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  1. Matsumoku made the Aria Pro II after the mid 1970s. The 7 digit serial numbers is consistent with the Japan builds [including Vantage, Westbury, most Westones, Japanese Washburns, some Electras, and the Skylark], but they have built guitars all over Asia [Korea, Indonesia, Philippines]. I would guess, based on the s/n and pix, that this is a 1985, made in February [7th week of the year], in Japan. I have been curious about the Aria Pro II series for many years and have never seen one up close. That guitar looks to be in very good condition considering its age. I do not know the model number, but I will venture a guess it is a PE series, but I could easily be wrong. You could try contacting Aria
  2. even if it was worth $200...a neck repair will run you way more than that. Give it back to your daughter and tell her to have her way with it...but to be careful
  3. ah, yes, teh Ghosn Gambit...really just going to mean more scrutiny when traveling with your upright bass...like it isn't a hassle enough already...
  4. I will assume Vivian is your granddaughter....
  5. you, oh benevolent one, are truly blessed with a wife who understands GAS...mine was fine with my 'collection', she even 'added' my electric violin, until it overflowed out of its 'storage area'... and it has grown since. There are definitely a few I could live without, but the thought of expending the effort to sell them off is anathema...
  6. could you be a bit more informative? was this stolen from you or someone you know? Honestly, I generally eschew Craig's List, and am doubtful I will be checking the Tokyo listings...
  7. daddymack


    scared me...'Joy' is teh name of a psycho ex GF... But, indeed, joy, peace, success[however you measure it], great gigs, good friends and a better world for the coming year!
  8. I'd be curious how you go about convincing your better half that this was a necessary purchase...My process for the last 20 years is the guitars 'pay for themselves' out of gig money...YMMV... but H[Almost depending on wifey's reaction ]NGD...
  9. with the average lifespan of a rock band being about three months, I doubt that many, if any, of those bands still exist.
  10. 3 weeks and the OP has not come back.../thread...
  11. if you plan to keep it go ahead and do it, the Dot is a serviceable guitar and the upgrades will make it sound and tune better, but it will still only be an Epi Dot... the value of the instrument will not be adequately enhanced by the upgrades...lipstick on a pig ...
  12. there are no wrong questions...just wrong answers!
  13. well, considering this thread was active nine years ago...I don't think the original posters give a rat's patootie anymore...but yes, unless you are feeding two amps with some physical separation, running in stereo isn't going to get you much 'wow' factor...
  14. soon...22 minutes or so...on the eastern seaboard...and Indiana
  15. Bengs in in the Philippines... Mindanao, IIRC. Most of the PI is wired 220-240 V 50Hz. Many people use step down transformers to run 110-120V 60Hz items sent by 'balikbayans' [relatives in the USA]. Some homes are wired dual. I have shipped xformers/VRs to several relatives on Luzon. Bengs...did you finally ditch the Bugera?
  16. daddymack

    New, used amp

    HNAD! I am always a little skeptical when someone buys a piece of gear and then justifies it by saying they will get their money back when they sell it...
  17. that works if you don't want power tube saturation...
  18. I have a Black Star HT 20, and I like that it covers not only Marshall tones, but Fender and a few in between. It keeps up with my drummer, but we don't play heavy/hard rock. I have tested the DSL 20 and the DSL 40, and I would say if your heart is set on a Marshall, get the 40W. It is less harsh sounding when pushed [although, basing this on a short trial in a GC is not the best analytical methodology, as you never know how the amps have been abused by the locals].
  19. ah...oiseaux du neige...[Quebecois snow birds]
  20. looks like a voltage regulator to me...
  21. Used to own: a Teisco Del Rey strat style, An Eko violin style bass, a no-name [probably Eko] violin body guitar, a Diasonic classical, a no-name classical*, a Kent 'folk' guitar*, a '59 Les Paul Junior [stolen], a Rick 320 and a Rick Ryder [sold to make child support payments] and a mid to late '40s Slingerland 6 string banjo. I also have a '79 Memphis P-bass copy, but it is in pieces ATM, getting new electronics, new neck, new tuners] Still have: Electrics: Acoustics: *destroyed for a student film in 1970...no regrets.
  22. I would suggest you talk to either Fender or the power transformer and output transformer manufacturers. You will also need a re-biasing.
  23. and 'Seasons Greetings' to you and Mrs. Mac...please swing by Cool Jam and hit the poll... I'm not 'doing xmas' this year, we're in the middle of packing up the house and moving out of L.A.
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