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  1. Thanks for these great suggestions! I'm currently gathering materials and planning my room treatment. R38 insulation, OC 703 ridgid fiberglass and foam panels all waiting to be installed.
  2. ggm1960

    Boss VE-500

    The big takeaway here appears to be that if you're using a Boss product with a Mac, you're on your own. I'm certain that for most people the driver install goes fine and they don't need any additional assistance. Why did I have a problem? Hard to say but I've run a lot of other music gear with this computer and drivers have previously been installed for MOTU interface units, Line 6 gear, the Roland FA-08 and perhaps some other things although I didn't have anything else attached at the time I had this problem. I would imagine there's some sort of resource conflict but who knows? Apparently no one.
  3. I had not for quite a while until my wife and I recently formed our own duo act. The last three or four bands I was in prior to that I really only had a feeling of being a hired hand. I just went through the motions; learning the songs that were selected, showing up for rehearsals and performing my best at gigs. Years before that I had a lot more input into what we were playing and I did a lot more of the singing, song selection, putting together set lists, scheduling, etc.. I even ran my own band a couple times where I essentially did everything! There are obvious advantages to both approaches. As a hired hand I didn't need to concern myself with the booking and business end which we all know can be a major PITA but at the same time I often felt like we could be doing some things better or my full potential wasn't being utilized and I was a voice in the wilderness. As a band leader one must be out dealing with bar owners, representatives or agents and dealing with the often frustrating business of lining up gigs and scheduling practices. Putting your best face forward and hoping for a little bit of success. I had to hope that my direction was the right thing but there was great satisfaction when it proved to be true. The last band I was in continues to be very popular, well paid and busy. Despite my association as really just a hired hand it kept me working hard. They are known for being on the cutting edge and are always adding new, often current hit, songs to the sets. My job (and some of my over and above work was my own fault) was playing keys and guitar but I took it to a pretty high level using a MBP, MOTU interfaces, Digital Performer & Reason. Besides having three (and later scaling down to two) keyboards to cover a lot of parts I often added sampling and sequencing. They were not real happy when I announced I needed to take a break and leave the band haha! Now perhaps I'm happier than I've been in a long time. My wife and I enjoy playing music and work on it at our leisure. Low pressure, low pay is ok for now!
  4. So I'm at work the other day in an area where I'm not typically at and a drummer that I'd been in a band with a number of years ago spotted me and came over to talk. I've always thought the guy to be a bit odd but I don't believe he's stupid. He's telling me all about this band he's been putting together, the idea as he describes it is a 70's glam themed thing. That sounds ok but it strikes me as a bit weird that you come up with the idea for what you expect your band to be before you actually go about finding some players and a vocalist that you think will match your somewhat narrow vision. There is a very active live music scene in this area, however, it's rather modest size wise by national standards and the talent pool is limited by that. It's probably similar to most other areas though in that you do your best to promote your shows and hope that you can get enough of a crowd that the venue can make some profit. This time of year everything is indoors and there aren't any particularly large places to play, if you're booking a band you take what you can get and hope for the best turnout. Anyway he goes on to describe the difficulty he'd had trying to find a vocalist (no, really? I think to myself) but now he's found someone. Silly me I go ahead and ask who it is but he holds back and says he can't really divulge that information. I'm oddly unaffected by that but I don't bother to say that even if I recognized the name it would be very difficult for me to find someone else to tell that would actually care. I go ahead and wish him the best of luck!
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