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  1. I don't think it was hostile as such, but did require users to learn the netiqette first. Once upon a time people would do that, but come the age of cheap computers and bacefook lots of the ordinary public were starting to use it, and they weren't interested in having adult conversations. The thing that probably made HC relatively less attractive was that it stopped being the wild frontier, all new and exciting, and became just another cafe with children running around. Back OT - Cheap guitars, I've had a few. Still sometimes use a bolt-neck First Act singlecut for an occasional electric slide gig. Cost me £35/$40.
  2. Been using a Behringer Ultratrem UT100 for - I dunno - more than 10 years now I think. It's the most natural, musical trem pedal I've found, and it's never left one of my boards. Drives come & go, but that stays.
  3. Sad to see a temporary return that was SO temporary. Not that I can talk - first visit in a long while, but I liked Dave. Good to See ArKay still here.
  4. HNGD X2 Hope you enjoy MAB. I once saw him walking through the crowds at a music show and for a moment mistook him for Nigel Tufnel.
  5. There's a fair chance it's a bad connection between pedals. Set the board up at home as usual, turn it on and play while nudging the individuals pedals and cables etc with your foot - you'll quickly find where the fault lies, although it more than one connection is bad it can be a little harder to track down.
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