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  1. Cuz we all know if you are a small guy with small hands...... you have NO chance of being a world class guitarist.
  2. Freeman--- Is that an actual Gibson? Something looks off about the cutaway horn.
  3. At least he is smart enough to hire different "talent" to appear in his new videos:
  4. No.....go with your gut on American Pie..... it sucks. Hard. Like Starship "Nothing is gonna stop us now/We built this city" level of suck.
  5. [video=youtube;kqlR4IEl_04] [video=youtube;byQIPdHMpjc]
  6. I don't know man..... while this is of moderate suckage, which Foreigner song is not of epic suckage??
  7. I'm definetly out on the creaming her cheese part (I don't have a vag anyway).....and whats with the obvious botched plastic surgery??
  8. Agree with the slurping sound known as REM.....How they got a "contract" is beyond me.
  9. So many.... Rod Stewart- Do ya think I'm sexy Billy Ocean- Get outta my dreams, get into my car (sex offenders theme song) Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry be happy Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby Creed- With ARms Wide Open Billy Ray Cyrus- Achy Breaky Heart And yes.....that Starship song does eat a bag of STD infested dixx.
  10. 1985 to 1989 Series 10 or Bentley alder body..... bank on it.
  11. Wine Red Mexican strat (you know, those junk ones...) .....What's neat = same notes as Hendrix, but plays nothing like Hendrix whatsoever....
  12. Am I on Harmony Central, or the Oprah Winfrey forum? C'mon.... some cute girls holding a guitar won't hurt anything. Truth: Even some women like to see other cute women.... my wife will point out to me how sexy another woman is..... it's all about common sense.... obviously a woman in a 2 piece bathing suit holding a Les Paul and a woman doing a room full a guys in every orifice of her body 2 & 3 at a time in a gonzo porn are not one in the same....and should be treated differently.
  13. All the crybabies whining about the placement of the volume knob or the pickup selector switch on a strat.... are you people playing these guitars or f**king them? Everything about the strat....from the contours, location of selector switch & volume, to the non-tilt back headstock.... all superior in every way to anything that ever said "Gibson" on it.
  14. I can't get into anything BUT stratocasters..... every other guitar is just background characters to me....always been that way in my world. Tried & owned too many to count....150-175 modestly.... always come back to the strat.
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