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  1. To lose Eddie and my mother on the same day? Loved them both even though her tapping wasn't so hot she made the better pancakes. Bless them both.
  2. Jackson Dinky I thought, as you do, that it would change the way I played. But instead I just felt 50 years too old for it.
  3. Sitting at the Yamaha listening to Philip Aaberg and wondering how it is possible to play in such a way that you might hypnotise yourself and never come back. (This is not embeddable so you will have to click it) https://youtu.be/KLQz08L8Z0A
  4. Came across this. Someone once said something like "A work of art need only be interesting." And to me this is. Particularly the second song "Sonali" Is it Neil Diamond? Assuredly not, but different, yep. .https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49562567
  5. Somwhere we went from recording the instruments and assembling a song to assembling the instruments to record a song. The musicians went from providing a performance to providing a texture. We've all heard it: "We need some (name an instrument) here." The result is a lack of expression and the more tracks you add and tweak the more clarity suffers. I think ears seek that clarity and the more auditory information you layer on the tougher their job gets. Listen to Miles Davis There's the drums, there's the bass over there a bit to the right and the piano to the left and in comes the horn, central. Each in his space. Try that with a Madonna track . When you had 8 tracks or even 4 each track was a full component. Give a producer 64 tracks the likelihood of leaving 56 unused is almost zero, that's human nature. Just my 2cents
  6. Thinking back to the old days when Branson took a risk on Mike Oldfield and boy, how that paid dividends. There is so much interesting stuff out there that doesn't get airtime but gets my attention. Here's one I found yesterday and bought the album on the strength of it, "Pictures" by Trwbador, a welsh duo. http://youtu.be/7LNg49ypbg0
  7. Looks interesting albeit specialist. I'm sure as well being interesting to guitarists it will also have a place as a 'case study' in business schools.
  8. As someone who now has tinnitus for several years and a huge dip above 2 khz I look back regretting my belief that it wouldn't happen to me. It did. Now the rest of my life will sound like the morning after a loud gig with a constant ringing and cutlery sounding like it's made of wood Take Phil's advice
  9. The literature: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer-in-men/about/key-statistics.html
  10. The female to male case ratio is 100 to 1 so you can pretty much take that to the bookies.
  11. It seems pretty much agreed that she was bisexual but never got seriously involved with a man. She died from breast cancer so that should allay your "concerns." If you like the horns they are in my offcut bin
  12. Yes, daddymack, the song is over at 2:17. Just gentle outro and fade there and you have something perfect. Anything else is hitching a trailer to a Rolls Royce.
  13. Every stock Tele I have played the neck is way weaker than the the bridge. It was, I believe, designed that way by Leo for a "split role" reason. Whether you still have a Tele when you throw away that chemistry is open to debate.
  14. Here we have what is in my opinion one of the most perfectly delivered love songs. Minimal orchestration, it's like she is with you. Then at 2:17 it starts, the god awful saxophone arrives totally trashing everything like a cheap movie. Not just a riff but half the freaking record! I don't know who produced this but it is a bloody travesty, it ruins the song like cheap elevator music. [video=youtube_share;Tf1d65OHYXo]
  15. 69 I was finishing college, no special interest in music beyond songs as punctuation markers to place lovers and parties. And suddenly they happened: In the Court of the Crimson King Abbey Road, Let it Bleed, Tulls Stand Up If 1969 pulled me into the bedroom 1970s Trespass from Genesis was the seduction. 1969 was absolutely pivotal The jiving stopped, the world turned and Buddy Holly didn't matter any more
  16. I wanted to do a piece for a film using Widor's Toccata and discovered it was still in copyright due to a quirk of French copyright law and can't be used without paying the heirs. (death+70 years+all the years France was at war ). For someone born in 1844 (35 years before the cowboy era!) this is bonkers.
  17. In my case 15 years back it was my 1960s Hagstrom (to pay the mortgage) I should have sold the Les Paul instead because it would have been totally replaceable when better times returned, The Hagstrom not so much.Lesson learned keep the rarest not the most expensive Similar to the one being very ably demonstrated here (after a suspect start) [video=youtube_share;YbkpJGqkRko] What was yours? (the financially fortunate with large houses who 'keep everything' need not reply )
  18. Still buy cds because I want a hard copy to play to visitors, You can just load a cd and have full social control but if you open the internet everyone is like " Ooh look up this, look up that." and it takes over. PS I also buy cds to repeat tracks studying production. Just bought a New Musik double album Anywhere and From A to B to that end Not sure if they got to the US but this was one of their early 1980s UK (and Japan) hits. There's a lot going on with their tracks because Tony Mansfield was more of a studio guy than stage. [video=youtube_share;209abn8YPNk]
  19. It's brilliant. And the great thing is that we can all build our own version of it. If you don't have space you can build each element stand alone and sample it. Then can take the MP3 into a derelict house at night and see if you are as tough as you think you are
  20. On the pulse as always Rick Beato weighs in. An incisive analysis from a true pro. [video=youtube_share;W4MuhPqfIk4]
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-49161916 This decision is just shameful. The songs (both in the article) are nothing like each other. WTH were the supposed jury thinking! Nowadays it seems there doesn't need to be any actual resemblance the accusation is enough to prove guilt. America, get your lawyers under control or lose thousands of potential songwriters who decide it simply isn't worth the risk in the litigious environment where they could lose everything to twelve moonbats with no ears.
  22. When I said tension my G string I meant...
  23. It was so gratifying when it hurt the little twerp. Call me sadistic
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