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  1. The Taylor T5Z has a really nice neck too. It's an all in one, when you need an acoustic and electric tone. I'm not gonna say it the end all catch all, but when you only want to take out one guitar to a gig and an electric guitar amp it can easily get you through a night. The acoustic sounds are not perfect, but will do for sure. A little acoustic, a little jazz and little rock all in one box. I have never played the Fender stuff yet.
  2. Got the same message. From Wendy. Oh La la. Why doesn't JC at Gibson send me a few guitars to review?
  3. I was never in into Husker Du, but Bob Mould's early solo albums are really good. Sugar was good too.
  4. I'm not sure what you are using for an amp, but real Marshall amps are not really high gain. They have a crunch to them. You might dig this I use one of these.. It's been on my pedal board for 10 plus years. I have a few other OD pedals, but this is my fav.
  5. I'm not sure what that is.
  6. Which Premier? It's a series in the Dangelico line up. They are mostly made overseas now, but at one time they were the cats pajamas of Jazz box guitars. Great reviews on them from what I have read in the past. Can't beat the price. My old next door neighbor and good friend started taking lessons at 8 years old. He fell off his bicycle shortly after and broke his collar bone. He never played guitar again. Somewhere in his mid 50's he took it back up. He told me he plays a Dangelico jazz box. I think he said he has a strat a tele, plus a Martin O
  7. Naw. I think Jimi went to the cross roads to take lessons.
  8. You know who else played a Fender Duo Sonic. I have a strat with Lace pickups in it. Not bad pups. That strat was my bar gigging axe, along with a 62 tele RI. Sometimes when you play a club you never know what the electrician system is gonna be like. Eric Clapton's Signature Strat in the 90's had Lace pups in it. Mine is just a black American made standard with a rose wood fret board. Plays like butter it does. The case is one of those Fender labeled SBK plastic cases, and super flimsy. I really should buy another Fender case for it.
  9. I myself like humbuckers better. P90's have a darker tone, but it's not always a bad thing. Different tones, different amps.Different sounds if you now what I mean. P90's are what they are. I have some P90's in a SG Classic guitar. The Godin 5th Aves I have have a P90 like pick up. Back like 10 years ago, Gibson did a 100 lot run of the ES 339 in Pelham Blue. Cool color. That limited run is fetching some nice bucks. I believe first came the ES 336 with a solid carved top, and then the ES 339. The small profile was designed for folks who like the smaller body of a
  10. Both are great amps. The Matchless is a 3 channel amp running EL 34's the Dirty Shirley is a single channel amp running 5881 I think less is more much of the time. The only band I have ever seen running Friedman amps was Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke. His tones were heavenly rock and roll. The only amp I have seem blow up on stage was owned by Ken Bethea of the band Old 97. They replaced that Matchless C30 with a Mesa Maverick. The Maverick is nothing like the Matchless, and sound more like a brown Fender.
  11. I don't know if I know my stuff, but I have owned a lot of guitars and played a lot of them too.
  12. I have a ES 335 and a ES 135 both have a center block. Both have classic 57's in them. The ES 135 has a poplar centerblock and the ES 335 has a maple centerblock. They will both going into a nice sustaining feedback when pushed through some gain. Full hollowbodies you need to keep the gain and volume down to control them. Rickenbacker semi hollowbodies are made completely different. They are kind of carved out. Amazing guitars, but some folks hate them.
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