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  1. If it's just in a social setting I wouldn't think there would be much problem, wish him well, have a beer and bail out. I occasionally run into former band mates and it's rarely awkward or a problem, I'm still friendly with most although often times it doesn't take long to remember why you might not want to be working with them again!
  2. I'm rarely on the cutting edge and this device is definitely not going to change that!
  3. There is a lot of that going on around here also. There are so many guitar noodlers you'd think it was 1983, so many seem to act as if they're trying to be the next Jimi Hendrix or SRV. Now, I'm not opposed to noodling the guitar, I've been doing it since my teens myself, but it just wears me out to watch it endlessly and amazes me that it still seems to be a big deal among "musicians" even when it seems the general public is not all that interested in it.
  4. If it feels right follow to where it leads!
  5. So many synths, so little time! Always loved Reason and everything in there. Used SampleTank and the other IK stuff quite a bit years ago. Then the AAS Ultra Analog and Lounge Lizard are fun. The Arturia ones may be the best but I haven't spent much time with them all. Hope to get some use out of that Codex someday also. This post has reminded me to go back and see if I can still get logged into some of those websites!
  6. Although I have the guitar behaving now and I'll likely wear those strings out, it's a pretty sure bet I'll try something else next time. Another thing I found odd was that the string pins don't fit into the holes as snugly as I'm used to with other acoustic guitars, it almost seems odd that they are able to hold the strings in.
  7. I would agree, looks better than it has in years.
  8. I can speak to the Taylor T5, I bought one at Sweetwater Gearfest 2018. I got it for $2k because it was the one they'd been using in the tent and apparently didn't have others within reach. I'd actually gone to Gearfest with the intent of getting one. I'd put in notice with the band I'd been playing keyboards with for several years and was waiting for them to find my replacement while meanwhile my wife and I had been going to open mics and jams putting together our own duo show. I liked the guitar right away because it played very much like an electric (more gibson than fender) and I totally intended to do some occasionally extensive noodling while my wife held down the rhythm on keys. It does sound good with a decent range of tone but I, and others I know, aren't overly impressed with the acoustic position. I quickly became frustrated with the guitar because I was having a great deal of trouble keeping it in tune. I changed out the strings with the recommended Elixir strings but the problem persisted. I seem to have gotten past that at this point however by stretching the hell out of them and turning that guitar into my bitch. Perhaps that is the nature of those strings? For many years I've preferred the GHS Boomers on my electrics. In any case I've been using it as my main guitar for our duo gigs and although I think it's over priced for what you get, it fits nicely with the classic pop music format and approach we're taking, ie; a nice clean tone and the ability to play lead guitar parts.
  9. I guess when I say that I mean one of these solid chunks of wood that read Gibson, Fender or Rickenbacker on the headstock and don't need a battery! I was a bit frustrated with the T5 for a while, couldn't keep it tuned. I don't know if it was the guitar or the Elixir strings but it seems I finally got them stretched enough where the thing mostly cooperates now.
  10. In my duo I've been using my Roland KC100 keyboard amp that I bought second hand years ago. It's a great solution since I also have my Korg Krome plugged into it. The guitar I mainly use is a Taylor T5 although I like to use my Takamine EF341SC for a more authentic acoustic tone on some songs. While the Taylor does a fair job of electric I managed to fatten it up some with my Tech 21 Fly Rig 5. It adds a lot without adding much in terms of size, weight or complexity. I might even take a "real" electric guitar to a gig some day.
  11. Thanks for these great suggestions! I'm currently gathering materials and planning my room treatment. R38 insulation, OC 703 ridgid fiberglass and foam panels all waiting to be installed.
  12. My experience around here is that, with few exceptions, if you start a new band, you start all over in regards to getting booked. There's also what I'd call a "turnover" problem where venues (mostly bars) open,close and/or change hands somewhat frequently. I'd worked with this drummer in the past and found that he doesn't like to um.....stick to a standard beat and could go off the rails with a little, shall we say, improve occasionally. I've talked to others that have worked with him since that time and tell me they find it difficult to work with him for similar reasons.
  13. I actually needed a break from that myself, it took a while for my replacement to appear but now I'm just performing in a duo with my wife. Low stress, low pay, less equipment, less gigs; it's working for me!
  14. I almost bought one of those before I got out of the last band I was in. My main function was keyboards but I also played guitar and the sound guy was mic-ing my little '59 Gibson Skylark amp. It sounded great but I was always concerned about my little vintage amp getting damaged in transport etc.. Does that thing sound pretty good?
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