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  1. I will agree about the Ibanez necks...particularly their bolt-ons...very thin.
  2. I have been hosting jams on and off for a number of years. I did try to establish an 'open mic' night, but I was inundated with wannabe poets, terrible standup acts, a juggler [what mic?], a mime [yeah...a mime!]...in other words people who can't get a gig with their hobbies...and let it go after 3 weeks.
  3. well, yeah, now, 13 years later...Blackstar amps did not exist when this thread was originally running...
  4. I have an Applause [wooden neck, not aluminum] shortscale fretless bass that I enjoy playing when the need arises....but I do agree the roundback is a hindrance for some, and I do not own any of their 6 or 12 string guitars.
  5. I wouldn't say Ovation is exactly a 'niche' product...they've been around for 50 years and have sold plenty of instruments in that time.
  6. Well, that will limit you, because I'll wager that you are looking at a boutique builder for that configuration. You might find something used along those lines, but I'm not even sure how you would search for that on eBay or Reverb.
  7. yes, it is a 'Chinese Junk' brand, marketed in the UK...some as inexpensive as £60 [$77] new...sorry, beyond that, not much to go on with Elevation guitars...
  8. if it is an ovation, it looks like it would be a 1976...unless it is an Adamas...the Admirable from Cattlecar Impractical...
  9. post #2 had this, but I will spare you having to scroll up: http://www.ovationtribute.com/Date%20your%20Ovation.html.
  10. Great score! Gotta feel bad for the cat who pawned it...but I'm happy for you!
  11. I still run XP on my HP Netbook...no problems, only use it when I travel though...easier to deal with than the laptop, size wise...
  12. but..do you have any strong feelings you'd like to share with the group?😉
  13. okay, let's try this another way, since no one understands what you are asking for when you say 'modern' or 'progressive' [I certainly do not]...how about you give us an example that we can start from?
  14. look for Keeley overdrive pedals first, because they are typically top notch, reliable, 'clean' , etc. Then check Earthquaker, then check Mad Professor...and so on. It may actually be 'fuzz', not really OD, that you want, and Keeley does that quite well as well. It really comes down to the sound in your head and finding the little box that gets you there. There are so many pedal builders now, from low end like Behringer and the Dan Armstrong/Dunlop pedals to primo boutique builders...do a search for overdrive pedals...and a search for distortion pedals...and a search for fuzz pedals...and you will see that I understated by saying 'many'... from Analogman to ZVex...and beyond!
  15. Pogo, I had noticed your absence and was concerned something may have happened to you! Glad you are okay! There really should be no reason to not be able to access...unless maybe it is a site security protocol setting or something of that nature. I will say that my old link comes up with an error message, but still hits the page.
  16. I also came up empty on 'Vulcan' guitars...the name has been used for models by Fernandes, and a few other builders, but this could easily be a one-off by an independent luthier. Is it set neck or bolt on? Agreed the body cut is pure 1980 era Rich Bich, but the controls are wrong. This is based on the 2nd version of the Bich, the first was the 10 string model, where there were 2 D, G, B and E strings, like a 12 string, but the second set's tuners were at the bottom of the body, in the big notch. After a year or so, they started making a standard 6 string model...I knew a few people who had the 10 string model, and took off the 'second course' strings because it made it harder to play lead, and they got very muddy sounding at high volume with distortion. The 'Rico' family's company were originally here in LA, and have been bought and sold many times...back around '75/'76 I [very briefly] owned what may arguably be the worst [or at least most painful to play] guitar body design in modern history, the BC Rich 'Seagull'
  17. I've fixed a few over the last four decades...sometimes it is the pot, sometimes the inductor, occasionally, on real old ones a cap goes south...glad it is working!
  18. might have been the inspiration for the Epi FlameKat
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