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  1. People realized communities are like most of the letters in communism.
  2. Sometimes if your settings are on the warm side, throwing the switch can put the tone over the line. Solution, moar treble.
  3. So sound guy is conductor? Wonder how many sound guys have the musical overview of say a classical conductor. Or is it by the numbers give or take crowd noise?
  4. In Britain there's lots mind control subharmonics that intermodulate with 60 cycle AC. Really does sound different.
  5. not advisable though. Static discharge you know.
  6. As I understand your guitar can pass enough current to fry you. I've never heard of any damage to the guitar in those cases.
  7. Even metronomes will do odd meter.
  8. No place to stick your pick. What if they leave the coils inside the cavity and send aerials up to the strings. Prettier for sure...
  9. Reason for the sacrasm was he mentioned the annoying spikiness of the output; just the thing for wind noise and uh, music.
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