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  1. 1959 LP with the first Trainwreck. Came for the gear, stayed for the playing. The playing starts at 6:20.
  2. Trainwreck history:
  3. An original Trainwreck:
  4. BTW, a tip: I phone-ordered some things from Musician's Friend this week and they were going to give me 10% off the internet price. Bonus! But we discovered my credit card had a hold placed on it. So, I straightened that out and called back after making a change to the order. One of the changes didn't get the discount so the rep took 15% off one of the other items to make up the difference. So cool. I usually go with Sweetwater when doing internet buys. No one can beat Sweetwater's customer relations. Seems like MF is trying, though. In this case, MF happened to carry something Sweetwater didn't.
  5. Opinions vary. From what I've seen, I'd say they are about 3/4 positive. The other 1/4 is mostly indifference. Occasionally someone rips their transformer quality. You can order them without transformers and put your own in. That saves shipping costs too when they are shipped direct from Malaysia. Check out one review that was in Guitar Player. This particular model is more intended for mass production and doesn't have the old-school hand wired turret board: 2202 Guitar Player Review (guitarampsusa.com) The internal views is why I started this thread. It's not often amp companies show you the inside of their products. I think they aren't too proud of them. Ceriatone is, for good reason.
  6. I just did. On a Trainwreck Express clone, with EL34's. I added a master volume and bias points, without cab and tubes = $819. Ordered it off their U.S. website (Guitar Amps USA). I think shipping is included...I'd better check that. Also ordered (separately) a Metropoulos silent loop kit for this amp. If I like that one I'm thinking of getting a C-Wreck, which is a clone of the Dr. Z Z-Wreck. I feel a little guilty ordering something copied from a business that's still up and running, but I don't expect the component quality to be up there with Dr. Z, so it's sort of a different beast, and I doubt it's an exact copy. Sure looks like the wiring is tops, though. Also have a Bluguitar Amp1 Iridium arriving in two days. Selling six old amps and coming out ahead.
  7. I've been perusing the amps at Ceriatone. Each amp has a "View more pictures". That's where the porn is, like this: British Style : Plexi51 All Access | Flickr Unfortunately, you can't copy the photos. Home | Ceriatone Pronounced Chair-e-uh-tone, I believe.
  8. Hoot Owl


    Another knob topic: What are the best, what are the worst? Absolutely the worst, IMO, are the ones MESA uses. How in hell does anyone see the little dot against the chrome without getting right up close? And yes, I've had two MESA's.
  9. Hoot Owl


    Who has the most? BTW, that thing is $8,000!
  10. Update: I finally took a serious look at the BluGuitar Amp 1 boxes. Awesome! They have the Amp X coming out soon too. So, I've decided to change course. Am selling six tube amps. The only one I'm keeping is the Bedrock. I cancelled an order for a Marshall that I made a big deal over . I'm that blown away by BluGuitar. So small, so portable, so affordable, no tube biasing, sounds so damned good, AND feels like a tube amp. Kemper and Axe FX never quite did it for me. Helix's are $1,600 and not exactly what I want. I'm pretty sure Blu is IT, for me, the goal being to downsize, simplify, and focus a bunch of gear into one rig that is easy to move. I'll admit a REVV Dynamis is intriguing too, though. Edit note: Just found out the Amp X may not be ready this year, or possibly toward the end of the year. I'm probably going with the Amp 1 Iridium for now.
  11. Apartments suck. What else can I say?
  12. Mind your own business. You don't want to be friends with someone like that, and you certainly don't want to get on his bad side (which is actually all his sides, sounds like).
  13. Thanks. I already contacted Brad via email. He said he's "moved on" and "I really can't help you". Left me wondering if his Bedrock experience was less than rewarding. They were in biz 13 years, I believe - enough time to lose a lot of money or not make any. But who knows? The other guys I couldn't track down. I think I'm moving on too, though I haven't given up on reinterpreting the PCB design into a hand wired one.
  14. Here's another type. Amazon.com: Radial Cab-Link Speaker Cabinet Combiner: Musical Instruments $100
  15. Eureka, I've found it. None of you peeps had a clue and I'm back to give you a heads up. This thing can combine two cabinets in either series or parallel. Problem solved. Palmer CAB M | Signal Splitter & Switcher | Palmer (palmer-germany.com) $50
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