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  1. My 2017 FLHTK on the Alpine Loop just outside of Orem, UT in July 2017.
  2. Like everyone else our gigs have been cancelled. For my wife and I it's hobby "travel" money. No one is traveling now. She's a medical professional who's been able to work from home while I'm still going in because, "Early last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security defined the work we do in Mission Systems as essential to meet national security commitments to the federal government and U.S. military", so there's that. It's certainly been weird around here, cleaning crews all over, people who can are working from home. Last week there were people identified positive for COVID-19 in a manufacturing area so they, and others who may have been exposed were sent home to quarantine. Yesterday I was over at the main plant and they've shut one whole huge manufacturing area down and sent everyone there home while an outside cleaning crew is scheduled to come in there, I don't even know what lead to that. Anyway, we've been ordering take out most every night to help support local businesses that are really taking a beating while bar and restaurant dining areas are closed. There will be tough economic times ahead for everyone!
  3. If you're using Logic then you're on a Mac, I'd recommend getting the simple and freely available MIDI Monitor program to start with and be sure you're getting midi input from your external keyboard. MIDI Monitor really comes in handy!
  4. The LPK25 came free several years ago with a software purchase (some IK Multimedia stuff maybe?) however I didn't have much use for a tiny little keyboard like that until I discovered that it made a great controller for triggering events in Digital Performer (play, stop, rewind, next chunk, previous chunk & panic are my essentials for live use). I used it in my previous band where my main function was playing keys but now in the duo I have with my wife I'm playing guitar most of the time and it's occurred to me that having that same functionality in a foot switch pedal would be nice. There seems to be a variety of foot switch pedals available but not all have MIDI over USB which is essential because anything else would cause me to go backwards in time and bulk! So I'm on the lookout and would welcome any suggestions folks here might have, thanks!
  5. Bob those seem like the real deal, I've got to ask what don't you like about them?
  6. This indeed! So easy to edit and tweak. Controllers are awesome, fade in/out with 11, volume with 7, pan, change/scale velocity, quantize, "humanize", cannibalize, patch changes if necessary, sysex for changing modes on gear. Run tracks to your old keyboard/rack synth, your new sound generator, or both. Run tracks to computer plug-ins like Superior Drummer. You can control external effects, guitar processors, lighting, etc.. It's an OCD rabbit hole for musicians! Just be sure to have a start/stop foot switch in case the human screws up hahha!
  7. Indeed, sad days for gigging folks. I haven't pulled the trigger on any of this stuff yet (I was still in the assessment phase anyway) and our Saturday gig is cancelled. Even though it's just a hobby for my wife and I where we rarely play more than once a month we obviously justify new gear with our proceeds to some extent. On the bright side, the down time allows me to continue working on the backing tracks I've been making for us.
  8. I posted the back ground information knowing I'd get some possibly less than flattering comments hahha. Back when we started this thing I was looking at the available options for light weight, easy transport/setup stick PA options and the Eon One Pro was one of a few available. I mentioned it and without my knowledge my wife jumped the gun and went ahead and ordered it so then there we were. I don't hate it, the sound from it is clear and it's easy to transport and operate.
  9. I want to follow that up with some other fun and interesting thoughts about what's going on currently at home. I met my wife in late 2015 and we married mid 2016. She's an accomplished keyboard player who is an excellent sight reader. Her background mostly involves playing classical pieces from sheet music and she also served as a church organist at some point in the past. After I came into the picture we decided to do our own thing covering pop/rock music as a duo with me primarily on guitar and her on keys. This was all new territory for her in that, if you've got to learn 50/60 songs to play a full night on a standard paying gig, you can't have sheet music for all the songs! I helped her get started on creating chord charts/lead sheets to work from and she quickly learned to transition her ways although she still doesn't understand much about theory/improv. She likes to joke that I ruined music for her because, like myself, she can't listen to it anymore without analyzing the transitions and sounds. I suppose the point, in regard to this thread, is that no matter what instrument you're playing there are at least a couple different approaches you can take.
  10. That's an interesting take and certainly makes sense. Things were rather opposite for me in that early piano lessons were sight reading only but I'm certain that's likely the best way to train most single digit age minds. Theory didn't enter until later when I was picking up a lot of knowledge from guitar players I met and hung around with about scales, diatonic chords, etc.. Most guitar players I met couldn't read notation to save their life. Later when I "re-involved" myself with keys I approached it with a lot more theory and improve perspective.
  11. My journey was keyboards first starting at 5 (whether I wanted to or not) and then guitar later on. So by 18 I was pretty good with a guitar but had forgotten some about keys however I came back and have done both in bands for many years.
  12. That's a tried and true solution, apparently these spring/air/gas assist things are still rather new.
  13. That looks like a great option! The only ones that "popped up" in search for me were the On-Stage SS7764B Air-Lift Speaker Stand at $66 and the way more expensive Ultimate Support TS-100B Lift-Assist Speaker Stand at $170.
  14. I don't expect much impact from MIDI 2.0 for quite a while. I "evolved" in my own way a while back by eliminating the MOTU timepiece(s) and just connecting my newer keyboards (FA08, Krome) via drivers with USB to my MBP for live gigs. I'd have to "de-evolve" however if I wanted to go back to controlling other processors (guitar, vocal/autotune, lighting, etc.) with MIDI.
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