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Does anyone here NOT like Van Halen?


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  • Does anyone here NOT like Van Halen?

    I updated my iPhone today and removed all Van Halen tracks from it.
    I think I have to say that I am just not a fan. Never really have been.
    I think the songs kill it for me. Like very few of them.

    There's no denying Eddies influence on guitar playing, but even so, I still feel a bit 'meh' about it all.

    Don't really care that much for it.

    Anyone else not an avid VH fan?

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    when I was a kid (pre-Hagar), I liked them a lot. As I've gotten older, fallen out of favor with me. Will turn the station if I hear them on the radio. They don't offend me, but just not into it anymore.
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        My mom got me two albums for Christmas when I was a kid. Diver Down and Led Zeppelin IV. I don't care much for VH these days, but I'm still a fan of LZ. Led Zeppelin just seemed to speak to me musically.

        Eventually I went on to purchase 1984 and their first self titled album. But after 1984 I lost interest. When Sammy joined up I thought their songs matured and were more enjoyable. But, these days, I don't really actively try to listen to them.


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          Not anymore

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            I don't like Dave's squeals in the songs and I didn't like the later stuff with Dave & lots of keyboards. The Van Hagar era does nothing for me. So, no, I'm not a big VH fan.

            I have tons of respect for Eddie as a guitarist, both leads and rhythm.
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              Great songs, but even with that i just could not get into them. The tread that fine line of of hard rock/pop music with some 80's glam way to close for me. There songs just seem to sound like they are geared for 14yr olds. Eddie was ok though, but Michael Anthony was the true monster in the band If you can find any of his bass tracks give them a listen
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                I understand that music tastes are different for everyone, you dont dig em you dont dig em lol, **************** happens and it sounds like you at least respect him the band and body of work

                That said the CD they put out 2 months ago is their best "work" in a longtime and eats up most of the Hagar era VH (which wasnt bad but ok imo) this recent CD just surprised me and kicks all kinds of ass imo. I was expecting a 5-6 or so (scale 1-10) and they gave me a solid 8 maybe a 9, its a KICKASS CD!

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                  dlr era i am very much a fan. everything else no.
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                    Nope, sorry, huge fanboi here! Can't wait to see them Monday night!
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                      Never liked them, not even in high school when the first two albums were just out.  It was the vocals and lyrics.  Lyrics like written by a 14-year-old party with some partying and women fantasy.  Over the top vocals with no taste whatsoever.  And then it was Sammy Hagar and it just got worse. ; )

                      I like to listen to Eddie's guitar though.  If I could easily take the vocals, bass and drums out and just listen to his techniques, I'd do it.


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                    Being a punk... I love when other punks talk **************** about EVH, so I can bust their balls... about how Eddie's playing was non-conformist, his guitar and gear ethos were DIY and lead to revolutionizing the industry, and knew how to make a Marshall go ballistic...

                    Other than that... Van Halen as a band, mostly suck...
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                      The new album is such a disappointment and i'm sick of the classic stuff. i moved on years ago anyway.


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                        I really enjoy most of the Roth era stuff (except Diver Down). However, I don't really listen to it very often at all.
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                          Not really, no. Telephant beat me over the head with the latest album, so I feigned positivity so I didn't end up being sodomized the entire night by EVH and DLR, aka DPVH. But no, not really a fan.
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                            never have, at all