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  1. Mikeo


    https://www.radiodaze.com/grille-cloth-22-item-grc22/ Zenith "Swirl" Grill Cloth Pattern
  2. That is an Amphenol 6 in connector for a Hammond Leslie speaker and Rogers Organ. They are available on the net. Example https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AMPHENOL-6-SIX-PIN-MALE-CONNECTOR-FOR-LESLIE-RODGERS-ORGANS-AND-SPEAKERS-/380663387301
  3. Kind of like a metal version of Wicked Games. Pretty cool.
  4. Mikeo

    Vox Amps

    I don't know who those guys are, but that jangle has to be worked on to achieve that sound. It just doesn't come with a Rickenbacker and Vox. I currently own 4 Rickenbacker guitars. A 330, a 6320, and a 330-12, which all have the modern Rickenbacker pup ups. A 350v63 I have has Toaster pick ups. Toaster pups are rather low output too. Rickenbacker pick ups are not all that bright, the toasters are a touch weaker and even less bright. I push them with a OD box and a compressor, just to the point of break up for that famous Rickenbacker jangle. The Jangle just doesn't come otherwise. Plugged in to an old school Marshall you get a Smithereens tone. I like the sound of Vox amps, but the new Vox stuff is all made over seas, unless you spend some coin. Many many years ago when I saw REM Peter Buck was using a Mesa Mark amp and a Fender Twin. There are plenty of guys that have used Rickenbacker's over the decades, that don't have that famous Rickenbacker Jangle. Johnny Marr used Fender Amps The Plimsouls http://www.janglebox.com/ I though might be some BS spam, but I saw your thread replay on Chris Thile. I've seen him a bunch of times, starting with Nickle Creek. There's a festival in my home town called Freshgrass. I have played it about 4-5 times. Chris has been there a lot. He's really good. He was better at 13 years old than I was am at 58. I don't practice mandolin that much, so it's to be expected. No Freshgrass this year, because of covid 19. The First Freshgrass was so small I never even heard of it. It was like 50 fans of bluegrass standing around. Now it brings in like 6000 people over a 3 day weekend. The Berklee kids that play there are really talented too. Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddlers, Bluegrass guitarists that will do nothing but become better at there instrument while they are there at Berklee.
  5. Hello old thread. The only 12 string I have is a Rickenbacker 330-12. I keep it in standard tuning. It's kind of a one trick pony, but what it does is really done by no other.
  6. I had a Neck reset done on my Martin MC 28, I bought in the last 80's. It was done at my local luthiers place. Chris Martin IV also covered the cost of a new bridge and saddle. It plays like a dream now. I'm not sure it was costly, but if didn't cost me a dime. Martin really held their end of the bargain, on that Lifetime warranty. My latest guitar is a Martin 00028. It's very nice too. I can't upload any more photos here. I'm maxed out and there's no way to delete them. Technical issue, I have pasted on to the power that be. If you love a guitar it's probably worth fixing so you can play it. I have no wall art guitars at my house.
  7. My luthier uses Fossilized Mammoth bridge pins on some of his builds. They ain't cheap, but his builds are really really nice. I have ebony bridge pins on a couple of Gibson acoustics. The guitars came that way.
  8. I'm liking it so far.
  9. Maybe, maybe not. Might need a neck rest.
  10. Let us not forget the Firebird X of recent years. Plus accessories, it wasn't a cheapy Cost Henry is job too. JC thinks more like me. He's really on track. The guitar ain't a computer. At one time there was close too 1000 Les Pauls at the Gibson site. I pity the fools that bought into the Firebird X.
  11. I don't know what year is it, but a Gibson Chainsaw or Chainsaw II case should have come with it. Those case are going for some big money. I have one that came with my SG.
  12. On a side note. I had a buddy that went to Nashville, and he just tossed his Martin D28 in the cargo bay. I think he put some duct tape around the thing for extra security. I don't think you can lock the guitar cases either. Security opens the case or at least they did to his. They put a nice letter inside letting you know you case has been open and examined. I must say those plastic Martin guitar cases are really nice for travel. My new 00028 just came in one. They look like this. I used to have a American made P Bass, but I sold it after buying the Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass. It has a smaller body than the standard Jazz with active pups ( sounds amazing) Mine in is a See though blonde Ash. I also have a Standard American Jazz and the Kala U bass was a gift from a buddy of mine. Just take out what you have and or need, to get a job done. Playing bars isn't a show and tell, but play something that makes you happy.
  13. I'd be torn between the Taylor and the Guild. There's no pick up system in the Guild, a decent one will add to the cost. The Taylor, I'd rather not have a cutaway on a 12 string, but if you want to plug in, the ES2 it's a very decent pup. I have one in a Koa GS mini, before they stopped putting that system in the GS Mini's. Neither one has decent hardshell case with it. So if you gigging, the Taylor would be complete. If it's a home strummer/ recorder and you need no pick up, I'd go with the Guild.
  14. They are very nice. They still make the USA 512 too. It's not cheap. Under 4k though. I like the Taylor stuff too, like Taylor 562ce 12 String The Taylor has a bolt on neck, so if it ever needs a reset, it will be easier and less costly. Different strokes, as the say.
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