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  1. EMPRESS SUPERDELAY This is basically the creme de la creme of delay pedals. Only about a month old. It's just too feature packed for my liking. It sounds fantastic but it's a bit more delay pedal than I actually need. It's basically brand new. Flawless condition. Pristine. It's the white standard Superdelay. Not the VM. Comes with everything it did when it left the factory. Lovely pedal, but just overkill for my needs. Did I mention it's brand new? I'd like to get
  2. Diezel Herbert Mk. 1, in mint cond. Updating my recording rig so this needs to go. 2200 euros shipped in the EU. Man, of I didn't have my damn car to pay for, I'd be all over that...
  3. Because its not good enough for you does not mean its wrong, it might mean the opposite. But please stop telling every one they are wrong it's a real shitty attitude and it pisses people off. If you like I will mention every time you are wrong, I have done it a couple of times and you got pissed, I would of left it but you always shit on people here. Just be a little nicer once in a while. It's not hard. And owning a jet city amp I can see why a slight port might help, it's to do with the way the sound bounces around the cab. And in some places on the cab some frequencies will seem more magnified. Play nice. Lol. Did you miss the part where I said "For my uses". I can only judge gear in the situations I play in. 20w isn't enough for me. It might be for others. It's not for me. How is that being a dick?
  4. For my uses, they don't have enough power. Not by a long shot. Why that's so difficult to fathom, I don't know. Anyway, I can't see a logical reason why having a section of cab cut away on the front will make it sound better... All my instinct says it will not improve it. Quite the opposite...
  5. Congrats. You've made the cabinet look a little silly. Possibly sound worse too. Difficult to judge that part. Anyway, aesthetically, I'm not a fan. The head is ok I guess. Doesn't it usually have the blue front??
  6. Yeah I was just asking if you had a cab available too! I'm interested! Ok sorry, bro! Didn't realise. I don't I'm afraid. I only have one cab But yeah, the JTM is totally available.
  7. Looking for fulltone OCD, tubescreamer, eventide timefactor, t-Rex room mate, POG, two rock studio pro 35 head or combo. I have a Room Mate for sale. In fact, it's in this thread, dude!
  8. Got a cab to go with that Nerine? You guys saying its priced high? Or are you selling a cab? FTR: JTMs are pretty difficult to find under
  9. christ. if you're looking for bass gear give me a ring I'm not sure I follow??
  10. Looking for a guitar amp, try me - just no metally things.
  11. Selling due to little use. Sounds great too, I just have no requirement for it, and would like something a little smaller. The pedal is a little dusty in the pic. I have just given it a clean up. Good condition. Unfortunately, no box as I bought it from a shop's T-Rex Demonstration unit.
  12. I don't use this pedal any more, so I thought I might as well sell it on. Great condition. Unfortunately I don't have the box for this one, as when I bought it from the shop it came from the T-Rex demonstration unit. It has Velcro on the bottom.
  13. Selling due to little use and I'm having a bit of a rig switch around. Comes with everything it did when new. Perfect condition. Has velcro on the bottom.
  14. Selling due to little use. Has Velcro on the bottom. Very nice condition. Battery compartment lid not currently attached so it will sit on a pedalboard nicely. Obviously included as shown. Comes with box and all paperwork bits and bobs that it did when I bought it.
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