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  1. That won't work, a lot of people don't seem to understand that this virus is not airborne, you'd need to spit in one of his orifices.
  2. That sounds like a horrible experience, so sorry to hear about the losses you're experiencing. I guess I should be very grateful we're not having any problems like that here where I'm at!
  3. No the plug connection on that won't matter at all, it's probably designed prior to 3 prong plugs. I wouldn't actually recommend adding one but if you really feel you want too it would be important to either leave the round ground prong unconnected (best idea) or attach it to the ground side of the AC outlet. When you look at an AC outlet the slot on the left is ground (white wire) and live is on the right (black wire). I would connect the socket right side to the unit switch and the socket left side and ground prong together. It's very important though that the place is wired correctly, I've actually done gigs at places that were wired backward. If you're going to take that amp to gigs I'd recommend an outlet tester which are cheap and available at any hardware store. Under no circumstances would you ever want to connect any wire to the case!
  4. If you have an old amp it won't matter, for example, the old Gibson Skylark amp I have is just a two prong and it doesn't matter which way the plug goes in because it's direct to the power transformer and there is no attachment to the case at that point. If you want to install a three prong plug then it becomes very important but only because of the relationship to other equipment and the fuse box. As you look face on at the male end of the 3 prong plug with the center plug down, the ground attachment must be to the right. Looking at the wall socket the left most slot and the lower ground plug connect together back at the fuse box.
  5. Thanks Notes! I'm sure it will be a fun adventure for us, our annual M/C trip is something we both really look forward too and this is going to be a great opportunity to put some of the weirdness that has been 2020 on the back burner for a while hopefully.
  6. My wife and I pretty much expected that we'd cancel due to weather but then we were told that if it was going to rain we would be inside which was a little surprising figuring there were still supposed to be some capacity limitations and such. We kept an eye on the weather and the chances were diminishing. When we got down there we were still a bit undecided and so I said let's just setup inside but after going back outside I changed my mind again and we decided to take our chances outside. It worked out great, it was hot and humid but we had a great turnout, folks really seemed to enjoy it and we stayed dry! The last minute gig worked out great because we picked up some extra "travel" money for our vacation we're headed out on soon! Hopefully things won't be too weird on our M/C trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway and other destinations we've planned.
  7. The "last minute" gig we booked on Sunday for tonight may be off but only because of the weather, high chance of rain. That's the trouble with everything being outdoors now. We had perfect weather for our first "post covid" gig June 5th. So for the foreseeable future I'm certain that the weather will be the main factor for us. I think we've got something booked now for as late as September when the weather should still be nice but by October things get a lot more iffy and I'm not up for any cold weather outdoors. It will be interesting to see where things go at that time; will we begin playing indoors or will live music get postponed again? Hard to say at this point.
  8. It's easy to understand why people fear catching a virus, any cold/flu/virus for that matter. Musicians especially hate it because it makes it difficult to sing and perform, can't count the number of times I've had to deal with that but's it's nearly always been in the winter when the air is especially dry and temps are frigid. It was way worse for me back when I was still a smoker. I haven't gone out of my way to avoid the 'rona and, in fact, some of the stuff I've been doing would probably be considered pretty shocking to folks who've embraced the new "prescribed" social norms but I wouldn't be going to that show anyway. It's a bit far away, I'm not really into a multi-day festival type thing but mostly I'll be off on our yearly motorcycle vacation where I hope I'll be able to enjoy life without to much weirdness going on.
  9. They appear to be ready to try in Wisconsin next month. Will this be a successful start for returning to live gigs, a disaster where everyone will die, or something in between? After all, massive amounts of people protesting, rioting, looting, vandalizing/destroying personal/public property, injuring/killing others and taking over city blocks appears to be no real problem or concern for government officials. "A promoter in Wisconsin announced the Herd Immunity Fest, a three-day outdoor event featuring 15 bands to take place in July with a live crowd. It's he first large-scale event of its kind since the coronavirus lockdown began." Herd Immunity Fest
  10. Sorry to learn about that, I imagine you were looking forward to it. We spent the weekend with friends at their house on the Lake of the Ozarks for some fun and relaxation. On the way home yesterday my wife picked up a new gig for this Friday at a place in town where we frequent and have played before. They have a nice outdoor setup going now and that's where we'll be but, of course, it depends on the weather. I was hoping to get more work done on our backing tracks before our next gig which had been scheduled for late July but this will give me a chance to try out a couple small changes I made to our setup.
  11. I don't know but I suspect trying to set up an on-line tip thing would be more trouble than it would be worth. I like the real time, in the moment tip jar method also.
  12. So the good news is that my wife's covid test came back negative and, given that, it's safe to assume I don't have it either. Perhaps those that were afraid I was running around killing people on a mass scale can rest a little easier now since if there was ever anyone who bent over backwards to do it all absolutely wrong, it was me!
  13. If covid is a concern for you I wouldn't rely on the small population aspect, we live in a very international world and no doubt the people there come from larger population centers. For example the immediate area where I live is probably around 200k, not tiny but not huge and there is a national/regional airport here where 100's if not 1000's of people fly (or were flying) in and out everyday. My wife and I flew out to Charleston, SC (via Atlanta) for a few days at New Years where we both caught seemingly unusual cold/flu that we now believe may have been covid. I've talked to a number of other people who also feel they may have had it as far back as January also. It seems reasonable given that it's apparently highly contagious and was free to traverse the world in short order. Neither of us has had anything resembling a cold/flu since that time and we'd also traveled to Cancun Mexico in late February. She works for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as a psychiatrist specializing in geriatric patients and volunteered for testing yesterday so as to help add to the data pool. It will take a couple more days for the results but this test will only determine if she currently has it.
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