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  1. I don't own a classical guitar. I should put that one on my wish list. The necks are really wide, compared to regular flat tops. I'm sure I could get used to it. What ever Andrea Segovia used should be good enough for me. No electrics or cutaway for me.
  2. Might get worse for me. I' m after a Martin 00028. Don't know if I want the standard or the EC model. I heard both are awesome. I play more acoustic guitar these day, but when I plugs in have a small Yamaha THX 10 classic I plug into. The rest are classic tube amps. They might be Vintage, only cause I have been play pretty much daily for 45 plus years.We both have ages. I tell my wife, if could be worse. I could have collected wife's or Vintage cars. The guitar GAS is way easier on the pocket book.
  3. Nice man I would be embarrassed to put all my gear together. So I don't. I don't want people to think I'm crazy or insane.
  4. My very first amp was a MusicMan 210 HD 65. It was a bit harsh and I had it for about 5 years. I ended up selling for the last of the silver face push/ pull master volume Twin Reverbs. The new Twin cost me 125 buck, plus the MusicMan amp. I still have the Twin. It's in killer condition. Those late Paul Rivera designed Push Pull 125 watt Twins ain't worth much.
  5. Tele are my fav. Great tone machines.
  6. TV Jones are about 300. He could do it later. Hope you did burn yourself. I have a philosophy on doing it right and do it once. Some folks buy and sell, buy and sell till the just buy a les Paul. Which is really what they wanted in the first place. The epiphone ellist guitars are very nice. Once again, I'm over the 350 mark.
  7. I think the standard model has a less of a V neck, and slightly different bracing. Might work better 4 me
  8. I feel your pain on the spur of the moment purchase. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Martin 00028 I'm torn between the standard and thr clapton models
  9. I did What a couple extra hundred these days
  10. I also have never played that model, but I have played some hollow body artcores. For the coin they are not bad at all. PRS imports are very nice for the money too. I also like the Gretsch Electromatics stuff. If you get one, you can someday put in some TV Jones pups and the thing will rock. It won't sound like a Les Paul, it will sound way cooler. I have a Jet Power Jet from the professional collection. I even like Bigsby's. I love the Blue Toss in another 100 bucks for a hardshell Gretsch case. It's an option
  11. Musical instrument manufacturing or any other manufacturing companies are non essential folks need to lay low and stay home. They are closing all non essential stuff here in MA , as of tomorrow at noon. It's a smart move. I give a lot of credit to the medical workers that are putting there health everyday on the line to fight this and keep people alive. This is nothing to mess with. Monthly bills will come every month, and can wait, if you don't have the money. If you get sick and die the bills will wait even longer. I believe that things are gonna get worse before they get better. Could be weeks, could be months. Nobody knows Don't watch the news all day, it will only make you depressed. The reality of it all is you will be spending a lot of time with you family. We have the net, cell phones to keep in touch for folks. My wife talks to her 93 year old mom everyday, sometimes twice a day. When is the last time you grabbed a board game from up in the attic and spent and evening, chatting and playing a game. Back when I was a kid my grand parents came over on Sunday nights. My brother and I, along with my Gramp, would play cribbage till it was time for dinner. ( 3 trk board) Some of the best memories I have. I still have the cribbage board, I hope I still have a deck of cards. Back in the summer of 2018, I spent 10 days in a day program at the hospital working on stress reduction. It was a great program for me, some folks were a real mess. You live one day at a time, and do something every day you enjoy. One of the counselors was Arlo Guthrie's tour manager. She was a patient years before. She said after entering the program, she cleaned off her kitchen table for the first time in 30 years. If you have a musical instrument, play it and play it some more, learn a couple of new tunes, write a song. Make dinner as a family, clean up the cellar. I take my dog out to a soccer field where there is nobody and we fetch tennis ball for an hour. All in a all just stay healthy. In the flu epidemic of 1918, the people that did the best and didn't get sick, were the ones that isolated themselves. It's a different world right now. Besides typing this out, I'm was sitting on the couch with my puppy watching it snow. Me the puppy Luka will treasure this time together for many years to come. He's a real sweetie at night.
  12. I own a Gretsch Power Jet w/ TV Jones pick ups. I would not say it had a Les Paul sound, but it's amazing. Mine looks like this. They are chambered. If you don't have the $$$$ for a Made In Japan Jet, the pick ups on the Electromatic Jets can be upgraded with TV Jones pups. Gilmore used one along the way.
  13. All the smaller shops here have really gone down hill. I have no idea how they stay in business.
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