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  1. See? Now I want her. I mean one.
  2. I have an Epi bolt that might be a Samick. plays well, sounds reasonable. Two Asian strats, a Fernandes and a Behringer both sound good and stratty. Leo Fender nailed it with the Strat.
  3. Inchon Indonesia. They need new chisels.
  4. I fell asleep watching overdrive demos and woke up in the middle of this. My ZZ Top fanness consists of that legs chick with the hot rod video. Period. Still, could be the hypnotic state but I was compelled to keep watching. Mind blown. Restarted the video and mind reblown. My new rock guru. https://www.youtube.com/c/JeffMcErlain/videos
  5. With my Carvocaster once the low E is completely loosened it goes permanently dead.
  6. They need some schmo in a white tux who can actually play to demo this thing. If it sounds good, if it sounds D'Angelico, then they sell. I think they had scrap wood they couldn't make "regular" models with hence this limited production chumming.
  7. 1001gear


    This one specifically. I had to start at the bottom of the post and backspace (couldn't right click) until I reached the first clip. Luckily that's the one I wanted. By the time I had that figured I had somehow nested the same quotes which left the quote frames.
  8. 1001gear


    Manipulating quotes are seemingly impossible on Xenforo. How for instance does one disembed a quoted video? Denesting quotes also seem unpossible.
  9. Continuing this Marshall quest, I fired up my ART Power Plant pre. I have always found this unit disappointing. I posted briefly about it years ago. There was a short in the tone stack and if it jumped just right, you got all this rich EVH rockin' tone. This time, having gotten a feel for the Marshall sound, I found the long lost magic setting and yes it's a setting not the short. Woot!11!!!!1 (wtf does that mean anyway?) Much joy this time around. Firing it up tomorrow for seconds.
  10. Or you can dive right in. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/the-worlds-greatest-fretboard-conditioner.2084300/
  11. The DLS and Zen things might be reboxed/rebrand/clones of these guys: https://catalinbread.com/products/dirty-little-secret http://www.lovepedal.com/zendrive/ The others don't ring any bells.
  12. I've had the top E lose output with older high gain pedals. This was from turning down the fizz and icepick which apparently is where those top notes are. No sudden dropouts though.
  13. Here's a new one that's already obsolete: And a newer version that isn't:
  14. You should develop the habit of subdividing of course. If it's a slow ballad you can tick away in 16ths if necessary. There are personal latency issues that aren't easily addressed though. Your technique - even on easy grooves, has to be developed so the strokes land in time. Arms can be in transit constantly and for hundreds of feet during a typical tune. The notes themselves are functionally instantaneous but all mechanical impetus has to be in between the percussion. Even with competent technique players can have listening latency. That is they wait till they hear it before they do it. This is a major drumming no no. The drummer by and large has to appear to generate the time; more so if the drumming is added after the fact.
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