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  1. As someone who now has tinnitus for several years and a huge dip above 2 khz I look back regretting my belief that it wouldn't happen to me. It did. Now the rest of my life will sound like the morning after a loud gig with a constant ringing and cutlery sounding like it's made of wood Take Phil's advice
  2. Thinking back to the old days when Branson took a risk on Mike Oldfield and boy, how that paid dividends. There is so much interesting stuff out there that doesn't get airtime but gets my attention. Here's one I found yesterday and bought the album on the strength of it, "Pictures" by Trwbador, a welsh duo. http://youtu.be/7LNg49ypbg0
  3. Looks interesting albeit specialist. I'm sure as well being interesting to guitarists it will also have a place as a 'case study' in business schools.
  4. Here we have what is in my opinion one of the most perfectly delivered love songs. Minimal orchestration, it's like she is with you. Then at 2:17 it starts, the god awful saxophone arrives totally trashing everything like a cheap movie. Not just a riff but half the freaking record! I don't know who produced this but it is a bloody travesty, it ruins the song like cheap elevator music. [video=youtube_share;Tf1d65OHYXo]
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