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  1. well this thread ended 10 years ago, so don't expect an answer...
  2. well, unfortunately this discussion ended ten years ago...
  3. you're about 12 years too late, I'm afraid...
  4. yes, but knowing the one at GC is selling [or they valued it at] $1300 leaves you a lot of leeway if you paid $250...If it were me, I would go to the Hollywood GC and ask to see that amp, play it, take some pics of the guts and walk away knowing what a working unit looks like and sounds like Is there any labeling in the back of the mp indicating year of manufacture or where it was built?
  5. The amp looks pretty cool, and at 30W [with power 6L6 tubes] it should be pretty loud. At 50W using EL34 [6CA7] power tubes, it should rattle the neighbors windows. Since you don't have access to a tube tester, I would replace all the tubes, including the preamp tubes [just on general principal], and have it rebiased. Did you buy that from GC in Hollywood? That cut speaker wire is definitely strange. I would suggest you pull and test the speakers. The disconnected one may have had some kind of issue, and rather than replace it, the owner just cut it...dumb move, because as Phil noted, that could totally throw the impedance load out of whack. It sounds to me like you have an impedance issue, and may have a damaged Output Transformer. I would do a very careful discharge of the power caps, vacuum out all the cobwebs and dust/junk/gunk, and then inspect all the caps for leakage, and resistors for burns. On the plus side, it looks all hand wired...but from what I saw in the pics, it was not a particularly neat wiring job...and whoever re-wired the speakers just didn't care....😥 The fact that one of the original Excelsior speakers is still in there and presumed to be functional is fascinating...but it will likely need a re-cone, if it has not been re-coned already. Finding a reverb tank should not be hard. MOD makes all kinds of tanks, and you should be able to find an Accutronics version as well...StewMac has a good selection and could probably match you up.
  6. well, to be fair, at the time they were discussing this, in 2012...the Kronos was not an outdated unit...
  7. So, you're not really a band as yet, you are looking to start a band.
  8. There is a Squier kit available through GC
  9. daddymack


    First, please don't post in all CAPS...we consider that yelling...second, are we talking about a Yorkville mixer?
  10. the G-400 is a serviceable instrument and a solid platform ripe for experimentation. I have an ancient SG [circa 1970/71] which was modded before I got it 20 years ago...plays like butter...
  11. At 14, 'cracking' is not uncommon as there are a number of changes going on in the adolescent male body, not the least of which is hormonal. There is no set timing for this and it can go on for well over a year or longer. However, if he will not practice, he will not improve. There is no short cut, and, if he thinks there is, I suggest you explain that to him in no uncertain terms. I saw this often teaching adolescents guitar and piano, and terminated the relationship with the admonishment that I could put all the information needed into the student's head, but I could not make it go to their hands; that was their responsibility. The same is true for your student. If he won't do the work, there is no point continuing to teach. To be fair, a 14 year-old boy has many things on his mind, least of which is repetitious exercises. Perhaps it is better to let him work through his new 'demons', and have him opt to return in a year or two when he is more focused on what he wants.
  12. gotta ask...how much does that weight?
  13. yeah, not so much...I guess it is not part of the gestalt...
  14. Beats me as to why, but people do. Some parents think it is a good way to teach their children about mortality, death, responsibility, etc. They are easy to maintain, cheap to feed, reasonably quiet and easy to dispose of when the day comes...and they can be affectionate.
  15. There are, actually, some beautiful violins with bookmatched tops, etc...and in the electric violin arena plenty of interesting variations.
  16. Not true at all...mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs are all pet worthy rodents...however, their life expectancy is typically very short, especially for mice where two years is usually pushing it...rats and hamsters may be three years. Gerbils, though, if they have a mate or companion, can live up to 8 years...4-5 years if they are alone. They are not as clever as rats or mice, but they do live longer. These numbers are averages, so nothing is absolute...
  17. You should take your mouse to a veterinarian, not ask advice in a thread on a musician's forum that ended 13 years ago.
  18. You actually have this all backwards. If that were true, then mic-ing a guitar cabinet would do the same thing...and it doesn't. Guitar amp speakers are designed to reproduce the input in a certain range which is narrower than most PA speakers. I also know many keyboard players who use powered PA Speakers rather than a traditional amp, and keyboards typically have a wider frequency range than guitars... I've played guitar through a bass amp before, it works, but is typically muddier sounding; I would certainly hesitate to play a bass through a guitar amp, though, since the bass frequencies are typically well below what a guitar amp's speakers are designed to handle. Welcome to HC...but coming in ten years later with completely incorrect opinions is not going to get you a following here...
  19. you don't need help, you just need to make a decision...but, trusting what you hear on youtube demo videos, or getting opinions of people you don't know, who may have terrible taste [or not] is not the best way to choose a device. Go try them out for yourself!
  20. 12 years late to the conversation, but welcome to HC...
  21. Just saw that one in an email...where is one I could try...? GC didn't have it yet, neither did SA...my bassist is looking for a hybrid bass amp, and I told him about this one...500W Class D is more than adequate for small room gigs.
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