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  1. I don't know. I don't humidify any of my guitars - never have done - and a couple are 50+ years old. They sit on stands or hang on walls in my non-airconditioned house and endure whatever conditions the UK weather provides.
  2. YAY! Took a while but all's well that ends well.
  3. I've remembered that several weeks ago I promised Deepend that I'd post a Leonard Cohen song. Better late then never, eh? The Partisan by Leonard Cohen
  4. Long time HCAG members will remember Samilyn well. Sadly she passed away last week after a short illness. She has been a special, faraway friend of mine over the years and I shall miss her always.
  5. Spring is here. And some hope too. April Come She Will by Paul Simon https://app.box.com/s/zbb2toxqglllsvb9c1rzt20b7rvp7bpz
  6. I think the Dove and Hummingbird copies were made by Kiso Suzuki around the mid 70s. It is likely to be a very well made guitar that rivals a genuine Gibson in quality. Suzuki guitars from around that time are highly valued instruments. Nice inheritance.
  7. Fender do something similar with a few different models to choose from. I haven't played them so couldn't attest to their sound. Look here: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/acoustic-guitars/auditorium/newporter-player/0970743044.html
  8. Well, well. Very long time, no see. Welcome back. And thanks for your kind comments.
  9. Short but very sweet. Nice one, Deep.
  10. An old thread. But it's still true today. And nice to be reminded of some old friends from the past.
  11. I sort of promised a Leonard Cohen song but I'll slip this one in first: "Homeward Bound" by Paul Simon https://app.box.com/s/0fde9y2vu9hrc4b6h0e2q4g48zc2g99b
  12. LOL. I think "arcane" is perhaps an overstatement but I know what you mean. But, from experience, I think Idunno has it right: strings tend to lose their "sparkle" after a few weeks. And I've also found that it happens just as quickly on expensive strings as it does on less expensive ones. The basic wire materials are commodity items and a string winding machine works pretty much the same wherever in the world it is located.
  13. Same here. Apart from the odd special case (like the 14 gauge strings I have tuned down 4 semitones on one guitar - a DIY baritone guitar) I use two cheap brands of acoustic strings and two of nylon strings. I bulk-buy 5 sets at a time - works out at around £4 or less per set which is half what we would pay for D'Addario sets in the UK. I change strings every 4 weeks on my most-played acoustics and every 8 weeks on my classicals (I take off the the nylon basses after 4 weeks and turn them around so that the end at the bridge goes to the headstock - gives an unworn length for playing - the trebles last for ever).
  14. LOL - yeah. I hear people saying "this string sounds way better that that" etc etc when in reality there is often very little difference in sound between strings. This is worth a look and listen:
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