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  1. thinking about getting an AC4TV for the house. pros cons
  2. 15w is way too loud for busking. edit: was thinking tube. sorry, carry on. that should be fine. didnt even know hiwatt made those
  3. i always wondered about the powerblock myself. never ended up needing poweramp though
  4. holy shit RIP sherm http://www.mercurynews.com/tv/ci_21152614/sherman-hemsley-tvs-jeffersons-dies i didnt know he lived in el paso
  5. serious health consequences beyond those of consuming PCP."
  6. Might be into the wah guts come Thursday. Ill let you know
  7. not listed, but i got a vexter series fuzz factory i'm interested in parlaying for a muff-style fuzz
  8. for those google sketchup types, i have added all the pedals i own
  9. i rmeember when i was a kid, with only a DS-1 to speak of, reading guitr world and seeing an ehx add. it was set in space and had all these crazy boxes with knobs all over them. been in love EVER SINCE.
  10. i love em. they get {censored} done, nicely, without chargin $300 for handpainting.
  11. eh, doubtful. some kid is probably happy not knowing the difference. jsut hope he/she keeps it for life i guess
  12. gravediggin: what the fuck IS the current draw of an FM4? inquiring minds are failing on the google front
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