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  1. The Trio+ maybe useful as a solo performance tool if you're the kind of player that uses a looper anyway. Not so sure I'd want to try it with a band. I have a standard Trio, bought to be a practice tool, and the utility of a looper with it is immediately obvious for use in a wider context.
  2. Different slides seem to suit different guitars too. A thick-walled glass slide sounds dull on my resonator, where the best I've found so far is a 17mm spark plug socket. However on a small-bodied acoustic I prefer that thick glass slide but not a thin-walled one (see the LHS back row of Mikeo's picture to get an idea). My preference is pinkie or third finger, and need a slide with a relatively narrow opening so it stays put on the finger - a heavy slide like a spark plu socket can also need a bit more strength to support and move quickly when playing for a couple of hours. I have tried a nut extender, but just hated both the feel and inability to fret notes, although if you're going for the lap steel thing then it's probably helpful.
  3. Seen no sign of Mr. Pistols, but Brian Krashpad seems to have reappeared recently. It would be great to see Fretsie again.
  4. I'm an Austrian, but grew up & still live in the UK. Scientist by day, I mostly play acoustic slide in a local gospel-blues collective (I'm the one on the left).
  5. Good to see you're still around Brian - nice collection.
  6. So, so much alike. 'Mazin.
  7. Very nice - should help lockdown be much more bearable. 🙂
  8. It looks like there's been a bit of butchery going on under the 'guard. I've never had a fernandes, but imagine the pickups and sustainer are electrically separate? If that's the case then download a standard strat wiring schema and work through the wires, one pickup at a time, preferably with a multimeter so you can test connections, move the selector etc & check that it's doing what it should. Pickup selectors sometimes fail, causing one PU to stop working, and the only lasting solution is replacement.
  9. You could drop a snuggly fitted piece of wood behind the trem if you don't want it to move, although a part of the strat sound is the slight reverb that you get from a floating trem. Looks like you got a bargain - follow the link Grant posted about how to set up a strat and all should be good.
  10. Be aware that *some* of the really cheap guitars really are GLOs (guitar-like objects) and were never going to be serious musical instruments. I had a cheap Tele copy with fretting that wasn't spaced correctly, bits of formica packed in the neck pocket to make things line up and routing that left cavities where screws needed to go. I also bought a very cheap plastic backed Ovation copy that actually played OK, but had a plywood neck (veneer fingerboard & back of the neck) with the neck more-or-less held in place by the plywood top because the plastic bowl wasn't stiff enough to hold everything together. Look for a used OK-ish brand if you can, because at least your work may bear some fruit. First Act, Johnson/AXL, Encore, Squier, low-end Yamaha pacifica etc. Alternatively source a bunch of parts from someone like Guitarfetish and learn as you assemble the thing.
  11. I've had a Trademark 60 for about 15 years - TBH it actually sounds like a high quality Marshall MG series: not a bad sound, but not astonishing by any means. A good valve amp will sound significantly better, although it may be heavier to transport.
  12. This matches my experience, although I'd usually run 250/300K pots (both tone & volume) on a strat and 500K on a humbucker guitar.
  13. Maybe you need an EQ pedal? Might be worth a look here:
  14. If you want a mid-range hump, try a tubescreamer or clone. The BD2 should be a relatively balanced OD, and for the punk thing keep the gain modest and back off the bass tone a bit. If you want to know more about overdrives then check out That Pedal Show on Youtube - Dan and Mick cover overdrives in quite some detail.
  15. A little late to the party, I still regularly use G40V that I picked up used in 2010/2011. The original valves didn't sound great and it had a Hartke 10" aluminium cone bass speaker for a somewhat spikey sound. Swapped the Chinese 6L6s for some Russian 5881s and the 12AX7 for a 12AT7 to drop the gain, plus an Emi Ragin Cajun speaker. I also partially closed up the back to leave it about 25% open at the top for air circulation and added foam inside to simulate a larger enclosure. I really like the small size and slightly crazy volume levels this thing can manage - like a shrunken Boogie Mk1. I built amps for about a decade for personal use, but this was so small, relatively light and convenient while having a decent tone that it's become pretty much all I use now.
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