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  1. Hi all~~ It's truly amazing how few choices there are for a DECENT EF86,,,, I'm 60/40 in favor of a quite, non microphonic valve over gain performance for my Morgan AC20 Deluxe. Not to say that both factors don't matter, but quiet over gain, by a small margin. What to get in new production, well performing tube, as NOS prices are crazy!?? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks all,,, Due to post-surgery restrictions for a trigger finger, I now have 8-38's on there, but in better days I will get back my 9 or 9.5's, no down-tuning. I'm trying to float in the 50/50 position. I guess I need springs that will stretch further, but not block my block, & not stiffen up the trem bar action,,,not too soft & not too stiff.....
  3. By the time I get the claw into the body enough so the springs down fall off, the trem block is all the way against the cavity.
  4. Hey all~ Aside from the the Raw Vintage trem springs, which I have no experience with, are there any springs that are truly lighter than the stock ones? It's not a matter of simply using less springs as my 2 springs almost become unhinged as I whammy back(sharp), and I need to create more stretch with less pull. One spring's not enough & 2's too much, and I like my block resting in the middle position. This is my 1st DIY, & everything is a first, but this situation is my only stumbling block. 🤔 Thanks 🕉
  5. My heart goes out to any fellow axe slinger that is affected by this! My case is not so much like the ones I've seen on this thread. As my photo shows, only the very top joint on my middle finger on my fretting hand 🤔 bends not much further than you see, rendering me GREATLY debilitated, & useless at the guitar in a band situation, unable to play ANYTHING other than an open G chord, or anything that makes me not need to reach beyond the low E or A strings!! I can't make the finger go to those minor chord positions, and it takes me about a second to manage my finger into position,,, and R'n'R doesn't wait a second for chord changes!! Flexor Digitorum Profundus/Lumbrical Plus Finger is the technical name, though this top surgeon lumped it in to the 'trigger' category, tho my finger doesn't ever lock, it's just a lazy top digit. I did try some voluntary grueling physical therapy for about 6 weeks, 3x weekly, getting nowhere, then opted to step it up & find a hand surgeon who deals only with this stuff. (The 1st Dr. I saw didn't know "what to do with me, even if i opted for surgery"!! I couldn't believe my ears!! My next & final 2nd opinion landed me with my current doc, who first gave me an anti-inflammatory shot of Kenalog, wait a week, and with nothing positive happening, I signed up for surgery, as described above, where he cuts into the palm at the base of the finger, removes any crap if swelling in my bottom ringlet so the specific tendon that allows the little piggy on top move freely through the ringlet,, Patches me up, & within 2 weeks, begin more PT, 3x weekly, and see what happens. Nothing good to report, yet. All concerned professionals agreed it could take 6 months to a year for anything good to occur. Now, therapy is over, and I picked up all the 'toys' they had me using in PT, and I massage vigorously all day & carry my toys & light hand grip everywhere. He never promised me results, and the next move, once he & I determine that we've exhausted everything, is to fuse that top joint into a bent position, forever, like Les Paul's right arm!! The rest of my finger has great strength, so I would just need to learn to play & maneuver my finger accordingly. Like someone who develops Tennis Elbow or Golfer's arm, 40+ years of being a very active rhythm player may have been the cause, but we don't know for sure. These pics show the extent of my ability to bend my finger, w/o assistance. All the best to everyone out there suffering, and keep practicing, keep that fire burning, and don't fear the knife, if it comes down to it. Relatively painless,,, the only pain comes from still not hitting those diminished & minor chords in a timely fashion. BENDING STRINGS? Forget it,,, for now!! I did pick up an old Epiphone 8 string lap, just to keep my head in the game,,,, TBC,,,, Kenny 🕉
  6. Hi all~~ It's a Masco MA25 P.A. amp that my tech modded one of the amp's two inputs for a gainier sound. Here's a shot of the resistors (with what are perhaps tiny diodes connected?) going to the volume for that modded channel, and he said if I lowered the value, I would get more gain. With the total 3.8k ohms it's at now, it's nice, and I want to mess with dropping in different higher values for less breakup, hence my desire to use a rotary that would offer me options. Of course, before I proceed, I will lift one of those resistors to give me 7.6k, to try and see if I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks for all the direction & precautions.
  7. Hiya.. Here's my application; there's a resistor right before my Amp's volume pot, and I want to remove it and be able to insert a pot at that point & be able to easily swap values to alter overdrive. Am I on the right track with this 2 Pole 8 way pot, and all I need is to run two wires from this pot? & where would those 2 wires go? There's 18 lugs,, 16 for the 8 resistors, & 2 extra...?Many thanks, Kenny
  8. Mrbrown,,, I have the original, but while attempting to gently coerce it on to the shaft, it crumbled into 3 or 4 pieces, and every time I tried to glue pieces together, more broke off. Like tuners on an old Jr.! Right now, glue is drying & I have all the pieces. Just exercising my gentle touch & trying to keep as much crud off the outside as possible. The glue remnants will remain, or else I'll be tending a pile of dust & a lone screw. I was forewarned that one knob had a repaired crack, but this is comedic. 🤔
  9. G'day all~ I am in need of one of these knobs for my 40's Epiphone Lap Steel? Even if it's close in design, I would consider. Got one? Thanks
  10. G'day all~ I am in need of one of these knobs for my 40's Epiphone Lap Steel? Even if it's close in design, I would consider. Got one? Thanks
  11. Hi all,,, I'm almost done repairing my buddy's mess of an LP, and I'm ready to connecting everything to the output jack,,,, in the photo there's the 2 sets of pickup wires (1 braided,1 grey) on the left, and 2 sets of braided wires coming from the 3-way, BUT all schematics show a 3rd cable from the switch going to the hot side of the jack, but all I have is what you see!! Never did an LP before, so I don't know if there's a wire missing, or I can connect to the jack another way? Thanks all in advance & enjoy your weekend!!
  12. Hiya,, can anyone describe Fernandes's DS 1 & SH 2 pups for me? I know one's probably a double HB-like, & the other a single coil, but anything decent that don't need replacing? Many thanks
  13. ksl

    MV for Budda TwinMaster??

    So, is my only hope for any attenuation post power tubes an attenuater?Also, I understand the different MV's, pre & post PI, work better in certain designs, like post in Marshalls & pre in Fenders. But how could I better determine what would work best in the relatively simple Budda design? I want to do this only once.Thanks!!
  14. ksl

    MV for Budda TwinMaster??

    I know,, but since the Budda is my only amp w/o a MV, and I don't want to suffer the tone suck, & I'm not about to spend 3-400 for a decent soak to use on only 1 amp....
  15. Hi all~ I'm strongly considering having a master put in my Budda TwinMaster, but I wanted some feedback (literally!) from those of you who have had some success with this. I assume PPIMV means I'd be affecting the signal after the power tube section, and/or is there another MV that might better suit this unique amp? FWIW, I use mostly the high gain input. Thanks, Kenny 🕉
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