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    I've been playing guitar for 23 years. my style is instrumental rock. my influences are satriani, van halen, vai, eric johnson, mark flores, malmsteen, and many others


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  1. OT but, I had a Sovtek tube midget as my first tube amp. It was 50 watts and had a lot of gain than I expected. unfortunately I didn't have any pedals so all I got was the tube gain it had. But it sounded quite mediocre. I threw it away before I got my record 3 years later. 🙄
  2. It's the tube. It's sounds very good without the effects loop and reverb engaged. when I turn on the loop with a delay in it, it sounds less tone-y.
  3. Wolfgangs from Korea have finished maple necks. USA wolfgangs are just oiled and without finish of any kind.
  4. 🙄 coz I did this to my amp and I don't know if the sound changed. It does not sound like it did. I still hear the consistency of the sound of the amp with its name.
  5. it could be me. I'm not that popular as a guitarist but you may have heard of my name.
  6. That's what i'm good at in this world.
  7. I don't know. I was just wondering.
  8. I had a 498t and 490r off of my les paul custom and replaced the stock pickups that was on my Epiphone les paul. the stock pickups didn't cut through that much. I noticed the neck pickup was inverted when it was on the Gibson, so I put it on the Epiphone the same way. The bridge pickup is normal (the wire coming out of the bobbin is on the lower side) and the neck pickup is inverted (wire coming out of bobbin is on top). Is this how the pickups are supposed to be installed? or should I do it the normal way (the neck pickup not inverted). I like the sound of 498t on my epi. it's quite powerful.
  9. I have two aria pro ii STG-series strat copies. I put malmsteen yjm fury's on one and dimarzio hs-3's on the other. I like them. For just straight out playing they cash in. I have lots of fun playin them.
  10. All I did was heat it. heating is a popular of fixing electronics I've heard. they do that to amps, pedals etc.
  11. It started with the stoke wheel going out of wack. I burned it for 5 seconds then it got better. Then after about 3 uses the thing just broke, The LED shows garbage and the machine hangs everytime I try to use it. I tried it this morning and it worked for 30 minutes then now it's broken again. What can I do to fix it?
  12. Then it's normal. There's nothing wrong with my amp.
  13. By ear, I just can tell if it's like normal or something more than it.
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