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That song that made you want to play?


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  • That song that made you want to play?

    Can you play it?

    Like most I had a couple. Main one is probably Becks Bolero.

    8 years and ..........No I cant! 

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    Yes. I Want To Hold Your Hand.

    I was 9 years old when WLS, a radio station in Chicago, was doing a 10 year anniversary of the British Invasion. The first time I heard 'I Want to Hold Your Hand', I was hooked. I played it on a tennis racket. Later on, I put some rubberbands on a box and I played it again. 

    Damn, I'm old.

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    • gardo
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      Believe it or not I never tried to learn it.

      It was the sound I was after. 

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    The Classical was for school because I fancied the music teacher

    The Electric was probably Black Sabbath Paranoid on the college juke box when I decided to go beyond air guitar and really make a noise.

    But the acoustic was specific:-

    This, I bought my first acoustic because I wanted to do this,   Its still Ackerman 1 - Chordite 0  

    PS that was in the early 1980s before the internet NOW I have seen the tab and  know he uses his own tuning and a capo !

    And having just done the first couple of bars I think I can get it down in a weekend




    • billybilly
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      Led Zepplin III, whole album.

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    More than anything else, the live version of Rush's 2112 from All The World's A Stage.

    Yes, I can play it.  Poorly.

    I'm Brian of Nazareth


    • Bucksstudent
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      Not a difficult song to play, really.

    • T ned
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      White Room.  

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    Queen.  It's Late.

    I can play it, but I don't play solos straight (except for Ten Years Gone) ...


    • phaeton
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      Anthrax Among The Living.  I specificially remember the time when I said "I'm going to learn to play the guitar so I can figure out what that CHUN-CHUN-CHUN-CHUN skipping sound is."


      To this day, I don't know that I've ever tried to figure that song out.  Once I got a guitar and learned some chords and pentatonics I dove into my Sabbath collection and kinda forgot about Anthrax.

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    Hotel California and yes I can play it,  years ago I was in a cover band and needed to learn it.  Went through small sections over and over until I got it right.   Very much glad I did!  Now I just love to jam to it and take liberties.  I used to jam it on a play guitar I made out of Legos when I was 10-12 years old.   

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    • onelife
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      The guitar solo in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from the Beatles (White Album) sent shivers up my spine.

      For years I thought George Harrison played it since he was the lead guitarist in the band and wrote the song. I became a big Harrison fan, which is not a bad thing, only to discover in a Guitar Player interview years later that it was Eric Clapton.

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    I'd been swept in by the whole British invasion, but the song that wanted me to learn to play guitar was "Lies" by the Knickerbockers. The Beatles and the Byrds made me love music, but that one song made me want to understand how electric guitars worked.



    • onelife
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      wankdeplank wrote:

      (always assumed it was the Beatles) 

       I think that was deliberate.

    • phaeton
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      wankdeplank wrote:

      What a totally bichen tune (always assumed it was the Beatles).  Just looked up the tab.  I'm telling you I'm the guy to bring back Go Go Girls (does it matter if they're over 40?)

      For myself, I don't think there was any one tune that made me want to play.  This song is my first recollection of being in love with Rock n Roll however:


      Hah!  I did the exact same thing as you:  "Wait... wasn't that the Beatles?"  goes to youtube "Well, I'll be damned...." 

      I agree that yes it is a badass tune.  The Grass Roots tune you posted is great too.

    • badpenguin
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      Be Bop Deluxe, "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape" live.


      Nooo. I can't play it.


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    No, I can't play it! I would give my left bollock to play like George Benson, even for just one night.

    Originally Posted by Ratae Coritanorum

    You are one dumb cünt and you seriously need to ****************ing shut up, go away and reconsider your existence

    Originally Posted by niceguy

    No matter the guitar, a G chord is a G chord. One guitar cannot play notes that another cannot play. They all play the same damn notes.

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    • Professor Tom
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      Peter Gunn-Duane Eddy.

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    It wasn't really a song that inspired me to pick up an play, but before I learned to play, I would air guitar to The Who a lot. So sure, I can play a lot of Who stuff.
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      I'll admit it!

      KISS ( in the 70's)



      No real single song. I loved (still do) a lot of the 70's era KISS.

      Strutter, Black Diamond, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun. Etc...

      Made me want to learn an instrument. First I tried drums. Failed. Then guitar. Didn't stick to it. Then tried guitar again in my teens. Been playing ever since. When I tried guitar that second time, by then, I was into VH, Zeppelin, Floyd, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio era Sabbath, so on. Then got into the Shredders like Yngwie, Tony MacApline, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker. Then on to newer hard rock Prog and Prog Metal. Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Explorers Club, Shadow Gallery, Enchant.

      Never really was in a full cover band. Always seemed to get into all originals bands. So, I'm influenced by a lot of players. But, never really sat down to learn songs all the way through.

      These days, I listen to a lot of different stuff, new and old.

      Got  a couple Hal Leonard "Gold Mine series" books to start studying again. And refreshing myself on my scales and theory books again as well.  And maybe I'll sit down someday and try to learn some songs all the way through.

      Maybe I'll start with a KISS song.


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        Probably the whole 2112 album by RUSH, but my older brother was really my inspiration from the beginning.


        • DeepEnd
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          Roy Clark's version of "Somewhere My Love" and no, I can't play it.

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        The Beatles and the British invasion got me into guitar ( although I started out with Walk Don't Run and Wipeout etc.) but when I heard Crossroads by Cream I started getting serious. I can play the first solo, the second one depends on whether i've kept my chops up or was a bit dormant. Most of the second solo is up around the 17th fret. Clapton had remarkable intonation and control.


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          1:19, 2:16, 35

          So many guitars, so little time


          • David Pavlich
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            After the Beatles' Ed Sullivan appearances.  I was hooked.  I remember learning to play Wipe Out, Pipeline and Walk, Don't Run!  Fun days.


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          Watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show made me want to play guitar.

          I don't know how to play either of those two songs but I'm pretty confident I could sit down and learn them both with little difficulty.

          "Born to Play" MP3 album at iTunes & Amazon.


          • Dr. Scottie C
            Dr. Scottie C commented
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            Whitesnake, Still of the Night.

            Yep.... note for note..... 27 years later

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          Can't name a song that made me want to play as I started so early but I can name an acoustic piece I dreamed of being able to play and eventually achieved it. Alex de Grassi's Causaway felt at one time unachievable and I did learn it and recorded it in a studio for a cover album I did in the 90's.



          On electric, I think "Lazy" from Deep Purple is one I was proud I could finally play.

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