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  1. Hello. Basically what it says on the tin. I'm after advice on a budget sub $100 vocal & voice loop pedal for my nephew's Christmas. Any pointers most welcome. Thank you.
  2. Thanks man, that was exactly what I wanted to know. I ran a Fireone (firewire) tascam on XP. I would get popping with overdubs & effects added. Essentially I only need 2 XLR & guitar in. Any suggestions as to what I could look at?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was looking at the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 as many appear to like it. I was interested in the new Thunderbolt/USB3 devices though as they are said to perform better. Nevertheless, If I don't need one, I don't need one. Using Ableton & the fireone (firewire) on XP could get a bit poppy at times. Especially when adding effects & overdubs.
  4. Only need 2 XLR & a guitar input. Basically equivalent of what I had (the FIreone). When I got it firewire was the best option. I do not have a separate midi interface. Plug into audio interface & that's plugged into the pc then I use Ableton.
  5. Basically I have a wee set up in my spare room. Home built PC & Tascam Firone. It's 7/8 yrs old & it's time for replacing. The Fireone is Firewire (the reason I got it at the time). Now there is USB3 & Thunderbolt....so! Can I get a good budget thunderbolt or USB3 interface? If so how much? Will be building a new PC to accompany. It's only for me so only need 2 XLR/guitar sockets. Fireone equivalent (at time) kind of thing. Thanks for any help.
  6. I last posted 5/6 months ago about a new condenser mic, nevertheless, now my spare room budget studio needs replacing (7/8 years old). I was using a home built pc running XP with a Tascam Fireone & Ableton. The PC is finished & the Tascam is very out of date & is only XP compatible. Now! The Fireone is firewire (that being why I got it at the time) However now there is USB3 & thunderbolt. Anyway! There are 2 new faster means by which an audio interface can work. What I need you fine people to advise me on is; which is the best budget option, under £180 ($200) would be cool. I am also building a new PC to accompany so any tips on that would also be welcome. Remember! This is budget. I thank you all for any help. *Any advise on Thunderbolt or USB3 interfaces would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks all for the feedback.So basically there's no miracle cure. I've tried some acrylic nail protecting varnish stuff & to be fair, after I stopped using that is when the bump across the nail developed. I stopped using it as it would build up & eventually peel off the nail after a shower or after getting wet. I probably wasn't using it correctly. I though it made the nail look weak & dry after use? May try one of these new styled thumb picks that mimic the actual nail. I always found it difficult getting a fitting pick though.
  8. OK! As of the past yr I've started picking a lot again. I used to use a thumb-pick & have my nails short or just skin it, but as already explained, I grew my thumb nail out & have been using it for a yr & like the feel. I have developed a kind of pick & flick, thumb & index finger technique. However I have noticed damage to my thumb nail, none of my other nails show similar damage so I know its not a sign that I'm about to drop dead (for the hypochondriacs). Any advice? As you can see, it's sort of like a ridge/bump across the nail with some thin ridges going down. To reiterate for the hypochondriacs; this has only developed since using the thumb nail to pick this last yr & is on no other nails! *I still chew on the corner of my hardened thumb skin (sorry to be gross) developed the habit in my late teens when the skin began to thicken & harden (as said, I used to simply skin-it a lot) so apologies for the squeamish. Nevertheless, It's not that bad.
  9. I just realised I never thanked folks for the reply, so thanks.
  10. Not been on here in a good while and need the knowledge of those currently in the know. So what's the best condenser mic for under $200/£140 on the market? Thanks.
  11. Best Condenser Mic for male vocals under $200/£140. Not been on here for a few years but need the knowledge of those currently in the know.
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