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    Couch player and wannabe over 40+ years of playing. Life got in the way but music is still very important.


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  1. I’ve been doing final sanding and filling flaws, refining the neck and put on a spit coat of shellac. The purfling on the top still bugs me though but structurally it’s good to go.
  2. I haven’t been back to this forum in a long time so this is the first I’m hearing this. My condolences to her friends and family. She will be missed.
  3. Yeah, well good thing I'm middle aged and homely; nobody is going to be watching my videos on YouTube. 😉
  4. Thx. This is stuff that should be taught in school IMO.
  5. TBH I'm still very foggy on copyrights. I see people posting covers all over social media and I know it's not legal.
  6. Well, it could be better. I won't bring up politics our moan about feeling isolated but suffice it to say it's not something new to me. My family is mostly well, though I have two loved ones who I can't be with and they are struggling with being isolated from us - but again I won't go into it. My wife's job is doing very well, we're not facing economic hardship or going hungry and quite frankly I feel like I'm finally able to enjoy a simpler life. Musically speaking I've set up a desk in the spare bedroom and bought a digital interface, a mic boom for my large condenser microphone and (wi
  7. I'm sure it either opened up or was sold LONG ago. This thread is 15 years old.
  8. Will there be a new thread tomorrow? Santa brought me a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and I'm struggling to get my laptop set up. I just need to set up the spare bedroom and find a good time to make noise without disrupting the rest of my family. They can only take my playing in small doses!
  9. kwakatak


    Congratulations! How long did you whisper about it in her ear while she was sleeping? I feel like I need to be doing that! 😉
  10. I feel guilty for dragging my feet on this. Perhaps if I made use of that beautiful Carpathian top that knockwood donated maybe there'd be more traffic around here. Anyway, I was all set to do a Martin dread. I was even going to use a donated neck to do it. I bought a nice set of rosewood and glued some things together, even put a zig zag strip in like a real D-28 has but now.....I'm scratching that idea. You see, I was inspired. I hang out over at AGF where there are people with more money than me and people who have more dollars than sense sometimes but my guilty little pleasure is
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