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  1. Is that a conjugation of uhg?
  2. I think I distinguish between wouldn't and wont. (Hmm spell check allowed the missing apostrophe) Wouldn't seems more speculative than wont which seems authoritative.
  3. Makes no sense. There is no word "wo". The closest is "would" but that's the wrong tense.
  4. WTH manner of word is "wont"? And why does spell check think it needs an apostrophe?
  5. In China, copying trademarks is allowed. I don't know how this works but I'm pretty sure anyone selling copy's on US soil would be way out on a limb.
  6. Yeah Eevidently. Sounds too British. I'm sticking with Ehventide. I'm stubborn like that. Anybody know of other brands whose reverbs seem to increase sustain?
  7. I've always said evantide but I've never heard anyone actually say the name.
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