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  1. Mikeo

    MV for Budda TwinMaster??

    https://guitar.com/guides/diy-workshop/diy-workshop-build-your-own-attenuator/ http://diy-fever.com/misc/air-brake-attenuator/ https://www.electricalaudio.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=68478&p=2012274
  2. Mikeo


    Jeff Tweedy was playing Morgan amps for a while. He has a great sound.I believe Jeff used the AC40's Musicians Friend and Sweetwater Music both carry them and have a great return policy. By the time I get where I need to be, I never return anything. Personal I'd probably do the AC20. I already have a Dr Z Maz 18 w/ reverb and a factory eq bypass. My next amp should probably be a Swart Atomic Space Tone. I have been looking at hem for a while. How ever, I have a lot of amps to choose from.
  3. Mikeo

    MV for Budda TwinMaster??

    I thought you were going to get an attenuater?
  4. I haven't broken anything in years, but over my 45 years of playing I have broken a high E string, a B string, the G string and a D. I broke a A string and a Low E string once, but that must have been a manufacturing defect. That's all
  5. That should be decent. I know Dr Z makes a few attenuaters too and the mount inside the amp. It's called the Brake Lite There's not much to an attenuater, and if you're handy and have any electronic skills and tools, you can build one yourself.
  6. Call the Hall's at Rickenbacker and they will have you send in the old saddle and after you play them, they will get you a new one. You can start from scratch. These guys might be helpful too. http://www.pickofthericks.com/
  7. Mikeo

    New, used amp

    I not sure how loud it is. I just mic-ed it and the sound guy gave me a mix in the monitor. It was just more or less for me. The drummer I play with now is a pretty light on my ears.. He plays a drum kit called a Taye Go kit. They mic it and it sounds like a million bucks. I thank Josh for not blowing out my ear drums all night. I can't remember if the 12" amp sounded better, but I do remember it was 100 bucks more. I use this amp here and there, when I need to make a quick exit, and don't need or what to take a pedal board. There's are times for me when good tones are just fine for me. Mine does have the ability to save 4 different sounds on each bank of 2, for a total of 8 different amps and effects. So it might be the next generation after yours. Vox has made so many Valvetronix amps over the years, it's not funny. I did have a Vox AC 15 here for a while. It didn't sound too much like a Vox to me so I ditched it. My so called Vox-ish sound comes from a Dr Z Maz 18 with reverb and some eq bypass mod they offered at the time. I'm doing a bit of acoustic work these days and dragging around a Taylor GS mini and maybe a Fishman Spectra DI that I got 10 years ago. In and out. Enjoy your Vox, I think you will find it very handy.
  8. Mikeo

    New, used amp

    I have a Vox Valvetronix VT30. I liked it enough to by the big foot switch that is an option. Here's the manual if you need it. New the VT 30 was under 200 bucks ( 180 if my memory is correct) and the VT 50 was 100 bucks more. The reason I got the 30 was price. The metal grill is not my thing, but it's really hard and sturdy. Hard to dent, but I guess it can be done. Enjoy. I still have mine for grab and go shows, when exact tones are not as important, but handy and convenient is.
  9. Exactly I have had to report to the gov myself. Checks from colleges and universities. Traceable. Cash not so much so.
  10. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Mesa Boogie 1x12 Mini Recto Slant Cabinet&sort=price|asc&free_shipping=true
  11. I would have rather heard the wife is paying for an amp purchase. My pick for hard alt rock wold be a Rectroverb 25 and a Rectro cab. Built like a tank. Made in America. As usually I'm probably a bit over your budget. Go back and renegotiate with the wife for more funding. Remember Rock and Roll is a family business. If you make some money in the band, set a schedule C file and have your CPA write it all off. Here's what they can do. I looked up some used pricing 800-1000 bucks https://reverb.com/p/mesa-boogie-mini-rectifier-25#listings
  12. I love Martin OM's and they are probably my favorite body shape to hold and play. Great bottom end, with less mid cuts than a Dreadnought.
  13. Rivera makes one. Never seen it for real. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SedonaLT25--rivera-sedona-lite-25-25-watt-1x10-inch-acoustic-and-electric-tube-combo
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