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  1. I have a laney rx120h. I set the gain at about 8 or 9 with the 'xts' button engaged ('xts' makes the solid state amp have more tube qualities like cutting mids and abrasive treble). I use an overdrive to to double the gain using a boss sd-1 super overdrive, maxon od808, or a boss blues driver. I like the sound I get but only the leads. For rhythm, I prefer to turn of the overdrive. For rhythm, this setup does not sound so good. Are there any tricks I should do to make this method work?
  2. the dimarzio steve's special is good/nice pickup. It sounds clear and the mids pop out with leads. the top end doesn't stand out much though. I think likes mids and bass. treble is just to make this sound clear.
  3. mbengs1

    2 amp setup

    I enjoyed that vid. what kind of guitar is he using?
  4. mbengs1

    2 amp setup

    This is the setup I'd use if I had to do a gig with my stuff. I never thought of this since the amps have their own clean and overdrive channels. but I got the best of both worlds. All I need is a lead tone with lots of sustain and a shimmery clean channel. I found using a 2x12 cabinet with the marshall combo is very different than using the speakers in the combo. I tried both scenarios and the speakers in the combo sounded louder but the 2x12 closed back cabinet had more back drop. I think they're the same volume but I don't know. would there be a volume drop when I switch the load to the 2x12 cab instead of using the speakers in the amp ?
  5. mbengs1

    2 amp setup

    I tried using a two amp setup and was a success. I used my Joyo ab box and used my marshall combo with a chorus in the loop (and reverb on about 6) and the bugera 6262 has a delay in the loop, phaser in front of it. Switching between clean and dirty is easiest.
  6. Oh I checked youtube. I heard a 'goodbye to romance' cover. It's just an overdrive and a chorus! wow, never guessed that..
  7. how did randy get his cleaner tone in songs like goodbye to romance, revelation (mother earth), believer, and I don't know... is it a chorus or a flanger? what does he use to achieve his tone.
  8. oh how stupid of me. then just get what you can afford? If two different guitars are the same price, then they have the same level of quality. like say two $200 from different manufacturers, you will have similar things to say about since the price is the same. right ?
  9. I tried plugging my marshall combo to my 4x12 cabinet and it didn't sound like a stack. It still sounds more 'combo-ish'. not like the heads, they really have backdrop that a combo can't dish. I wish I can get a nice amp coz my bugera isn't that toney. hehe.
  10. Esteban guitars suck, man. just get taylor or martin
  11. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't put vst in the OP. 😫
  12. the pedal is currently being repaired. I'm leaving it on for 3 days. If it doesn't fix it, I'll take it to the technician to fix.
  13. Sounds more like a jcm 2000 than a 900 to my ears.
  14. No, it's still my favorite amp. It sounds fine to me. I have no need to improve my amp.
  15. @daddymack - I searched for 'VST harmonizer for vocals'. I couldn't find any but the vocal harmonizer vst is not that expensive (around 50 dollars) but I might as well use what I have in my boss br-800 digital recorder.
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