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    I've been playing guitar for 23 years. my style is instrumental rock. my influences are satriani, van halen, vai, eric johnson, mark flores, malmsteen, and many others


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  1. I think theyre a great deal. I got one and I put Seymour duncan JB and 59'n on it. I got the floyd from the local store here. Then i put on the drop d-tuna. I'm thinking of getting another one. But i don't want to since it's not the best playing guitar.
  2. I'm going to put back the gibson 498t and 490r back in my les paul custom. The gold on the pickup covers wore out especially on the bridge pickup.
  3. Due to playing and sweat, the gold color on the pickups and bridge have worn out to an almost silver color. How do I make them gold again? do i have to buy new ones ?
  4. I think by the 60's everything was done already. It was just dished out throughout the next 4 decades what the music scene of the youth would be.
  5. I'm not saying the 90's was better. It's just different. I think it's cool.
  6. the grunge era was great. the riffs were not outstanding as the 70's or 80's but that was made up for by the attitude. It really shows what the youth of the day was like
  7. I like Sean Kinney. and Matt Cameron
  8. Does it? I heard the Boss cs-3 dulls the right hand a bit. I don't think so. It's the same. quite strange considering experienced players say it and i can't relate at all...
  9. When do you turn them on and off in a musical situation. What i do normally is use one of them (comp, EQ or exciter) and leave them on all the time and turn them off when using wah. I dunno if this is the right way to use those kinds of effects. How do you use yours? i'd like to learn. i don't know much about these pedals since i really have not used them until now. I think it's about enhancing your tone once you've got a good tone going for you. It settles that and makes it sound even better. 😁
  10. As opposed to using a cheap bass (without pickup change). I don't have a bass now and i transpose the guitar parts an octave down to get the bass parts. Does using 'transpose' sound less good than using a real bass?
  11. I bought a neck and body from the online 'ebay' type site here. I'm not sure if the body and neck have quality but I got them both for about equivalent to 30 dollars each. The body is said to be maple but it has a dark stain to it. I'm not sure if that's characteristic of maple. The neck looks like a music man neck with the 4x2 tuner config. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/best-sales-unfinished-diy-guitar-body-maple-body-for-fender-st-style-guitar-i380586433-s867264569.html?mp=1 https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/22-fret-electric-guitar-neck-parts-replacement-canada-maple-bolt-on-c-shape-4r2l-i326390799-s689326336.html?mp=1 It's nothin but I can tell it's gonna turn out great. I'll have a nice quality super strat soon made by the luthier here.
  12. OT but, I had a Sovtek tube midget as my first tube amp. It was 50 watts and had a lot of gain than I expected. unfortunately I didn't have any pedals so all I got was the tube gain it had. But it sounded quite mediocre. I threw it away before I got my record 3 years later. 🙄
  13. It's the tube. It's sounds very good without the effects loop and reverb engaged. when I turn on the loop with a delay in it, it sounds less tone-y.
  14. Wolfgangs from Korea have finished maple necks. USA wolfgangs are just oiled and without finish of any kind.
  15. 🙄 coz I did this to my amp and I don't know if the sound changed. It does not sound like it did. I still hear the consistency of the sound of the amp with its name.
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