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  1. Wow! Total bummer, Billy. Hope everything works out. Just make sure you get full replacement value. New 2016 Studio is $1499.
  2. Can't have a LP Tops thread without a Gold Top.
  3. I tried a few ESP/LTD ST-213 guitars when searching for a inexpensive strat. The Squier Classic vibe won. Hands down. Much better fit and finish. Much better sounding pickups. CV did not.
  4. I use jazz III Dunlop max grip. Same concept as Snarling Dog Brain picks.
  5. I like the Dunlop Jazz III Max Grip picks. To me the red are a little brighter and the black a little more mellow. Love the max-grip. Pick does not slide around.
  6. Well, I picked up a H&K Grandmeister not too long ago. Very cool amp. 4xEL84's and 3x12AX7's Tube amp with built in digital effects. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo. Built in noise gate. Built in Redbox for direct recording. Built in attenuater to drop it from 36w to 1w. 4 Channels. Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra. 128 midi presets to save and recall your settings. It like having my old Rack System (Rocktron Piranha, Intellifex, Peavey 50/50) in this compact little head. And you can control the settings from your Ipad if you want. there's also a third party software for Android and Windows now. Now, you'll also notice the Carvin amps. X100b iv and V3. The V3 is midi. I can use my L6 HD500 or my Pod XTL for effects and midi control of the V3. For the X100b, which is not midi, I bought a Voodoo Lab control switcher. This allows me to to control, via midi, the 2 channels, reverb, loop, and boost of the X100b with either the HD500 or XTL. Again using the L6 for effects and midi. allowing me to assign which ever head I'm using to the presets of which ever L6 unit I'm using. In this pic I'm using the X100b, XTL and Voodoo Lab. The VL is the little unit with the 4 lights lit up on top of the X100b.
  7. I know I can with the Grandmeister. I'm guessing you can with the Tubemeister 18. The new Tubemeister 20 Deluxe you can for sure. That has a complete Redbox in it where you can choose cab size and mic/line options, etc. 20 Deluxe's new circuit design is suppposed to sound even better than the 18.
  8. Something a little different. But still EL84 based. H&K Tubemeister. I actually have the Grandmeister. awesome amp. Very nice and clear clean channel. Great dirt channels. It can do everything from 60's Stones to 80's Metallica. The Grandmeister may be overkill for what you're looking for. So, the Tubemeister series might be closer to what you are after.
  9. That is SWEET!!!! Congrats, Shamati. More pics please.
  10. Tried the Fat Pat (neck) and Crunchy Pat (bridge) and their LP up grade kit in one of my Diodati (LP style) guitars. Hated it all. As someone else mentioned "Megaphone". Sounded like AC/DC on a AM radio station. Yanked it all out. Put in Kiesel Lithiums with a Toneman 50's wiring harness (Bourns pots and PIO caps) instead. Huge improvement. I do have a Squier Classic Vibe 50's Strat. Love those OEM Tonerider pickups. Haven't tried the Tonerider HBs. Curious to hear if their as good.
  11. Very Nice!! Welcome to the Gold Top Club.
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