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  1. Nice. The only thing I have like that Ibby is, a Godin 5th Ave King Pin I and the Kingpin II. Juts like this.
  2. My wife and I are Pantene Curly hair peeps. I have never tried it on my guitars, but when you do let me know how it werks. I was wondering about delicate wash and tumble dry too. I have a strat with lace pups in it. Good enough for bars.
  3. You're probably right.
  4. I do have guitars close at hand. But not in our bedroom
  5. Too tell, you the truth, I have used on of these for years. I never practice in a bedroom. Bedrooms are for hot lovin and playtime and sleeping. Says my wife. Guitar free zone
  6. No the 62 RI is a rosewood fret board and the 52 RI is a maple fret board.
  7. I had a great childhood, and often thing about calling it everyday. Only in my 50's did I seek any help. It's ok to not be ok. I'm not such a head downer, but I like to watch where I am walking. On stage you need to be confident. I tend to buy nice shoes and why not look at them.
  8. I have 2 RI tele's and one has brass saddles and one has steel. I have played the sh@t out of the 62 RI with steel saddles. It's my go to axe for 35 years. The ash tray cover for the 52 is sitting in the case.
  9. You do know the whole moon landing was fake, as the fartless drum throne.
  10. My wife will often ask me how much an amp or piece of gear is worth. She probably just waiting for me to keel over, so she can rid the house of music gear. So what I tell her about the worth of ever piece of gear and it's worth. I say it's worth nothing if you don't play. Now, Mesa has amazing records and they are a small company. Call em or email them. DC amps were made between 1993 and 1999. Some graphic eq's and some don't. 700-800 buckeroos, depending on condition and how fast you want to move it. I bet 300 bucks sells it fast.
  11. This Yeah the grain will not match. Paint covers up a world of sin.
  12. That was easy https://www.epiphone.com/Guitar/EPIBXE297/Jared-James-Nichols-Old-Glory-Les-Paul-Custom/Black-Aged-Gloss Material Mahogany Profile 1950s Style Rounded-C, white binding Scale Length 24.75" / 628.65mm Fingerboard Material Ebony Fingerboard Radius 12" Frets Medium Jumbo Nut Width 1.68" / 42.67mm Inlays Pearloid Block Joint Glued in-set
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