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  1. Maybe the Admosfear got your number.
  2. Depends on what and what voltage you post.
  3. If you reply inside the quote box you can fry the forum.
  4. I play a real keyboard. Which part? Can you layer organ and brass; dick with the attacks? One of their electric pianahs would do too.
  5. That took a couple seconds lol.
  6. Looks like a trending aggression therapy. Or maybe regression.
  7. This would also fly on a porn forum.
  8. Kuhl stuff. They ain't from around here is they?
  9. Frankly I don't think magnetic coils are worth the 50 bucks they used to ask and these are no exception. They do have a unique drive sound though.
  10. Settled on Tribal Tech for now. not bad. It's stuff I wouldn't bother fishing out of my CD collection but it's ok served. :)
  11. Yeah but for purposes of discussion you need to use mutual language. SAE is the most common I think.
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