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  1. Funny how 12 years passes by. This place moves like lightning.
  2. I use George L's for my pedal board. Mogami from the guitar to the board and from the board to the amp. Lava is another company, Monster, and Evidence and a host of others. Nothing wrong with Belden wire and some Switchcraft ends either. Solder up you own, and if they fail, you only have yourself to blame.
  3. JC, try not to f!@k up the company. Please. I'm saying that in a loving way too. I have owned many Mesa amps in my 45 years of playing. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/gibson-acquires-mesaboogie-amps
  4. I have never seen a Tanglewood Guitar. Just buy him a Gibson, Martin or Taylor. Get him an amp to plug into too. Like a Fishman Loudbox. Tell his this will be the first and last instrument you will ever buy him. Since it came out of his college funds, he will not be going and will also need to learn songs quickly to support the family. As an investor you except a high return in your investment asap. 50% spilt as the dad manager should be fine. Get him to sign some paper work, so you don't get screwed.
  5. Interesting That thing is begging for some Dice Guitar Knobs.
  6. Not crescent moon SG here, but I have 2 SG's. I think the oldest one is 40 years old now ( in the sought after Chainsaw case), and I have a SG Classic with P90's.
  7. I don't know much about Peerless guitars, but the make ok furnaces. What I am guessing is the Bigsby was added. Might be a B6, might be a B7 My wife never ask me anything bout playing gear, but how long are you gonna leave this one in the living room. I let her know that my next wife will definitely be a bit more understanding.
  8. Marshall 1936 2X2 cabs are built from MDF entirely (old JCM 800 2x12 cabs were plywood w/MDF back panel) I have and old JCM 800 model 4104 2X12 50 watt combo. The thing rawks. Bought it in 1982.UK made
  9. Cool guitars. I have and SG Classic with P90's, it's a cool guitar for the coin. They have kind of a chubby neck. No case came with them, just a cheap gig bag, so I bought a TKL Case for it. Pick ups can be replaced if you don't like the P100's. They still make the LP Junior. I'd probably dig the 2 pick up LP Special better.
  10. Mikeo


    Maybe next year I'll do a D28. I like the sound of them, but they are like dance with a chubby girl imo. Not a bad thing, I'm just saying. Oh looking 2021 is less than a week way. I actually will wait till spring. Enjoy. Martin's and Gibson's are some of my fav acoustics, along with a few other brands.
  11. Mikeo


    Might want to get a better stand for it too. I have seen guitar slide of those type of stands. I'm just saying. Awesome gift. Martin is doing some of the best work they ever have done. PLEKed by elves too. If you don't like the string that came on it, let them season. I did a 00028 this year. The guitar is to die for. My wife never buys me music stuff. I tell her my next wife will.
  12. I have a similar Gibson SG with the output jack mounted on the front.
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