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  1. Nor can I. I come here every day or so, don't sign in and look at the Activity report on the main page. I don't sign in because that would populate the report with the nonsense from PP. The site is teetering on the edge of the abyss.
  2. Actually, Auld Lang Syne comes to mind but that's the Free Bird of traditional laments. I packed up the guitars a while ago when doing some work in the house. I'll have yet to dig them out of storage, re-string them and see if they have anything they care to sing about. Thanks for the reminder. .
  3. Saturday, 10/31/2020, a total of 10 forum posts, discounting site-irrelevant posts in PP, were all the attention afforded this site by its membership. All you need to do is take a look in Activity and see what happening. To avoid PP's postings under Activity, don't log in to get relevant posts. Farewell and adieu to you young Spanish ladies...
  4. Okay. I'm back. You see, the point of this thread was not to stick with the topic but rather retro it to the same kind of thread that was, at one time, the hallmark of this entire site and the cheddar for the mice that were drawn to it in droves; no differently than you guys are responding now. You have taken the bait and are now exercising the same (elicited) emotions that bolstered both the useless and the useful activity that characterized it. In other words, the sheer weight of the membership provided the on-topic questions and answers that legitimized the site, as well as confounded
  5. Yep, a movin' & shakin' place this is. But, let's not think that I'm instigating in a vacuum. Anyway, of all the responses to current threads in this forum this one is getting the most traffic. That's a telling clue about what engages people and what doesn't. On-topic isn't getting it and no one cares about what junior is reading.
  6. on HC. I really hate to think it's because there's only room enough on the internet for one AGF, but it looks like that's the case. Who could stand two of those? The front office's strategy of moderating the old membership here into an AGF mirror site kinda fell flat. It was a good run.
  7. Mr. Anderton, you might change your birth date in your public profile unless you really are 18 years old.

  8. Pretty thin sounding, IMO, in the higher register and for the body depth the bass presence is also lacking. Then again, the player's attack and the piece may not be what the guitar responds to best. I'd be able to better gauge it playing something along the lines of Little Martha. Otherwise, it's a tad over the top aesthetically. Lose the PG and I'd be okay with it.
  9. As I recall politics was a hot musical topic in lyrics when I was coming up from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger through Neil Young and beyond so I can't say music and politics are strange bedfellows. Music is the voice of the people. I think Bruce Cockburn's song "If I had A Rocket Launcher" is an extreme sampling of politically driven musical angst. You can't isolate music from society and hold it up as a shining example of a utopian harmonizer that inarguably soothes the savage breast. It can't do that. And, despite our best efforts politics will always breach the ramparts of music's stronge
  10. A lifetime of playing guitar behind me I can say that the Gibson acoustic product line never got my ear, but I did hate to see it teeter on the brink of insolvency. I'm encouraged by this bit of news and will keep an eye on their progress.
  11. Inclined to agree (or I would not be here) about the universality of music. The theme of Making Better Music is something that's always been the underpinnings of my personal journey with and for music making. Though I may not be able to define or describe the notion of it, I will say it's a feeling that has never let me down. It has instilled in me a broader sense of the arts and the reward of being able to shape my own sound. I can't imagine who I'd be if not for the exposure I've enjoyed to music. Making better music, to me, means to constantly seek ways to satisfy my musical curiosity
  12. Elton John was and remains one of the icons of music for me. Thanks for sharing the video.
  13. Well, if credit is to be proffered for the Pete Seeger song Turn, Turn, Turn, we might make note that he appropriated the lyrics from Ecclesiastes 3:1, word for word, adding only the title, which is sung throughout, and the final couple words. I believe he was very clear about crediting the poem to that chapter's 1st 8 lines. The Byrds lofted many songs from humble beginnings, through their artful renderings and Roger McGuinn's ear, to what are now archives that will, hopefully, be paid forward. My own two sons, in their early 20's, have no interest in today's pop music and keep their li
  14. All due respect, Plato is dead, his writings are therefore no more than writings to be referenced should some minority interest, or scholastic mandate, put eyes on it. Morality and ethos is a duty innate in all men without a reference to the past. If we all look over our shoulders we can contrive a balance between good and evil that qualifies it as a useful guide for the here and now. That means, of course, we must apply the evil to strike such a contrivance. But, oddly enough, past lessons have proved no more useful than as examples of how to better apply evil. Enought of that. Look forwa
  15. It isn't attractive for anyone but the people who get a kick out of entertaining. The monetary versus egocentric returns are weighted towards the latter. While there's a certain rugged individualist in the mix that few might have the courage to embrace, there's also, with strict regard to the family of an entertainer, the purely selfish angle. No retirement plan, no employer group medical provider advantages, no guarantee of income, no sense of financial security for Mom and kids while you're out on the road, you'd have to assemble the honesty from deep down and admit that it's pretty m
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