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  1. Don't you mean to the left, bass side, as you're looking at the front?
  2. 1001gear,,, oy,, I'd rather sweat it out, au natural!! Great thread, thó
  3. And what does this plug consist of,,, more wood, & would it be cut on a jig? This is all new territory, hence my apprehension,, but I just know I can do it, but I don't own all the required tools,, thnx
  4. Hey #49,, NO, I do not own nor do I have access to a drill press. Moving the assembly back only 2mm will get my saddles off the back wall, but the intonation as it sits now is 99.998% on, & certainly close enuff for RnR, but I'm cursed by my pursuit for perfection,,,, If I didn't need to make the lateral correction, I wouldn't mess with going back at all. Here's another shot:
  5. Hi all~ OK,, Being the person that has learned to do pretty much everything myself, I'm pondering whether or not to tackle the task of moving this here bridge 2mm to the side & 2mm back. It's a wonderful freshman attempt project guitar that I acquired, & even before I received it, I could tell from the photos that something was sligtly off.... So what's the best way to pull this thing off w/o wrecking it beyond beauty, then wishing I had let my 'guy' do it?? Thanks all~
  6. Gotcha!! Tread with caution, or do nothing more than play & sweat~ Thnx
  7. Hi all,,, I'm seeking some kind of 'general wellness' conditioner for my Purple Heart fretboard.... I don't know if there's one oil that's pretty much good for all woods, & some that aren't. Thanks in advance, Kenny
  8. Good evening all~ Not too long ago, & I'm not sure where, there was a thread about what values to change the Volume & Tone pots to in order to remedy these 2 issues:1) The Volume makes a giant leap up right out of the gates, & by the time you reach 2 or 3, the amp is quickly on its way to full tilt...2)The tone has a great sweep going only, but between 7 & 10, there's a giant leap, & it would be great to make better use it's taper.I s'pose it's the same issus that plagues both controls...Many thanks!!zozoe/Kenny
  9. Hi all~ As I prepare to replace the piece of "you know what' input jack on my Pro Jr., now a Tonedog Pro Sr., I see shunting & nob,,, why and when would I desire or need the shunting type jack for my purpose?? Thnks
  10. BADPENGUINE, you dirty birdy,, Kindly elaborate on what you instructed me to do,, details please.,,,,🤔🙄thnx
  11. Hmmm, so it IS normal!?? I've heard of 50's & 60's wiring that differ in this fashion, but it's too hot today,,, Very cool info,,, Any simple link to the Schematic for independent controls, or both, so I can match my setup? Hey, it's 95 in the shade down here, so yes, a lazy sod i am,,, thnx in advance folks🕉🎶
  12. Good morning all~ Forgive me as it's been a while since I've owned a LP or similar with a standard 2 p/u, 2-Vol,, 2-Tone setup,,, BUT when you're in the middle position and you fully back off the volume of either p/u, is it normal to loose all volume? It's a Dean Hardtail that has had the original p/u's replaced with some X2N clones that sound fine, but I sense that something is amiss... As an aside, the 10.3K Neck p/u is overpowering the 16.6K Bridge, regardless of how much i compensate the p/u heights,,,??.... thnx in advance!!
  13. Mystery solved, & as per Dean, it's from Japan, disco'd in 2008 & not cheap!! Thnx
  14. ,,, As I furthur investigate, I hear described that some models have more elaborate fret inlays up & down, & a unique silver one at the 12th
  15. hiya all,, well G.A.S. has struck again, & I played this super nice, small Dead HD, that had a huge Gibson style velour on the back, & the p/u's had replaced with Dimarzio X2N', a surprisingly, they offered up a great sound in all 3 positions,,, & oh yeah, it weighed a ton... There were no markings or stickers on the back of the headstock telling the country of origin,,, FWIW, ALL of the similar models I've seen online have no volute, & are all marked Korean or Japan.... I'm curious to know what ya'll think,,, I'm certainly no snob to non-USA guitars, as I own 2 Epiphones, one Nighthawk Deluxe made Indonesia, and the other a Jared James Nichols LP Custom that I believe are from China,,, & boy,,, they sound & play better than any Gibson I've tried in the past 30 yrs.,,, So, any more info out there?? Thnx a million~ Did I mention the BIG-ass volute on the back?! 🕉🎶
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