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  1. I've got the bending form and mold done. I'm shifting focus now to the sanding drum for the sides so that I can get it down to a uniform .1" thick. I use the hot pipe for binding but I'm debating on using it for the sides.
  2. I actually think the idea of a voice over is not a bad idea. There’s a more experienced luthier on YouTube that does that - though you can tell he reads from a script and isn’t doing a true “play by play.” Public speaking doesn’t come naturally for some but I recall in my speech communications class in college that it’s best to know the topic well enough and using flash cards as a prompt to “audible” from.
  3. I did try making some videos. I don’t do monologue well. Maybe I need to write myself a script and use flash cards. My generation is scared of public speaking.
  4. Yup. I gave them three strikes. I view my warnings as gaslighting so I won’t give them the satisfaction of wasting any more time on them. At this point, I’d rather just start a blog or an Instagram Story or even a YouTube Series.
  5. I bought a cheap table saw at Harbor Freight along with enough plywood to make 8 sections that I could replicate using a flush cut router bit. I also took some hole cutouts that I had left over from making my wife a wine rack and decided to start making a bobbin for a drum sander. I dismantled one of my son's fidget spinners to recycle the bearing to use as mounting points. I ordered another set of sitka that along with the side slats I intend to use the drum sander upon. First Now I need to take the cutouts and make a bending form. Again, I need to use the flush cut route
  6. Tell that to the mods at AGF. They have been not been so understanding. They are so uptight over there that even if I type in "****" they assume that I'm not following the rules. yesterday I posted a new thread about a social media app that is popular with people born after 1980 and they assumed I wanted it to go political even though I clearly said is so many words "please don't discuss anything political about the app I just want to know if you see any value in it as a form of self promotion" but they deleted the thread and PM'd me with a warning saying that I was being sneaky about trying t
  7. After enduring Elixir Polywebs and dusting off their dander I swore off coated strings. I've been particularly underwhelmed with Martin strings in general as well, opting instead for the eve-ubiquitous D'Addorio EJ17 PB mediums. How much would a set cost just to experiment though?
  8. It's kind of an old thread but your comments have sort of answered my concerns to their longevity. I tried an Epi Masterbilt EF-500RA out in 2005 (basically a rosewood/sitka OM with a dark sunburst bound with abalone and with a V-shaped neck profile) and I was impressed with the tone but wondered how it would age. Lightly built guitars don't tend to live long - especially in hot and dry climates like LV regardless if the have laminated back and sides or solid like the Masterbilts had. FWIW on the day I tried the MasterbiltEF-500RA I A/B'd it with a Larrivee D-09. Admittedly it was apples
  9. Good to know, Mike. I liked the HD-28V. I like the HD-35 more only because the v shaped neck takes a little getting used to. The tone is much more “in your face” too. The 35 is more of a mellow strummer with a bass that “blooms” whereas the 28V is a bit of a cannon.
  10. It's 14 years since the OP posted this. Since then the HD-28 has been reimagined and the HD-28V has been discontinued. The current iteration of the HD-28 now has forward shifted bracing with a performance neck profile IIRC. The old "V" (for Vintage) version had a modified V neck profile and sounded completely different from the ordinary HD-28 prior to 2018 because the bracing was not forward shifted them. IIRC the current reimagined HD-28 also has a Torrified sitka soundboard - which also bumps up the price.
  11. When this thread started I only had one kid and was still changing diapers. Since then I've learned to keep my guitars in their cases and tune then all down a half step so that all the dogs in the neighborhood don't lose their minds because I'm straining my voice and being all pitchy.
  12. ...just as I'm crawling out of my hole. These are certainly trying times.
  13. Thanks. That was a long time ago, but I still play it every so often. The top - and tone - on that Larrivee has also darkened considerably. I need to make an updated recording before I get my post Corona haircut.
  14. Personally, I don’t think of this as a “poor man’s” neck reset at all. You still have to steam off the fretboard extension and bridge. You’re also risking the finish around the neck joint if you’re not careful and/or using the wrong tool for the job. That’s a lot of work. The only difference is that you don’t have to pull the 14th fret and work with the geometry of any sort of mortise/tenon or dovetail joint - which actually make aligning the neck less ambiguous IMO. To me, a true “poor man’s reset” is applying heat to the neck block and shifting it inside the body and regluing it -
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