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  1. Hey Verence! How are you doing? Yeah - things are a bit quiet here these days but a few of us are doing our best to keep it alive. We would all welcome a VOM song from you.
  2. PS. Hello and welcome to the forum. PPS. Morris guitars are very good.
  3. I would say January 2004. Japanese, Korean and Chinese makers often use this type of serial number: first two digits = year, second two digits = month, last digits = sequential number as made.
  4. Thanks for the review, Keith. I own a Recording King 000 slot-head, parlour guitar - my "most-played" steel string. I've played a few other models too and all have been excellent. A good brand that deserves more attention.
  5. Deep and Cats. Many thanks.
  6. I meant to post this on the 6th August but was busy. Anyway, better late than not at all. "I Come And Stand At Every Door" from a poem by Turkish dissident Nazim Hikmet. Translated by Jeanette Turner and set to a melody written by Jim Waters.
  7. An old, old thread. But I bought a Walden N730 classical guitar about a year ago. It's a wonderful instrument: solid cedar top, solid rosewood back, layered rosewood sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and bridge. It sold new for approx £500 but I bagged it in a pawn shop for £45 because it had a broken tuner button. Deep joy!
  8. A plain G does work, Deep. If there is any difference in intonation it's very, very slight.
  9. garthman


    Thanks, Grant. I have 12-hole bridges on all my classical guitars. The LAG came with one but I've converted my three other classicals. Two of them are ~ 50 years old and the tops have risen (inevitably) but I was able to drill a second set of holes with the bridges in situ (drilling through from the soundhole side). This increased the string break angle at the bridge so they play and sound great again. The third is a 10 year old Walden N730 so no problems with the top. On this one I removed the existing bridge and replaced it with a 12-hole (a standard 6-hole on which I drilled a second s
  10. Hello You could use a set of 10 or 11 gauge electric guitar strings with a plain G string. Some people say you can't use electric guitar strings on acoustics but you can - works fine. Also, I think D'Addario do a set of 9 gauge for acoustic guitars - one of their Great American Bronze range. Or you could just substitute a plain G for the wound G in any set.
  11. garthman


    Thanks, Deep. I've played a few LÂG models - classical and steel string - over the years and all have been excellent guitars. I'd not considered buying one because I already have more gits than I really need but when I played this one it was a case of instant GAS.
  12. garthman


    No, it's a standard 2" at the nut.
  13. garthman


    Bagged just before the UK coronavirus lockdown. It's a LÂG classical guitar (French company). Model: 4 Seasons Autumn 312N. The serial number dates it to 2007. Solid cedar top, layered Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with a headstock of layered mahogany, maple and rosewood, rosewood fretboard and (unusual shaped) 12-hole bridge, maple neck and body binding and contrast (not sure what wood) purfling. A beautiful looking guitar and the most resonant classical I've ever played.
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