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  1. Well, as has been said, you can get virtually identical ones on Ebay for much less. After all, ebony is ebony and abalone is abalone. Do you think that Crosby Audio make them? Or maybe they buy them in bulk from China?
  2. Excellent PS. The AGF has a different sort of mods . . . . . . . . .
  3. You can do all sorts of DIY repairs to extend the life of an old guitar. Obviously you wouldn't do such a thing on something valuable but for an old beater it's fine. And, as you say, you can often do a reasonable looking cosmetic fix.
  4. Signed D.C. A song written by Arthur Lee of the 60's West Coast band "Love" - about the band's first drummer, Don Conka
  5. I just use the pins that came with the guitar
  6. You don't need expensive gear but, like Deepend says, it is important that your instrument is well set up. After that it is really up to you. The most important thing is to practise, practise, practise. I believe that the best way to do that is to learn songs - it stops you becoming bored - and that is a real risk if you spend a lot of time (as is often recommended) by endlessly practising scales. And the other factors are what sort of guitarist you want to be and how much time you are able to commit. If you want to be say, a great jazz guitarist, you will need to practise for hours and hours (two people I know well are good jazz guitarists and when they were learning they practised for 3 to 4 hours per day minimum). I've never done anywhere near that much practising but I'm just a singer who accompanies himself on the guitar. Whatever routine you decide upon it is so important that it is an enjoyable experience not a chore. PS. If you haven't started to learn finger-picking yet, start now.
  7. Gill! Great to see and hear from you. Where ya been?
  8. http://www.ovationtribute.com/Date your Ovation.html http://www.ovationtribute.com/O_Decoder/O-Decoder rev8.htm
  9. garthman


    Congratulations. Dean guitars are pretty good instruments and you had a bargain.
  10. Hello and welcome. It's an "Artist" model from 1975
  11. I'd certainly like to sample one. But like I said, not seen them in the UK. However, like you, I have all the guitars I need or want.
  12. No, Mikeo - some of their top end all-solid models are around $1000 They are a US company based in Los Angeles where they do all the design work, QC, set ups. The guitars are made, I believe, in the Far East. Alas I've not played one - not seen one over here - but the specs are very impressive and they get some good reviews. I would be surprised if they were not very good indeed.
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