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  1. Looks interesting albeit specialist. I'm sure as well being interesting to guitarists it will also have a place as a 'case study' in business schools.
  2. As someone who now has tinnitus for several years and a huge dip above 2 khz I look back regretting my belief that it wouldn't happen to me. It did. Now the rest of my life will sound like the morning after a loud gig with a constant ringing and cutlery sounding like it's made of wood Take Phil's advice
  3. Thinking back to the old days when Branson took a risk on Mike Oldfield and boy, how that paid dividends. There is so much interesting stuff out there that doesn't get airtime but gets my attention. Here's one I found yesterday and bought the album on the strength of it, "Pictures" by Trwbador, a welsh duo. http://youtu.be/7LNg49ypbg0
  4. Just to say I am enjoying using the capo up around the 6th/7th fret. That seems to be the point at which the sound goes beyond a mere pitch change and the guitar begins to feel like a different instrument. I am using a Shubb capo which I am very pleased with.
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