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    I've been playing guitar for 23 years. my style is instrumental rock. my influences are satriani, van halen, vai, eric johnson, mark flores, malmsteen, and many others


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  1. The D string is not as loud as the G, A, and E, strings. I strung it with 5 string bass strings and I lost sound from the D string when I put back the 4 string bass strings set. What happened to my Bass?
  2. It's quite a fun track to make. I just got into the envelope filter effects. This effect keeps me sane! hehe. I love it. I settled for the Doctor Q envelope follower. It is a weak version of the envelope filter.
  3. It's a no picture. It's mp4 video. an added bonus is the mastering that youtube does to the audio.
  4. check it out. you might recognize it... Finish what you started - Van halen (cover) - YouTube This is my 1981th post and it is the year i was born! hehehe
  5. while i was recording a song, the volume suddenly dropped for like 2 seconds and came back right away. was it a sag? does this mean i have to change the power tubes? I changed cabinets after a long time. I used my randally 4x12 for 2 years and went back to the original bugera cabinet just days ago. my amp is a bugera 6262.
  6. say i set the amp to 4 ohms and plug it into the 16 ohm of the cabinet? will the amp break or the cabinet?
  7. I'd like to replace the speaker of my Fender Champion 40 with a good speaker. I'd like to put a blue back, greenback, or vintage 30. The blueback seems to be more expensive than the other two. Does the blue back sound any better? what are the advantages of going for the blue one?
  8. I found this adapter on ebay. I wonder if it will replace my original PS0913B-230 adapter. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-DC-Power-Supply-Adapter-Cord-for-DigiTech-PS0913B-120-HPRO-HIPRO-Harman-PRO-/272484255749?epid=1439856928&hash=item3f7153c805:g:hgkAAOSwLzdWTus1 ​I think it's not original and is a duplicate of the Digitech adapters. The problem is it's power consumption is only 1000ma when the RP100 draws 1300ma. Will this adapter work with my Digitech RP100 with the lower current rating?
  9. I found out there's something wrong with my marshall combo just now. something to do with the volume knob on the clean channel. the louder i make it, the more bassy it gets. from 0-10 it pretty much consistently gets bassier. I'm quite sure it wasn't like this a few weeks ago. Is this normal? Is there an authorized marshall service center here in the Philippines?
  10. I want to buy separate gauges of strings. like individual 9's, 11's, 16's and so on... where can i buy them?
  11. i'm sure he'll have some interesting things to do on seven strings. i will soon, i'm saving up for a seven string myself
  12. I guess logically when the current pickups are bad. but what if they are mediocre sounding. just good enough to get by. is it still ok to change pickups?
  13. how do they compare? why is the vintage 30 a popular choice? I understand the 75 watt celestion is the standard speaker for marshall. do they sound that good?
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