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  1. I don't trust any of those energy enhancer products. Never take 5 hour energy, Mio, Red bull, etc....
  2. {censored}, Charlie & Dave both seem to do a pretty fair job of drumming.. ?? but Lars?? {censored}, who cares if he can drum or not, hes a penis-breath d-bag. Why do so many here think Lars is a douche? Is it all because of the Napster thing? I personally have never heard of him doing or saying anything that would make people dislike him.
  3. Both. I haven't heard a lot of Metallica shows like you have, it's just that whenever I hear him on record or live he has that certain feel to his drumming. When I hear people bitch about him and then I go to listen, I can see why they might criticize. That doesn't mean that those Metallica songs aren't classics, or that his playing took away from them. Sometimes it's that character that makes something distinctive and special. That's what I have always thought about Lars. He is far from being a great drummer but has a character about his playing that works with Metallica. Metallica have used a few different/better drummers live when Lars was sick and while those drummers were way better technically and timing wise it just didn't sound like Metallica. IMO they didn't sound as good without Lars.
  4. I don't hate them but I prefer my Les Pauls on the heavier side and the chambered models just don't feel right to me. They are usually way to light so I prefer the solid or swiss cheese models. I would own a chambered LP but have yet to find one that I gel with.
  5. As long as the beer isn't really old it probably won't taste any different than the others. I'd drink that sucker.
  6. Very nice guitar but the price is kind of high for used.
  7. I don't like any oils on my guitars. I usually clean them with a dry cloth. As long as you clean your guitar regularly, it should be enough. My motto is: if you need anything other than a dry cloth to clean your guitar, you're not cleaning it as often as you should. Regular maintenance is the key. The fretboard will get dry over time if you don't put something on it occasionally.
  8. Another guitar player friend of mine swears by it but I don't trust him.
  9. hahaha....that would be a mighty red half stack! I wish I could ship it, but I have nothing large enough to put it in and certainly don't want to half-ass packing it. Just go to one of your local guitar stores and politely ask them if they have or will save you a 4x12 cab box. I've did it several times with guitars and they don't seem to mind. They just throw them out anyway.
  10. What are you asking? Listing the price always helps.
  11. Washburn does have some decent guitars but the ones I have played didn't have anything on Gibson. It's funny how he starts out saying they are the biggest Washburn Custom dealer and then goes on to talk about how much better they are than Gibson. Let me get this, he is a Washburn dealer so of course he's going to hype them. I doubt he would have a video saying, "Hey we sell Washburn guitars and they really suck." Washburn, They are great for midgets.
  12. I'd love to have it but the price is too steep for me at the moment. Guess I'll stick with my Mark IV. I love it anyway. Have you had a chance to A/B your Mark IIC+ and Mark IV?
  13. Originally posted by Terrorizer Beautifull jlb32..... I want an Esp eXplorer so bad I can taste it..... ;) ;) Thanks Terrorizer. The ESP explorers are awesome guitars. If you have the money and can get one I highly recommend them.
  14. Here's a few pics of my ESP MX-250.
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