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  1. I'm looking for a Washburn WT100 tele style guitar. IF you have or no someone who has one for sale please let me know. I am ready to make a deal. Of course finish can vary. Daniel T.
  2. I have been playing for a long....time..... I love the conveince of having all the scales chords etc. right there with me all the time. Turn the LED's On and the information is Literally at your finger tips. I wish I had the original "dual" power cord. I think if you want one you will need to be willing to pay at least $500+ for one. They are not that common, and those who have them either do not want to part with them or will want "New Prices" for them. The new prices ($1,000.00 +) are very hard to justify, unless it is mint. I have the manual, video, cd, tape, if you need it. They made an Accoustic version as well. Incredibly RARE right Don?
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