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  1. I've decided,in order to get my whammy bar fix I'd just get a Duesenberg trem to put on my Epiphone 50s standard. No drilling and no scars if I change my mind. Anybody considering a Bigsby on any stop bar type bridge, I can't recommend this highly enough as an alternative.
  2. Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping well. I recently had to sell a couple of guitars, and one of my cheaper ones I was offered an Epiphone Blueshawk to trade. It's worth more so I thought I'd go for it, and as I've managed to get myself back on track financially I'm considering keeping it. Could anybody recommend a Bigsby or similar bridge that would go well on this? I recently fitted a Bigsby on a Les Paul for one of my guitar students (I felt like I was committing vandalism at the time!) and the end result was actually really cool and now I fancy one😆
  3. I've recently started lurking around every now and then after taking quite some years away.
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