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  1. Tuners are pretty quiet. And so you gotta have return chops. Slide guys manage; not to mention tromboners. I think it's doable.
  2. I'd guess the material; and weed...
  3. On wammies, why no worm drive? The zero point would be stable. Any friction issues would be easily addressed with modern materials. See my sig.
  4. If I played bass it would probably be overly leady - much like world politics. Still, I think there's a lot of room in bassdom besides roots n rivuhmmm.
  5. Lead bass isn't always a bad thing.
  6. Don't forget Bach. It's amazing how much lead bass really isn't.
  7. Who's Matt Cameron? Srsly, any drummer that makes it to a major release can play enough to come up with credible parts. Play the groove and keep it moving when needed; mostly. That said, besides pearl jam smells funny, the material is typical commercial rock and never moved me to listen. I did like watching Dave Abruzzese's flowing strokes though.
  8. Music takes 2 much time from candy crush.
  9. I count the turns starting at the first hair of thread past zero. This presumes the lugs are scientifically calibrated but I paid 300 for my drums, they better be.
  10. I grabbed 50 gig of movies I lack the attention span for.
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