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  1. When all is said & done, any commentary from any owners of this model on how it feels,, what profile neck, & fret profile does it have,, medium, medium jumbo,, high, low, or what have you? The black & the gold are both very cool looking, but how does it feel, anyone? thnx
  2. ksl

    Rectifier Tube Swap

    hi all~ I get it, & you can't simply swap them around w/o some knowledgeable surrounding value changes, but I have an modded Bell & Howell amp the uses 2x6V6, a 6SC7, a 6J7, & a 5Z4 that you could cook a steak on, & the tranny seems to get real toasty as well, & I was thinking of the potato masher 5R4 WGA/WGB rectos, especially due to their over-built-ness,,,, I know that 5U4's are not so easily swapoed due to some electronic config or another, BUT sound & gainwise, what changes could I expect using that particular 5R4 or any other trusty JAN tube or a 5AR4, or whatever,, For whatever it's worth, I'd like to nudge just a touch more gain out of the amp, and temper all that excess heat.. Thoughts & experiences! thnx in advance!!
  3. Well,, I finally got the Triple Shot, & it ended being the ticket.... Thnx πŸŽΆπŸ•‰
  4. Howdy all~ Just as JJ has their EL844 for 'allegedly' earlier breakup, does any maker have the same thing going on for the venerable 6V6? The amp is one of my many fantastic homebrews, with this one having been pulled from an old Bell & Howell projector & brought back to life as a very solid amp, with 2x6V6, 1x6SC7, 1x6J7, & a 5Z4 recto that you could cook a Kobi steak on,,, Amp sounds fantastic w/that classic robust 6V6 sound w/some grain drive,,, BUT, short of having my tech ripping apart this overbuilt chassis again, if i could get the the amp to sound like it's '12' instead of like '9', & nudge up the gain just a smidgen, I'd happy as the day is long!! So again, what's out there in 6V6's that may get me 'there', that are 'rated' on a 1 to 5, or a 1 to 10 scale, & not be a possible 'reject ala the EL844, & still sound good? Maybe a rectifier change & rebias would get me there as well? I don't use OD pedals other than my Barefoot Model G (Gibson) effect, but I don't want to color the sound at all, or get louder,, but just to get a extra tiny touch of drive.... Thnx well, & be well~ kenny πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  5. Yeah, I'm kinda hooked on colour specifics here, & I don't care to wait 6 months for SD to resume production, but I want your CREAM, TREMBUCKER, P-RAILS for BRIDGE... Be well all!! πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ kslewitt@gmail.com
  6. Found it!!, & right on their site, & after being told by them that didn't have it & couldn't help... Swell folks, & I sent it along to them... I would've eventually figured it out, but I like schematics,,, peace all~
  7. Daddymack, kindly refer to my original post to see exactly what I'm after.... "I presently have a SH4 HB connected to a simple Volume with a push/pull to take me from full HB mode, & to only the N coil... What I want is exactly what that schematic shows, a SERIES/SINGLE/PARALLEL 3-way switch, BUT to add & use my existing push/pull pot somewhere in the circuit to choose either the North or South coil when i'm in the middle single coil position of that 3-way..." Thnx
  8. HERE'S the right schematic & I'd like for someone to pencil in where I could insert my Push/Pull & Volume pot, instead of the Volume pictured, so I can select the North or South coil when the on/on/on is in the middle (single) position? I would assume there has to be someone who could give me proper direction with this for my SH4 project..? Thnx!! Thnx again!!
  9. Magic,, old wood, old p/u's & a bit of mojo~ πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  10. Yeah & thnx~ πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  11. Good eve all~ When considering swapping out the neck on my Warmoth bodied partscaster, what do I need to take into account? I presently have a 21 fret, no overhang neck that I might replace w/a 22 fret with overhang, 25.5 scale neck, and any minor tweaking aside, can I pretty much drop & play? I'm not certain of the scale presently on there. I'm relatively new to this DIY stuff, but so good so far, & I'd like to keep it that way!! Thnx in advance~ πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  12. Hi all~ Me being one who likes my nuts to securely & tightly in place,πŸ€”, as they ought, I'd like to know, that w/o running out do Home Depot to fill a 'cement pond, what typical household compounds can be used to fill to use, and/or mix, to fill the that 1/32 bit of space? And, does it at all matter if I secure the nut towards the headstock side, or to the fret-side before filling the gap? Many thanks, again~ πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  13. Thanks DADDYMACK!! I do appreciate your input & investigative instinct!!
  14. Good day all~ I'm writing on behalf of a dear buddy & phenomenal, award winning pro guitarist who has this olde as the hills(early 60's) Premier model 120 amp that is forever blowing fuses, most of the time upon turn-on. I hooked him up with a literal old geezer (but 2 yrs younger than meπŸ€” & the sweetest guy) who can fix & rebuild anything from an old Crosley radio to a large LCD, & modern day 400 wpc Phase Linear ss amp, circuit board, HW, & even fixed my ultra high-end SACD everything player that needed a $20 laser replaced. To date, he's built me almost 10 tweed killers made from old 40 & 50's mono power/P.A. amps, w/or w/o schematics, & then custom tailor & tweak each project to my tastes,,, He's worked on that rather basic Premier 3 or 4 times, doesn't blow fuses on his bench, but my buddy gets it home, plays for a minute, sometimes an hour, & the amp invariably pops a fuse... No smoke or flames, just proper value fuses... Me & my genius tech are vexed, while my bud is super frustrated, & at his wits end!! Since I'm the blogger, I thought I'd reach out to all you folks who mostly know more 'All Things Amp' than I ever could handle. So, Premier 120, great sound, pretty as hell, but has it out for fuses. I know enough to almost be dangerous under the hood, & I could easily follow along with any suggestions or fixes. Sorry for the ramblin' post, but I wanted to give some background. Thanks in advance, & stay well everyone!! πŸ•‰πŸŽΆ
  15. Thnx for the article DADDYMACK!!
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