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  1. Ah, I do recall seeing something from Fender showing a neck plate that was rounded off on one corner, yet still a 4-screw plate...but unless they plan on retrofitting every guitar they ever produced, their promo statement “never play a Fender the same way again.” is typical marketing nonsense... Wow...a new heel joint! How remarkable....
  2. hypebole... the video claims we’ll “never play a Fender the same way again.” How can their releasing a new model, or whatever it is, going to change how we play our existing Fender instruments? Tomorrow we will know, for now....meh...I can wait...
  3. I think the real point here is that the guitar is a month old and already has multiple failures. Too bad there isn't a 'lemon law' for expensive guitars. I have seen them on the wall at GC...and no one is playing them....I don't like the schmaltzy color schemes...or the price tag....[but I blame Taylor for charging much more for their T5s...which to me sounds neither like an acoustic, nor an electric, just some odd spot, not necessarily in between....but I digress]. But, certainly, the OP bought it under warranty, so worst case, they fix it, best case, they replace it.
  4. sorry to hear that. I had a similar issue, on and off, and found that I need to get more potassium in my system. That may not be your issue, but it helped my hand and finger cramping.
  5. here... that was way too simple...of course, you didn't say if you wanted the Custom...
  6. I think part of what we are seeing now is the 'participation trophy' mentality extending into the arts....we have lowered the bar on actual performance standards...youtube demonstrates this daily. Anyone can be a potential star by posting any ridiculous thing they can catch on their mobile device. There are no gatekeepers anymore...everyone is star in their own mind.
  7. actually, yes keep the original engine/tranny, but drop it out, pop in a 351 and a new tranny...and a new rear axle and...suspension and...
  8. I wouldn't consider that delusional...although many people have coulrophobia [fear of clowns], so there may have been some blowback....but a gimmick is a gimmick, and if it works and gets you paying gigs, why not...?
  9. so, back to the original question: why change the pickups? What don't they do for you that you want them to do? I realize they are the OEM models, and typically okay but not great.
  10. IIRC, [because I have not seen a Bobkat in thirty years*] the '15' and '16' [2 pickup versions] had an angled metal bridge[15] or a jazz box type wooden one [16] that was height adjustable. Obviously to put a TOM on it will require some drillin' and fillin', as we say, but those old offsets go for, what, like $350 to $450 in mint condition? If the guitar is a keeper, and you want to improve the playability, I would do the mod just for the improved intonation. If you owned a model T, would you keep the original engine in it, or upgrade it? And, yeah those old gold foil D'Armonds have their own sound that is pretty cool. * I set one up for slide for a guy I knew; just put a big brass nut on it
  11. well, he said 'active, so I was thinking he wanted 'true' active, like EMGs, which would run about $200, if they make a set that will fit. I, too, was curious about his amp. If he can find p-ups that sound better to him, why not? He has yet to define his goal so that we could assist further. I'm afraid, absent responses to the questions we have posed, there isn't much more to do here...
  12. ah, yes, the original Frankenguitar! http://www.americanstandardtime.com/2014/06/10/j-j-cales-fifty-dollar-guitar/
  13. 'Better' is a pretty useless term. So first, what kind of music do you play? What kind of amp are you using? What are you looking for the new pickups to do for your sound that the existing ones don't? More bottom? More punchy midrange? Because you already have an active set, you will likely want to replace the originals with another active set, yes? There is also the cosmetics issue....you want the new ones to be a direct fit as there is no pickguard, which is going to present you with some challenges. Also, as I am sure you are aware, the 505 is a 'low to mid grade' instrument, new ones run about $550; a good set of active bass p-ups can run to almost half that....do you really want to invest up to $200 in that bass, knowing if you sell it, you won't get your money back? Frankly, if it were up to me, rather than dump money into that bass, sell it/trade it in and get one that sounds right to you....
  14. yes...we identified them from pictures my partner had of the factory...and when say I roof tile, these are about two feet long and a foot and a half wide, and an inch thick! They were, shall we say, not the most trustworthy people...when I needed neck samples, they would saw them off short , I guess so I couldn't use them for anything else...but they will be part of a large instrument neck mobile/windchime I am planning to make, after I move.
  15. Not one honest shop? In the entire vicinity? No returns? good lord man...where are you? The Ukraine?😉
  16. seems I've heard that somewhere around here recently... I realize this may sound cheeky, but rather than put yourself through all this, why not actually, physically, in the real world, find a guitar, play it, buy it and be done with all the guessing, second guessing, ordering on a whim, disappointment, and having to send it back because it wasn't up to your expectations?
  17. I have not seen an electric guitar with a plywood body in decades; I have not a seen a plywood acoustic either, but I shy away from anything under $400. Basswood is a reliable tonewood and plentiful in Asia, apparently. Where they cut the corners is the tuners, bridge, pots, switches and p-up...and strings. Which is most unfortunate, because they could make those upgrades fairly inexpensively if buying those components in volume, but their typical edict is 'spend less, build more', which is what killed my fledgling guitar company [factory in China] a decade ago, because no matter how I tried to demonstrate the ability to buy better parts at essentially the same cost [within pennies/renminbi], for a far better product [sound, feel, longevity], but because they are born and raised as communists, intrinsic value has virtually no meaning to them in business. To them a screw is a screw, a tuner is a tuner, just get the cheapest priced one, today. Don't buy on long term. Concepts like 'best cost producer' means nothing to them because labor is dead cheap [although it will not be for much longer as capitalism makes inroads] and they pay no benefits on their labor costs*. Also, their 'overhead' and G&A is calculated far differently than in the Western nations. When they try to bring their style of business to the US, they FAIL, because they really have no idea how a real, well regulated**, heavily taxed, employee-benefit-paying business works. *although, I will say, many Chinese factories have on-site 'barracks' for the unmarried employees; I'm sure they do not provide that for free, but it is rather convenient. ** I have received no less that two shipments where the factory put roof tiles [!] in our shipments to cover up the fact they did not meet the expected gross weight for the shipment...I mean, really? Ceramic roof tiles... with moss on them!
  18. It is a Chinese Harmony, and you recently acquired it, so frankly, it is 'worth' whatever you paid for it. Do you have a serial number? That would help in trying to figure out the year. Have a look here It will not have accumulated any 'mojo' value, and the newer Harmony acoustic guitars are not exactly collectible or very 'desireable'. Even the older Harmony/Stella acoustics, aside from the 'nostalgia factor', generally don't fetch prices above $2-300 unless they are mint in the original box...
  19. If you could give us a budget limit, that would help...have you considered a headphone amplifier? Something like the old Rockman Ace / Tom Scholtz Solist? Those show up on Reverb.com all the time under $100[US] Maybe something like the Old Blood Noise 'Endeavors', EHX Headphone Amp, Vox Mio Akiyama or the AP2 models, M-Audio Traveler, Presonus HP-2, or even a Line6 POD?
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