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  1. Any of the big online guy will give you free shipping, and let you test drive one. Plus you beat the sales tax. I have done MF, GC online, Sweetwater, and they are all very good. The GC will ship it to a store and if you likes, you buy it, if you don't your 90 minutes from home. Personally what I use in a solo bar, club or restaurant is my new found love. A Taylor GS Mini Koa. I have a number of acoustic amps for different jobs. Seems people just listened to the songs I was playing and didn't care about my amazing looping skills and guitar solos. I like the Godin for what it is and the Taylor T5 is ok too. They all fall short of being a nice Martin or Gibson, or a Les Paul or Strat on the electric side. Paul Rivera makes a electric Acoustic amp. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SedonaLTDLX--rivera-sedona-lite-55-watt-1x12-inch-acoustic-tube-combo-cream
  2. I have read about this album, and I think the solo was cut on an Epiphone Coronet. Ron Wood still uses one from time to time. My original guess was Ron wood used a Zemantis, as he had it in 1971. The original Top of the Pops Video looks totally fake. It was done on the album in 2 takes, and originally intended as a B side Track.
  3. I some piece of crap my next door neighbor gave me.
  4. I wouldn't mind owning Gibson LOO deluxe.
  5. Yes, it's a tube gone bad. If he has a extra one, he could do one at a time to see which one it is.
  6. You can play funk on anything. Even a Les Paul. Play a guitar that sound good to you and you like the feel of.
  7. Do take your time and enjoy the hunt.
  8. I know this is a very old thread. I love this one. YMMV. Right in the chorus.
  9. Not true. There some very nice stuff out there that is not inexpensive and has a urethane finish. The Gretsch Professional product line is a mix. Black Falcons are finished in urethane and the 6120's are finished in a mix of both Nitro and urethane.
  10. Me too. https://schematicheaven.net/boogieamps/boogie_22cal.pdf
  11. Not always, but my wife ordered her granddaughter a Rogue guitar against my wishes. It was bad. We sent it back. There's junk guitars and then there Rogue. You get what you pay for in this case. 252 Reviews, 157 peeps gave it 5 stars. 57 gave it 4 stars. That probably 200 people that ain't playing the guitar in the near future.
  12. You'll be happy you dug around a bit and didn't just toss it in the landfill. Tubes do get hot, as do resistors.
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