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  1. Yes, it's a tube gone bad. If he has a extra one, he could do one at a time to see which one it is.
  2. You can play funk on anything. Even a Les Paul. Play a guitar that sound good to you and you like the feel of.
  3. Do take your time and enjoy the hunt.
  4. I know this is a very old thread. I love this one. YMMV. Right in the chorus.
  5. Not true. There some very nice stuff out there that is not inexpensive and has a urethane finish. The Gretsch Professional product line is a mix. Black Falcons are finished in urethane and the 6120's are finished in a mix of both Nitro and urethane.
  6. Me too. https://schematicheaven.net/boogieamps/boogie_22cal.pdf
  7. Not always, but my wife ordered her granddaughter a Rogue guitar against my wishes. It was bad. We sent it back. There's junk guitars and then there Rogue. You get what you pay for in this case. 252 Reviews, 157 peeps gave it 5 stars. 57 gave it 4 stars. That probably 200 people that ain't playing the guitar in the near future.
  8. You'll be happy you dug around a bit and didn't just toss it in the landfill. Tubes do get hot, as do resistors.
  9. I'd give Meas a call, there's not really that many folks that work there and they are awesome. They might be able to fix it and or help you out. If the board is toast in might just need a jumper wire to kinda get it working again. It's worth a phone call.
  10. What I use around the house often is a Yamaha. It's actually pretty good for what it is.
  11. It's not a cheap amp, but they are really nice. It's a rather loud 20 watts. New they are about that price, used I have seen the for a bit over a grand. It's a great choice. A couple other good choices would be the Carr Mercury, it has a built in attenuator too that really goes down to a whisper. I also like the Swart Sapce tones. You can put an attenuator on any amp. I have a Dr Z Maz 18 w/ reverb. Nice amp. Mine is the generation before this one, but you'll get the idea. 20 watts and 2 grand gives you many goods tones.
  12. Being a musicians is a tuff gig. If you love playing, just keep doing it.
  13. Best cases in the business. Not inexpensive https://www.calton-cases.com/
  14. Just some notes on the Schaller Strap locks. I like them a lot and first started using them back in the early 80's on my Les Paul. The screws in the Schallers are smaller than what Gibson uses on there guitar strap buttons. After taking of the strap buttins, the original strap holes should be filled and glued with a small dowel. The shorter Schaller screws will fit just lovely though a new hole that you will tap through the center of the dowel. It's something one could do at home, but if you feel uncomfortatble doing this take to a luthier and have it done. Now when mounting the U shaped bracket to the strap, many will face it down. I have found if you face the U bracket up there is less stress on the system and less chance of it coming undone in the middle of playing, which is always a very big surprise to say the least. It's a very good system, but not flawless, especially on a heavier guitar like a Les Paul.
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