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  1. SEO knowledge is useful for some things but it does not ferret out the distinctions between the people who have a desire to play the acoustic guitar, or more importantly, the reasons why they have that desire. The acoustic guitar is not easy to play. There are people who try year-over-year to achieve certain satisfying skills with the acoustic guitar but, usually due to a lack of everything required to gain that skill set, it remains elusive. Denny Zager knows that. Zager eliminates the one key physical thing that impedes motor skills development and that's manipulating the acoustic
  2. https://jedistar.com/conn/ jedistar is a unique site for guitar-related info. Bookmark it.
  3. Regardless of assembling your own accumulated knowledge and experience, and best intent at giving advice, an entry-level person will do what he/she does and end up with a dart board choice (by our own reckoning). Sensibilities are all over the place. The slightest difference in feel between two guitars could be the pivotal push away from a great sounding guitar, that an experienced player could easily adjust to, to a distant second guitar by the noob who can't bring an ear to the task yet. Also, all those factors that are second nature to one person who feels he can employ them to ma
  4. Not sure the humility needs a revisit as much as I am my patience needing a reboot, having lapsed into a state of despair over the quality of sound, which is to say that I'm not sure there is such a thing. The search was afoot at one time but it has since gone lame from over exertion. A 50-year expectation without reward becomes a fools game. If badges are handed out for that I've certainly earned one, but my list of validating brands/models would also certainly be challenged. I know I can't be alone in having the ear I have that has not been resolved to-date, and I'm not accepting of other's
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c90Htzq7E5k This fellow seems astute and stuff enough about the guitar, it's switches, their use and even explaining them. Minus all the sucking up to Fender, the video would be a couple minutes long. Seems to me the guitar's workings are not rocket surgery so what does that tell you about buyers of the guitar who can't figure it out from the literature, or otherwise can't figure it out by ear?
  6. ? More like fart. Carts are far more useful.
  7. Same here regarding playing versus walking through a pre-flight checklist, but in defense of it I'd call the checklist a good idea for people not so experienced in sound and playability. Going in as a greeny so many years ago a checklist would probably have been useful to me. These days I can pluck the strings while the guitar hangs on the wall to know whether it's a candidate or not for sampling. As a matter of fact, that method has saved Gibson's product line from suffering my DNA for years.
  8. No problem. Make the video and dub the narrative in later. That I've seen, only James Goodall sports a start-finish video of his son making a guitar. The comments, as I recall, criticize him for not wearing a mask so make sure you have your chemical warfare gear on and properly secured for those who'd complain about being hung with new ropes. Ervin Somogyi has a couple videos capturing his dialog about woods, his selection of them, the principles of the sound box and an inarticulate allusion to his capacity for managing its voicing. It's interesting but he does not visually detail a build in v
  9. Good point. You might say that's the site's overall persona. Garbage in, garbage out. I bought a set of plans from Stew-Mac for an OM a few years ago. Just re-discovered them today. Hmmm...maybe getting that YouTube series going is a good idea. I could use some pointers and motivation. Might be retiring in January and make a build a bucket list first project.
  10. On a more positive note, looks like you're gaining some momentum and experience as a builder. My mother-in-law, residing with us now going on 4 years, is pushing me to get into building. We chit-chat about various topics and she seems keen on setting me up with all the tools, materials and spirit for building but she doesn't quite understand the nature of it. You have to be genuinely engaged at that level. Pretending to be able to play one is kind of a fool's game but that shoe fits. Pretending to be able to build one? My feet aren't that big.
  11. Pretty much my experience with a particular moderator. As is his M.O., he got all threatening and full of himself with me over his own twisting of my post so I told him to perma-ban me because I was tired of suffering him and all the nancies over there.
  12. Idunno


    Interesting guitar, Howard. Novel bridge tie-off method (2 holes per string). I see the break angle on the high E is fairly shallow. I had that on the Yamaha I bashed so I filled the existing hole with a round toothpick and drilled a new one just below it. A little wood stain and you'd never know it was modified. The head stock veneer extending under the fingerboard is also new to me. I've heard of LAG but haven't seen one here. Nice grab. I'd like to hear it.
  13. The non-ferrous metal used in the wound strings will not be sensed by the magnetic flux field of a typical pick-up. But, all wound strings use a steel core and the p'up will definitely sense that part of the string and put it in the signal chain. The question to ask is if the steel cores are of such a gauge (mass) to be sensed in a balanced fashion with the other strings. If not, some EQ'ing will be needed. But, all wound strings can be manipulated through the chain to bring a pleasing sound. It's only when silk and steel is encountered that the bass strings are un-sensed.
  14. Complying with cat's directive - https://app.box.com/s/3huesrbkv4w24k52g7zo480qerqrpkug
  15. Idunno

    AMP W/O A FUSE,,,,

    Looks to be 50 watts beneath the line chord plug under the transformer, making the running current just under 1/2 amp. Upping that 1-1/2 times puts inrush current at 0.750 amps. Sol-Blo fuses degrade. I prefer fast acting. Can experiment with lower rated fuses (0.50 amp, 250 Volt and lower) to see what the performance is but out of the gate I'd take an amp reading with a decent meter that stores peak inrush current as SOP and equip the unit accordingly with properly rated protection. If you're going first cabin there are re-settable fast-acting panel-mount push-button breakers available in tha
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