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  1. A new VOM for a new year. Let's hear some music, please. Anything goes as usual. I shall be along a little later.
  2. Thanks everyone for posting some great pieces. Happy New Year to all and hopefully see you for the January 2020 VOM which will be the weekend of 18th / 19th.
  3. Well I wish you the very best of luck.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of Martin guitars - lots of people love them, I know, but I've always found it difficult to justify the price - too high for what you get. But: congratulations, wkendhacker - hope you enjoy yours.
  5. The last VOM of the year. O Men From The Fields (A Cradle Song) (words by Padraic Colum, music by Arnold Cooke). https://app.box.com/s/egjz94n3mrxgk8jfb076uy5fm046xydf O men from the fields, come gently within,Tread softly, softly, O men, coming in.Mavourneen* is going from me and from youWhere Mary will fold him with mantle of blue,From reek of the smoke and cold of the floorAnd the peering of things across the half-door.O men from the fields, softly, softly come through;Mary puts round him Her mantle of blue *mavourneen = "my darling" (from the Irish "mo mhuirnin") Played on my lute guitar. Best wishes for the festive season.
  6. LOL I know what you mean . . . . . . I'm 70 but I'd still drive for 2 hours to play a guitar before buying.
  7. A 2 hour drive is a small thing if you are considering buying a costly guitar that you hope you will enjoy immensely and last you a lifetime.
  8. Hello and welcome. I don't think buying a guitar based on its specification is a reliable guide to how it will play and sound. You really need to try out individual guitars because they have their particular nuances. BTW - many early Sigma guitars (MIJ or MIK) were very good instruments so I think it's doubly important that you try out prospective purchases.
  9. Because the rest of the members of the orchestra would think you were very weird and would shun you.
  10. In the UK the "free" medical system is pretty similar. But it's worth supporting.
  11. Wooooo. Misha! Hi-tech stuff! I see that I shall have to ditch my little USB mic. Resist those small guitars. Ed Sheeran has a lot to answer for ☹️
  12. Excellent. I'm pleased for you - enjoy!
  13. I bet it doesn't sound as good as my old Tanglewood Earth 200 😛
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