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  1. well? I see a large scooter...
  2. well, I feel sorry for your friend since he is likely not working ATM, like the rest of us... But a lot has to do with the kind of music...metal and punk bands are NEVER supposed to smile
  3. copy and paste it right into the post window...we are better equipped to manage pix now...if you have trouble with that, let me know!
  4. 1k1gear is right though...unbutton that beast and check the wiring at the switch.you may have a 'hair jumper', it doesn't take much to dump a hum on ya.
  5. I love Turner's guitars, but my point was the prices are beyond what SteveMac is looking to pay. The Kelly/Turner collaboration, however, has piqued my interest and will require more research.
  6. Absolutely...awesome collection... Indeed, overly Rick Nielsen! Kramer? Custom?
  7. I believe that is a 'Breadwinner'...early 70's, Ovation went for the electric market...seemed to me they were just getting their feet under them at that point on the acoustic side...a very striking design, almost a love it or hate it thing, great choice for punk music, while still being a bit 'Jetsons-y'... BK? Clarification?
  8. Rick Turner Deuce...Reverb? eBay? does not look like a match except the Michael Kelly model...but no mag p-up...bummer.
  9. Hey, he has two of those 'what do you a guy who has no arms and legs' names in his name! What do you call the guy with no arms and legs in your jacuzzi? What do you call the guy with no arms and legs hanging on your wall? Stew...and Art... I know, and I am prepared to burn n hell for all eternity...it's been worth it!
  10. well, let's see...hmmm...yeah, okay...welcome back!😉
  11. Sorry, I did not get very far into this vid, but I have to ask some questions...why that song? To be honest, it seems to not suit your voice at all...which leads to the next question... Why are you not using a 'real' microphone where you would have control over your dynamics?
  12. A friend bought the Trio +, thinking it would be a nice addition to his solo act, but the drums are not easily 'controllable', and the bass lines can be, in a word bizarre...or annoying. He uses it at home for practice, though.
  13. ...Martin and Lewis...Rowan and Martin...Martini and Rossi...
  14. That's because now he is de-composing... But GH is right, there has to be a balance, or it is all just buzzing. For our ears and brains to really grasp melodic art, it needs to have time between notes, to allow us to process, to absorb...and digest, and react...listening is not the same as hearing...
  15. Very nice collection!! But, dammit, now I feel inadequate...my axe collection in 2016...I've added a couple {an Applause fretless a/e bass, a D'Angelico 335 style and a Danelectro 12 string] and gave one [the Mahogany SG] away...I guess I need to do a new class photo, plus the amps, and the PA gear... the acoustics... yes, I have a thing for black guitars...
  16. set the amp's EQ to a flat response and use the pedals EQ
  17. obviously you have not been looking very hard...a quick google search for '2x10" baffle for 65 deluxe reverb' came up with this and several others...btw, this thread dates back to 2012, and the OP, Josh has not posted here since November 2017.
  18. and once you get the right slide on the right finger [I'm a pinky guy myself, but I'm also an atheist 😉] then come back and we can talk about open tunings, fretting behind the slide and such...😎
  19. Welcome to HC, LucyD! That is an interesting variant the UK has, as far as the studio having ownership.
  20. how, in the wide world of sports, did you come to that assumption?
  21. or change it to 'Stymulous' or something...
  22. As long as he likes the guitar and is playing it, that is all that matters! Too often we hear about folks who are 'recommended' a guitar who know nothing about guitars, and the instrument is unplayable...cheese slicer action, bowed or twisted necks...and they do not know how to get it fixed, so it goes under the bed, into the attic/basement/closet/tool shed, and never seen again...and the owner is totally turned off to learning guitar because it was too hard...
  23. and now look at that jaundice!
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