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    I've been playing guitar for 23 years. my style is instrumental rock. my influences are satriani, van halen, vai, eric johnson, mark flores, malmsteen, and many others


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    I live in Metro Manila, Philippines


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    Guitar, music, composing and arranging.


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    Guitar bum

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  1. The D string is not as loud as the G, A, and E, strings. I strung it with 5 string bass strings and I lost sound from the D string when I put back the 4 string bass strings set. What happened to my Bass?
  2. It's quite a fun track to make. I just got into the envelope filter effects. This effect keeps me sane! hehe. I love it. I settled for the Doctor Q envelope follower. It is a weak version of the envelope filter.
  3. It's a no picture. It's mp4 video. an added bonus is the mastering that youtube does to the audio.
  4. check it out. you might recognize it... Finish what you started - Van halen (cover) - YouTube This is my 1981th post and it is the year i was born! hehehe
  5. while i was recording a song, the volume suddenly dropped for like 2 seconds and came back right away. was it a sag? does this mean i have to change the power tubes? I changed cabinets after a long time. I used my randally 4x12 for 2 years and went back to the original bugera cabinet just days ago. my amp is a bugera 6262.
  6. say i set the amp to 4 ohms and plug it into the 16 ohm of the cabinet? will the amp break or the cabinet?
  7. a loose bass tone is like what you hear on van halen's for unlawful carnal knowledge. very big sounding and thunderous. on the next album 'balance' it sounds more midrangey and tight. still thundering but sounds a bit smaller. I like both but i think it is just eq and also the tone control on the bass that help achieve the tighter or looser bass sound.
  8. i'd need a high pass filter? i never heard of that. but thanks for the input.
  9. i have a digital recorder called the boss br-800. i get bass sims that sound pretty rad. it has two main presets that i use a lot, the 'loose' bass and 'tight' bass. I prefer the loose bass because it really thunders. the tight bass is not bad though. it still rocks as hard. then theres the drive bass and the fretless which work well for metal and pop, respectively.
  10. I read on the internet that you have to compress the lower frequencies to tighten up the bass sound. unfortunately, i don't know how to compress only certain frequencies. i know compressors compress the whole range of frequencies. maybe an eq will also be needed?
  11. I usually use loose bass tones for louder rock since it makes the band sound bigger. but i like tight bass tones for acoustic jams. how to i get both bass tones from my percision bass guitar? I already went through a pickup change, i put a dimarzio model p. It's a cheap bass i got online for about $100. how do i get loose and tight tones? can i get it by adjuting tone and volume controls?
  12. I think theyre a great deal. I got one and I put Seymour duncan JB and 59'n on it. I got the floyd from the local store here. Then i put on the drop d-tuna. I'm thinking of getting another one. But i don't want to since it's not the best playing guitar.
  13. I'm going to put back the gibson 498t and 490r back in my les paul custom. The gold on the pickup covers wore out especially on the bridge pickup.
  14. Due to playing and sweat, the gold color on the pickups and bridge have worn out to an almost silver color. How do I make them gold again? do i have to buy new ones ?
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