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  1. well, the wattage has to match, ...and the ohms...have to match. Do you know the impedance of the existing speaker, and is it the same as the replacement?
  2. Funny, I hear this frequently, yet I have NEVER had a fret issue on any of my Asian instruments.
  3. Since you said 'Explorer-type', I will not go where Phil went as to the variants, as you apparently know the ESP LTD is not an exact Explorer copy...but it is potentially dangerous😉 I own or have owned guitars from Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, USA, as well as done mods and repairs on instruments from all over...and I have had positive and negative experiences over the years, but for Asian manufacturing, mostly positive in recent years, except some Viet Namese Epiphones. That said, the current guitar manufacturing capabilities in Indonesia may be considered pretty much equal to those of South Korea, particularly on solid body guitars. This is based on the fact that major components are all done on CNC machines, so the variables in fit, form and function, outside the quality of the electronics [which are the some of the easiest parts to replace if you can solder] are reduced to negligible. That leaves the tuners and bridge as the weaker links, and those are the easiest to replace. That said, I will wholeheartedly agree with Phil that you should make every effort to try both models you are interested in, and try as many examples of each that you can get your hands on. What really matters is that the instrument is comfortable to play, and sounds the way you expect. And you can't do that without physically trying the guitar. As to opinions/preferences, given the choice, the ESP is less expensive, and pointier, whereas the Epi is an actual Explorer...and risking the possible blinding of bandmates is low on my list of things to do, so I would likely opt for the Epi....but I would look for a used Korina...
  4. frankly, they are trying to take advantage of you. If you are on the copyright filing as co-author, then just ignore them. They can file a SR copyright for their recording, but the authorship of the song, unless delineated specifically, as I understand it from your post, is half yours. Consult with a copyright lawyer if you feel the co-author is putting undue pressure on you to contribute to the costs associated with releasing the song. You made no mention of the publishing arrangement, but that would also be a concern.
  5. Even in mint condition, the T series spinets are not considered desirable, and I have seen them listed, but not always selling, in the $100-500 range, even in mint condition. There is one older listing on Reverb going for $100...sad but true. I do know a few electro-mechanical geeks around here [Los Angeles] who do buy old tone wheel Hammond organs for parts, and some buy the spinets like the T series [as well as old Thomas models], strip out the Leslie and install it in a small cabinet and resell them. Typically they pay $0-25 for the organ, working or not...but they have to have a couple of hefty guys help move those beasts. I have moved enough B3, C3 and A100s to know I won't own one again...and I convinced our keyboardist to get an XK /2215 Leslie Cab and let his consoles go. Years ago I played with Deacon Jones who had cut his B3 down to make it portable...not for the faint of heart...I've also serviced and rebuilt Leslies and Fender Vibratones, as well as the control pedals.
  6. The Reverb listings are usually a fair indication...have you looked on kiiji? To be fair, condition is everything on guitars...so if you have not spent much time on yours, we can guess the condition is close to mint. Letting it go is a 'regret'? Sorry, letting a guitar sit unused for two decades is a regret. Not learning to play after buying a decent instrument is a regret. Selling it to someone who will appreciate it should not be a regret.
  7. try a TC Body Rez pedal...it makes my Stratacoustic sound like a Gibson jumbo! And it sounds like g*dforsaken cr*p on its own, but it plays well...
  8. die a horrible death, stupid spammer!

  9. synergy...compatibility...and great music...sounds like a winning combination to me!
  10. and that was one of the reasons I ultimately stripped back down...that ability to create a transition, medley or mashup on the fly...truly, to me the joy of being a solo act! To be fair, I am revamping my act now [yet again], with more 'G.A.S. standards', but the goal is to allow me that freedom to make a leap...without a net...and see where it takes me. Recent occurrences, just in practice, was 'Misty' into 'One More for the Road' and 'The Way You Look Tonight' into a medley of Everly Brothers songs, into 'Walk Away Renee'. You just never know, with an adequately warped mind, where you can wind up given the circumstances and the material. Would I do something like that live? You bet yer sweet bippy! [geez, when was the last time anyone said that?]
  11. like the Gibson Chet Atkins or Epi SST...except for the price, and they all came out of the Samick factory in Korea...
  12. yes, if you are not getting any signal through the inductor, then replacing it would be step one....
  13. Dare I say it? Voltan is correct. ...which is why I came to essentially the same conclusion...be in the moment, don't restrict your creativity, make each song of each show unique. I realize that doesn't work for everyone, but trying to over-program my performance was too much like 'work'...and it detracted from my actual performance, by allowing the technology to be the 'star', as impressive as it could be, it needed to be subordined...or in my case removed. I may even opt to used the toys again [if I proceed with the new duo I'm considering], but in a far less demanding way, and far less over all.
  14. never met a mango you didn't like?
  15. considering it has been 10 years, and the number of forumites who have come and gone, I am doubtful you will have much luck....
  16. I have no idea what a 'Udemy course' is...I studied music in college, which is why I suggested that...Harmony, usually taught in two sections, I & II
  17. Nice looking FK guitar, but why did you let that weird old guy play it?
  18. I suppose it would depend a lot on the synth voice you are using, and how hard you are pushing the tube amp [as well as how many watts, speaker efficiency, speaker size, cabinet style....]...but I see no reason why you couldn't, if the sound you want requires that kind of overdrive...but there are a number of pedals on the market that can accomplish [or approximate] that as well.
  19. That depends on where you live, y'know? Check for extension classes at you local junior college, public college, or high school. There are also a number of excellent texts on harmony, voice leading, melodic structure...check the local library.
  20. sadly, you are about ten years too late for that discussion...but, hey, welcome to Harmony Central...have a look around....
  21. no, no argument there, but to me it is a matter of flexibility...a track is a track. It is always invariable, which for some is exactly what they are after.
  22. it is more than just a leap of faith to be sure. Duo arrangemetns have to be well planned to avoid the 'mush' that 2 guitars or guitar/kb can engender. Then there is the vocal harmony thing as well...lotsa work...good luck! I'm considering a duo with my bassist from the 80s...could go either way...
  23. I hope you can get it back, Glenn...but it is the old story of the bird in the hand vs 2 in the bush..., or the grass being greener on the other side of the fence [and it is typically over the septic tank!]. I rarely let instruments go [amps, yes, guitars no], I prefer to save up for the next one out of my gig money [how I've pretty much always done it].
  24. but that was [for me at least] the whole point of the BB...you can make changes on the fly, change fills, stretch an ending, cut a verse or chorus or add one...and to not do it exactly the same way every time was the whole point to me, because I believe music happens in the moment, it should be as live as possible...otherwise you could track it all and lip-synch...... I know many here are track adherents, and that is fine if it works for you, but I really like to know I have leeway with a song, because I want it to be fresh every time. My issue was that it became about all the little boxes on the floor, and not about me and the guitar....and that was the point where I decided to go back to square one. YMMV...and that is perfectly fine...
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