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  1. There's always signal degradation. In this case the drive may not sound as punchy to you. Is the delay inserted into the chain or parallel? IOW does the disser have to go through the delay before it gets to the power stage?
  2. If you can play, the shoddy work might add value.
  3. Quit sneaking around. Speak up.
  4. Cool; another name I won't pay list for.
  5. <++++++ Mine are as loud as those 3S schtikx.
  6. Isn't that supposed to burn off before the pot?
  7. If you're logged in, it'll be near the bottom with the other Jams. Otherwise cloaked.
  8. I recall somebody saying those come from the same factory as MIJ Fenders - whatever those might be. Tokais too prolly.
  9. The tubes in a combo might be stiffer or braced better which could account for a difference between it and a head only. BUT if the units are identical, the speaker won't be able to reproduce any difference beyond the expected tolerance discrepancies.
  10. You might like this better... https://www.brainzilla.com/logic/zebra/movies-night/
  11. If the impedance is the same, If you shut off the original speaker; should be close enough.
  12. How many can you use at one time?
  13. These videae put it in very clear if somewhat clinical terms. Guitar Electronics 1 - 6 https://www.youtube.com/user/A2Guitars/videos The specific effects of taper/resistance/capacitance and clipping are very enlightening.
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