/d'n amp & keeping your guitar on 5... When playing live, it's a ballgame as you called it, but for my above desires, I want to know more about the p/u's personality, & not yours!!
  9. Howdo all!! For the neck of this beauty i just recently happened across at GC, & cheep, & what F'Bird p/u would lend me the nicest ballsy but classic neck sound, that would also be tender & sweet playing clean, plus in the #4 pos.? fWiW, as she sits, the bridge is 13.77k, middle at 7.83k, & the neck's a beefy 16.000001k.... I dunno, I'm just not used to these kinda #'s,,well not lately,,,, Can i have both bluesy/ballsy AND when clean, sweet & w/definition in one puppy? Mostly for recording.... I know SD's got 3, the ('Seymourized'??), & then there's everyone else, y
  10. ksl

    ISO Cabs??

    Hiya,, this path my be a life changer, & the two that caught my eye were the Mojotone 1x12, the Jet City, & add in the Randall.... Any good, any one one better than the other,,, & truly a solution for apartment recording with a 20w or so amp? Thanks all!!
  11. I screwed up & accidentally knocked the black wire from the on/off switch to wherever it's supposed to go. From my pic, it looks like it goes to some contact on the input, where there are already two blacks,,, one that goes to the output, & the other to the DC & diode lug,,,
  12. Good eve' all~ I'm having in issue with this older (but not Uber vintage) Ibanez Tube Screamer, that when I got it used, the pedal did not light up or work with a fresh battery & cables inserted. I checked for positive continuity between the battery holder lugs & their associated connects. But it works just fine when using it in my pedal board, powered by juice from the wall. Once, I was able to get a momentary flicker of light out of it by fiddling w/the wires & battery instered, but I couldn't do it on command & try to trace the culprit. The pedal did come with an intermitten
  13. Greetings one & all~ Just curious to know if anyone has had any experience or confrontation with what's known as a GIBSON/BELL BA15-RV,, not the GA, but the BA? I've owned & still have oodles of Gibsons, like GA20, GA20T, GA40-T, & a Bell GA78 w/trem, no verb, & 2xP10Q's,,& it was ONE of the 2 best amps I've EVER owned,, with a VOX AC10-Twin being #1,, and I'm getting 'A.A.S.',,, 2 6v6, 5y3, 3x6eu7's & a 12au7, & a P12R,, Here's a mugshot, & please, DO tell of your thoughts. Many thanks in advance!!
  14. Good evenin' all~ Kindly tell me where i can get a soft touch button switch (no traditional hard click) for this pedal... a link or direction to Ebay or AES, or even SD, would be much appreciated. As and aside, this pedal works only when i use the juice from the wall,, nothing using a fresh battery.... I had it open a while back, & all I got was a few really quick flashes of light,,, something that I was unable to dupe on command ... Logically, the 1st thing is to do would be to replace the battery leads,,, w/the Red going to the AC input jack, & the Black going to a lug on the input
  15. By inexpensive I meant around $100,,, I think it's down to the M234, TC Corona, or a Boss CE-3,,, ??
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