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    I've been playing guitar for 23 years. my style is instrumental rock. my influences are satriani, van halen, vai, eric johnson, mark flores, malmsteen, and many others


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    I live in Metro Manila, Philippines


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    Guitar, music, composing and arranging.


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    administrative staff
  1. If you turn it up too loud? It has a thudding bass response that seeks blocky.
  2. I thought it was between 3mm and 2.5mm so about 2.75mm. I'll check the hardware store if they got that size. coz this is crazy. why?
  3. I tried an allen key and there's no size that fits. I used 3mm and 2.5mm. One was too big the other was too small. I want to tighten the screws.
  4. What I tried was removing the gain knob on the clean channel. After doing this, the first thing I noticed was the sound was less bright. I tried to record a song with it and it sounded pretty nice. My singing was a bit unfocused and all over the place. The next knob I tried removing was the reverb of the clean channel. It sounded a bit better than the first knob removal. The distortion pedals sounded much clearer and the character of the pedal came out nicely. The last is the presence knob of the clean channel. This is the one that the amp was on since I bought it 5 years ago. I put it back on and I think it sounds the best. The lead channel sounds most organic and the gain pedals are warmer. It's taken so long for me to try these things I don't know why. 5 years? wow... 😁
  5. This is one of the dumb threads I start. There's nothing there. I will just throw away the pickups.
  6. I got 2 single coil pickups that don't work anymore. It died when I tried to add shims to raise the pickup. I unscrewed the pickup, put foam under it and when I put the pickup back on and tested the guitar, the pickup did not work. How do I fix this?
  7. I need a pickup for my 12 string and classical guitar. Something good enough for recording. I don't have any experience with acoustic pickups. What will work well for this situation ?
  8. The guitar sounds fine. I don't really mind that it sounds that way. I might actually prefer it. but I wonder how the guitar would sound wired the normal way. I'll get more output from the bridge pickup. That's for sure. But it sounds fine.
  9. They all sound fine but some pedals have dents and scratches, missing back plate, and a torn box. Are there any downsides to getting pedals used as from getting them new? they all sound like they should. no problems there. It's a mxr stereo chorus, boss fuzz, boss digital reverb, mxr univibe, boss feedbacker/booster.
  10. Thanks for the info. I will check if I can find an affordable amp/cab simulatr
  11. I tried to record my guitar going into a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal and a harmony pedal into a DI box and the sound I got was fuzzy. It wasn't that bad sounding but I was wondering if I could get a better sound. How can I get a good tone from pedals without an amp?
  12. it's screwed straight into the wood. no pickup rings.
  13. Yes, I think it's this the luthier did. https://www.seymourduncan.com/tech-tips?tip_id=34085 I'm scared to touch the 59' neck pickup though since I don't know anything about this job.
  14. I did not know what the overall result of the change but I guess these are the things I learn from. I can change the neck pickup though. or maybe not. I'm not gonna be picky about pickups coz it still sounds really nice.
  15. Nah, they just suggest things. I didn't know screwing with the neck pickup would change the tone of the bridge pickup too. all I cared about was the bridge pickup I guess. but it's cool. it sounds very much like a Seymour Duncan JB. I can get the megadeth lead sound easily. it just has less output. But I really like the JB coz it sounds like the road. Nice midrange honk that sounds grey too me. very fat sounding.
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