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  1. I'm not complaining. I know that readership is down and that this stuff is a sign of the times. I know how you feel; I have to pick up after the people I love so I can imagine how frustrating it is to have complete strangers come in and mess up the place.
  2. I'm bumping this because there's an overabundance of these SPAM threads here again.
  3. I'm not about to buy any special took from StewMac. I have a cheap set of nippers that I'm hoping is up to the task. I'm more concerned about sanding the binding to the same radius of the fretboard - which I bought pre-radiused and preslotted.
  4. This is as clean as it's gonna get. I need to focus on the back. I also managed to bind the end of the fretboard, but I need to work on my mitering skills:
  5. I have one of them. That Larrivee that arrived on my doorstep 13 years ago has filled a niche nicely. I have to admit that it’s not showroom quality anymore but it sings to my ears and feels alive in my hands and that’s all that matters. I have many fond memories of playing it and they outweigh the shock and shame when it suffers every ding, drop and occasional kabong. That being said, I still yearn for a Martin HD-35. I know that factory guitars are hit or miss though so I’m content for now. On another note, I’ve devrloped an appreciation for custom built guitars by independent luthiers and have a particular love for Tim McKnight’s work. My dream is to pick up the phone one day and say to him “remember that grand auditorium you made several years ago that had an Adi top and ebony back and sides? Could you make something that sounds similar to that?” In the meantime, I’m content to tinker being inspired by the likes of Tim and our own Freeman Keller - with nods to James Olson, Ervin Somogyi, and their ilk whose works I could never dream to recreate in my basement. There’s something oddly satisfying about whittling away at all the different beautiful woods and understanding the thoughts that go into building something that has a purpose.
  6. I give the resuscitator of this zombie thread credit. I wouldn’t have been able to find it with the recent changes. As for cocobolo, my tastes have changed. Give me ebony instead.
  7. Lol. I agree. The only way I’ve “found myself” near Nazareth was through careful planning and even then I still had to go it alone. The only way I could get my wife to go along would be if it were suddenly freezing anywhere there was a beach and/or there was a winery somewhere along the way; my wife is a “guitar widow.”
  8. I am definitely going to upgrade the laminate trimmer and router bit, but I need to limit jig size because my space is limited. By the way, I did indeed seal the top with shellac. Tear out was not a problem; I had StewMac’s binding cutter diagram hanging in view and even chalked in big arrows on the guitar in order to only cut on the “descent” of the curves.
  9. Finally, the headstock needs some attention. The back is not flat and it’s a tad too thin for my liking so I’m filing/scraping away and creating a volute. I have several sets of book matches ziricote face plates, which match the one on the front of the headstock. This one is my choice for the back of the headstock:
  10. Something similar happened with my binding router jig. I need to figure out how to fill in the gaps. I will be modifying my jig with a wider guide/fence with a larger bit because the existing setup it not stable, causing “drift.”
  11. My laptop died and I can’t figure out how to link to Flickr via their mobile app so I have to upload here. Here’s how the end graft turned out. Mind you I still have to scrape things flush and pore fill do hopefully those gaps will be filled: Note that the router bit took a chunk out of the maple so I had to graft in a patch.
  12. I need to modify my binding channel jig to improve stability of the guide but it's nothing that a little fine chisel/file work can't fix. There are some imperfections in the top, but given that this is only my second build I'm satisfied enough to move forward. I'll take a picture of how the end graft came out later.
  13. My apologies. I know people love their Ovations but I could never keep them put on my knee. It was very frustrating. I understand all about those package deals and 12 strings. The Epi 12 string in my sig is utterly unplayable. The action is so high I could probably use it as a crossbow. The shame of it is that somebody actually paid for it to gift it to me. I can't just toss it, but I can't sell it either. It's like the proverbial white elephant. Getting back on topic though, have you ever looked into a Dunlop rolling capo? It's basically a big spring with a big rubber boot on the back. I just keep it on and if I don't need it I roll it up over the nut.
  14. $350 is basement pricing. if you're just looking to learn then you're going to want something that's functional and comfortable to play. Quality costs a little extra. Double that and you're getting something that will not fall apart as you learn. At some point you will want to upgrade and you'll be looking at stuff in the $1200-$1500. Personally, I'd say keep your eyes open for a used Taylor 100 series. As a rule I don't buy Asian imports anymore. If they have to cross an ocean to get to me and are made in a country that selectively follows international law then I don't feel comfortable buying "durable goods" from them.
  15. I'm biting my tongue HARD on not bashing Ovation but if the OP likes it, who am I to argue? Personally, I think Taylor is hitting it out of the park with their current incarnations of 12 strings. No comment on the new V bracing. Electric players seem to like the Taylor necks though and even the lowly 150e is worlds more comfortable than playing on a baseball bat epoxied to a salad bowl. Sorry - couldn't resist!
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