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  1. Says it's suitable for backing tracks and it is the distortion that gets muffled. Must be the internal playback amp. The only format is 48k 24bit which is a little hot for guitar amp.
  2. It's branded Lekato - legato? the cat? Got it for around 40 bucks. They've since tacked on another 20. Has tuner, led loop lights, AND usb export. Last part was the whole idea. As far as I know, none of the premium brands have any such thing. I believe the treble issue is an impedance mismatch - line level hi res audio going into a high impedance guitar amp and speakers. IDK. The only klunky part is the unlimited undo means you can nuke and redo the overdubbed track repeatedly lol. That and getting the loop to sit in time but that's just a chops thing. I have some success clicking on a pi
  3. Only took 16 days for that reply. You might try the guitar forum. Slightly more traffic than here.
  4. Wasn't whining. You hate China? 🤪 Just curious about the playback. The files themselves play alright on VLC and for my purposes, paste into DAW as is. The theory there is punch to the looper, paste into DAW, zero latency issues.
  5. I just got it so most of the stuff is clean/slightly driven and some have saturated lead parts. All the drives are true bypass and the tone works to my satisfaction as is It _is_ odd because only the recorded playback is darkened.
  6. The live signal goes straight through to the amp so that's the default tone. The loop playback will do line level at supposedly 48k 24bit but through the guitar amp, has reduced treble. I'm thinking it's some kind of limiter and or impedance mismatch.
  7. No just the initial guitar track and whatever guitar dubs.
  8. Much more euphemised con is all. Get 'em hooked and start extorting is all it amounts to.
  9. Then my toy budget would have to be 50k not the couple hundrums it am.
  10. I got a cheap Cino looper. Very cool tool. Exports to Windows so it'll serve as a sketch toy and recording interface. And the question: It records in 48k 24bit mono so why does playback through the guitar amp lose high end? Is it compression? The live, through sound is fine.
  11. Rhetorical question. My take is the economy is all greed and as long as supply side is the only one doing, they'll just keep raising. The true law of supply and demand: First, supply. Then, demand.
  12. I believe they both stayed on with Gibson. Sweetwater oversees this place. No idea what the deal is.
  13. Really? I thought just the direction changes. Having trouble visualizing it too. :D
  14. You can also wire pots backwards.
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