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  1. I give the resuscitator of this zombie thread credit. I wouldn’t have been able to find it with the recent changes. As for cocobolo, my tastes have changed. Give me ebony instead.
  2. Lol. I agree. The only way I’ve “found myself” near Nazareth was through careful planning and even then I still had to go it alone. The only way I could get my wife to go along would be if it were suddenly freezing anywhere there was a beach and/or there was a winery somewhere along the way; my wife is a “guitar widow.”
  3. I am definitely going to upgrade the laminate trimmer and router bit, but I need to limit jig size because my space is limited. By the way, I did indeed seal the top with shellac. Tear out was not a problem; I had StewMac’s binding cutter diagram hanging in view and even chalked in big arrows on the guitar in order to only cut on the “descent” of the curves.
  4. Finally, the headstock needs some attention. The back is not flat and it’s a tad too thin for my liking so I’m filing/scraping away and creating a volute. I have several sets of book matches ziricote face plates, which match the one on the front of the headstock. This one is my choice for the back of the headstock:
  5. Something similar happened with my binding router jig. I need to figure out how to fill in the gaps. I will be modifying my jig with a wider guide/fence with a larger bit because the existing setup it not stable, causing “drift.”
  6. My laptop died and I can’t figure out how to link to Flickr via their mobile app so I have to upload here. Here’s how the end graft turned out. Mind you I still have to scrape things flush and pore fill do hopefully those gaps will be filled: Note that the router bit took a chunk out of the maple so I had to graft in a patch.
  7. I need to modify my binding channel jig to improve stability of the guide but it's nothing that a little fine chisel/file work can't fix. There are some imperfections in the top, but given that this is only my second build I'm satisfied enough to move forward. I'll take a picture of how the end graft came out later.
  8. My apologies. I know people love their Ovations but I could never keep them put on my knee. It was very frustrating. I understand all about those package deals and 12 strings. The Epi 12 string in my sig is utterly unplayable. The action is so high I could probably use it as a crossbow. The shame of it is that somebody actually paid for it to gift it to me. I can't just toss it, but I can't sell it either. It's like the proverbial white elephant. Getting back on topic though, have you ever looked into a Dunlop rolling capo? It's basically a big spring with a big rubber boot on the back. I just keep it on and if I don't need it I roll it up over the nut.
  9. $350 is basement pricing. if you're just looking to learn then you're going to want something that's functional and comfortable to play. Quality costs a little extra. Double that and you're getting something that will not fall apart as you learn. At some point you will want to upgrade and you'll be looking at stuff in the $1200-$1500. Personally, I'd say keep your eyes open for a used Taylor 100 series. As a rule I don't buy Asian imports anymore. If they have to cross an ocean to get to me and are made in a country that selectively follows international law then I don't feel comfortable buying "durable goods" from them.
  10. I'm biting my tongue HARD on not bashing Ovation but if the OP likes it, who am I to argue? Personally, I think Taylor is hitting it out of the park with their current incarnations of 12 strings. No comment on the new V bracing. Electric players seem to like the Taylor necks though and even the lowly 150e is worlds more comfortable than playing on a baseball bat epoxied to a salad bowl. Sorry - couldn't resist!
  11. Jeez. I should be better, then. I've been playing since I was knee high to a June bug. I didn't get good until there was some good old fashioned positive reinforcement. I guess I didn't know I was any good until I made a college coed cry and she showed me things that made me feel all tingly. I owe it all to Eric Clapton!
  12. Bad news: it's not finished. Not sure anybody cares but here's an update: 1: I visited Tim McKnight in June and had him look things over. He told me the top is thin so take it easy on final sanding. He also instructed me how to set the neck angle - and had me sit down and do it myself. He got his hands a little dirty on it too, but mostly to show me how to be more efficient. Tim's an engineer. I went to school to draw pretty pictures. 2: I built a jig to route the binding channels. It's not one of those precarious tower jigs that they sell at Stew Mac. It's more along the lines of what they use at Martin and Larrivee. Let's see if the good old fashioned IMG tags work: I shot a video of it but it's too dry for YouTube. Here are the results in IMG form: Long story short: the cut is slightly rough but otherwise it is adequate. The laminate trimmer is a cheapo model and the router bit is from a jig I bought to rout out hinge pockets on some doors I hung in my house. I'm not about to give LMI or StewMac tons of money for what I can make out of plywood and stuff I can buy at Ace Hardware for nickles and dimes. 3: I also built a bending pipe, bought a propane torch at Lowe's and bent the flamed maple binding. Again, I shot a movie that's too dry for YouTube - I'm not about to take a copyright strike for background music and waste my time adding tags and making thumbnails in Photoshop. Basically, in about 10 minutes and using Windex as a moistening agent I was able to bend all 4 strips without burning or breaking them. Now, for my confession: I skipped a step and it's complicated things. I didn't install the end wedge before closing the box. You can see the void in the IMG above. I got a little fancy with the design and it's bitten me in the @$$. I can't glue in the binding until I have that done. I can still dry fit it though and at least that looks good so far: I'm really close to finishing assembly of the box. Pretty soon I'll be burnishing the ol' scraper and truing the sides in anticipation of playing with chemicals to make it all smooth and shiny.
  13. Testing, testing (taps mic) Is this thing on? Redirects don't work for me and there are a LOT of SPAM threads. Personally I HATE mobile sites. They fall short on functionality and too long on ads. I don't consider myself a dinosaur but for blogging and whatnot give me a full featured laptop over a tablet any day of the week. I hate having to scroll through banners with the risk of accidentally tapping on them. PS: Gibson puts the bridges on their dreadnoughts backwards. I like how Martin does it better. 😉 (I just had to see if the emoji worked. Why there are two of the same emoji is sort of like how my tween has ADHD: it's extra.)
  14. If you recall when we met, Tim McKnight had just begun building double-top guitars. You may have played one. Tim also does a "double back" guitar as well which is similar and double-sides which are simply two sides epoxied together. The purpose of the double back is to reduce the muffling effect that occurs when you play with the guitar pressed up against your body. The double sides are purely for structural reasons; they are very resistant to deformation or key cracks. My favorite was an OM double top with cedar on the outside, lutz on the inside with nomex in the middle. The back and sides were wenge, but I don't know if it had a double back. It didn't sound nasal at all. It sounded very similar to my Larrivee OM but with more bottom end.
  15. Fair enough. TBH I don’t come around much, but generally I try to keep from sinking down to the level of a troll and have tried to be as positive as I can. Unlike you, real life has sucked somewhat. Why bring things down here where I choose to escape it?
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