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  1. I remember those (and the Urchins) when they came out - wish I could have afforded one then.
  2. Weird. Every looper I ever heard sounded the same as original. Is the looper running to amp input or in effects loop? If the looper is going to input do you have any other pedals in there too, particularly either a fuzz (they can do odd things sometimes) and is the looper first or last in the chain (should be last)? Do you have any buffered pedals (i.e. boss) in the chain too (that will help with impedance issues)
  3. Wishing everyone here a happy new year.
  4. Linear pots should work the same in both directions but log pots do not.
  5. 14 years is a long time on t'intarwebs.
  6. Just to check I understand correctly: When you play to create the loop it sounds different to when you start the loop playing back? Since you can access the 'internals' through windows, as suggested I would check there isn't some kind of high-end attenuation box ticked by default.
  7. Better.... quantify that. 😉 I tend to pick guitars based on how they feel and respond unplugged - I play by feel more than technique - as well as plugged in, so that's important to me. On one occasion I bought a guitar as a basket case, but by holding the body up and tapping on it with my knuckles I could hear that it was basically resonant & responsive, rather than dead-sounding. The guitar rebuilt fine & went on to become a regular player for me. Some players are much more methodical in their approach it's likely to matter less, and if you use a lot of gain it will p
  8. Godd to 'see' you again O-a A and great to hear JJ is still going. As you say, this place buzzed once, but those days won't return.
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