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  1. I look in once in a blue moon. Just to see if they've managed to kill it completely yet. Did we ever decide if wood type affected tone in electrics? Is WKRG? still talking crap?
  2. Hi all. Ive just been talking to one of the old gang on a photography forum, Ancient_mariner. We just met up by accident and got to chatting. We wondered if any one knew why Ratae wasnt posting. We just hope hes OK. (As we do all of you. )
  3. In my view the best mod you can do in 15 mins is fit a set of Thomastik strings.
  4. I love a Pacifica. Just wish it had a slightly wider 'board at the nut.
  5. Ive had a couple of prestige and a couple of Indonesian made ones. While the difference is chalk & cheese ive never plated an Ibby that was not exceptional for the $$$£££.
  6. ^^^^^^ Ive read all of this and it's mainly drivel. Wrong on so many levels. The diversification and acquisition is what caused the damage. Its not a cottage industry with a few long haired old luthiers whitling guitars from magic wood.
  7. Anybody daft enough to buy Philips AV deserves all they get.
  8. Marks forum and the wrx forum both have a " new content" option. It shows the most recent posts across all forums, excluding the the ones you've viewed. Wrx has a "my content" option which lists each thread youve contributed to, with some in bold, meaning they have been contributed to since you last visited.
  9. I think it has long needed a non forum specific "new content page".
  10. You might not want to use a looper, I do. This sits on a table next to my sofa. For that its much more convenient than a laptop. Thanks anyway.
  11. Using the loop function on the boss br800, you record your first loop on , say, track 1. This then plays and repeats around 200 times. This sounds a lot but by the time you have added a few more tracks the first one finishes its 200 repeats and you lose that track. Any easy way to prevent this, am I missing something daft? Cheers.
  12. I agree about the platform, they just took the traffic and loyalty for granted. The key for me though was the diversity of conversations in hceg. We had one community but covered a wide variety. They dont want that. If its not electric guitar its gone. If its not pc its gone. If you challenge anybody, your gone. Everything strictly pigeon holed. A few exceptions, if your face fits, and if you dont like it piss off. Well people didn't like it, and they did. Did you ever see a programme called the Brittas empire? It was about a guy running a leisure centre. He was so hot and picky on the rules that the place ran perfectly. Its customer count was zero but he missed the point. So do these guys.
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