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  1. I think the tilt is probably OK but there is any easy fix when using a saddle that is narrower than the slot. Just cut a strip of thin plastic (a piece from a pill blister pack works well) the same length as the saddle and just a touch less in height than the slot depth and slip it into the slot in front of the saddle. You want a reasonably snug fit so hunt around if pill blister packs are too thin.
  2. Tanglewood used the Cort Korean factory from their launch in 1988. Their "Earth" series guitars were made there at least until the mid 90's.
  3. Hey Brindleleaf Tanglewood is a UK company founded in 1988. They out-source manufacturing but have in-house design and QC. Their early models (made in Korea) were excellent instruments. I have a 1995 Tanglewood Earth 200 all-solid spruce over mahogany guitar that plays and sounds very good indeed. Like most other makers they have moved production around over the years and now use China for sourcing their instruments. I must confess that it's a few years since I last played one so can't really say if the quality has changed but I would be very, very surprised if it has. They are the U
  4. Happy New Year everyone. Let us hope that it is a better one. A letter to the Archaeologia Cambrensis in 1849 described an old New Year Day custom in Pembrokeshire, South Wales where the children of the village collected water from the well and sprinkled droplets of water (called "levy-dew") onto passers-by whilst singing a rhyme. The words were used by Walter de la Mare under the title "A New Year Carol" in his 1931 book "Tom Tiddler's Ground" where it was seen in 1934 by British composer Benjamin Britten who composed a melody for it. "A New Year Carol" (Trad. / Benjamin Britten)
  5. Indeed there will be a new thread. I will start it in the morning. And perhaps Daddymack will pin it?
  6. Deepend: While HCAG is still here I will still contribute as long as I'm able. Misha: Good to hear from you. Take care.
  7. garthman


    Well many congratulations to you . . . . . . and to your wife for being so clever and magnanimous.
  8. Best wishes to all. Let's hope that next year will be kinder than this one. A couple of carols: O Come O Come Emmanuel (trad.) and O Men From The Fields (Padraic Colum / Arnold Cooke). https://app.box.com/s/1bzunyq6y4ixakpzw9e4h9pvgfr33sta Stay safe.
  9. Merry Christmas, Pops. Hope you are keeping safe.
  10. And good morning to you, Josh. But sorry, I've not heard of that brand. Perhaps someone else can help you.
  11. garthman


    Hello Sid It's an excellent guitar. Solid spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides, Fishman electronics. Plays well, sounds great and very reasonably priced. Congratulations and enjoy.
  12. You might find something here: http://www.ovationgallery.com/serial-numbers.html
  13. Hello and welcome You could try to track down a Takamine dealer and see if they can help. Other method is to measure the size of the hole and the profile on the guitar side and visit Ebay or Amazon to try to find one that will fit. Good luck.
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