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  1. Ah ok, I see what you mean. I wasn't being defensive. :-)
  2. Oh, and regarding fretboard wear, I think it was just gunk. Here's after a damp rag and some elbow grease:
  3. Only the one is centered on the fretboard. The rest of them are off-center. I don't know if it has been refretted, and I'm willing to bet that if I call Guitar Center they won't know either. The fret ends aren't bad. They're not pokey, and assuming that the binding would be screwed up if it got re-fretted, I think they're original. The guitar played nicely when the strings were on it. I can feel the unevenness of the cracks with the strings off, but I didn't feel it when it was strung (these are extra jumbo frets) What other telltale signs am I looking for? The guitar has a thick finish all over and it's otherwise in excellent condition.
  4. Hey everyone. I just bought a used guitar via GC, and had it shipped in from out of state. It showed up yesterday, and since it was cold throughout its entire journey I left it in the shipping box in my living room for 24 hours to acclimate. Better safe than sorry. Anyways, so far I really dig it, but on first blush I noticed that the (ebony) fretboard looked really dry. So I pulled the strings off and got ready to clean it up and hit it with some mineral oil. However, I noticed it has some pretty obvious cracks in the surface (see pics). This is the first time I've seen this in person. Are cracks in ebony fretboards just a cosmetic issue, or is this neck now ruined? Should I return the guitar, or should I just oil it, string it up and keep on rockin'?
  5. Nope. This would be in So. Oregon, with the legend of him leaving for L.A. the day after graduation. I don't exactly believe this rumor, for the record.
  6. Supposedly he went to my high school, graduating some time before I was a freshman. Maybe he's just got one of those faces, and some day old ladies will claim they saw him at Denny's.
  7. It just goes round and round....
  8. What are you thinking about?
  9. Elvis records are still considered oldies, too.
  10. Here, I thought that you could just spin up organs, light tubes, tune guitars and manipulate forum posts with your mind...
  11. Maybe not incredibly famous, but one of my most favourite guitarists ever.
  12. I asked a dumb rambly question but figured it out. Thanks anyways! (mod can delete)
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