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  1. A synth would sound better. Or you can learn to use one of those uber delay boxes. Better yet, get both.
  2. Lotta players like DiMeola and Ritenour gut completely uninteresting with the 4 finger stuff. You get very interesting articulation by moving your hand up and down the neck instead. I am now on this thread.
  3. I have a Rowin Dumbler. 30 bucks. It's a good enough introduction for me. Does Robben Ford (I cannot) Doesn't do the 6l6 crunchy stuff (I cannot) Does some really crappy tones that need to be big nomer enhanced as well.
  4. 1001gear


    Reminds me I evolved out of quantum drum groove attempts circa 1970. His "work stuff" is merely overdone cheeziness. Pianists already got that stuff wired. The quickness is max efficient and familiarity though. Supernatural .
  5. 1001gear


    This was posted in PJ (political jam) and it's one of those things you can't unhear, at least for a couple minutes.
  6. This is probably a repost but I got nothing else to do . https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/how-led-zeppelin-formed-718697/ And the first claimed recordings of the four.
  7. Clip makes a good backing track though.
  8. With distortion, you have a choice of trying to sound like the bridge mMMaybe PAF Pro; or way over the hill American Woman - in which case any humbucker will do. For low gain stuff, whatever's ^^^ in there is probably good enough.
  9. For a lotta singers an N95 would be the thing. Any thoughts on a wearable vocal booth? (think large helmet)
  10. How big is your jamesing room? 150w won't even do solo kick.
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