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    Vox VT15

    I've been playing 10 years and have to say it's been with me the majority of that time...if it were stolen I don't know if I would get another, I'd probably splurge and buy an Orange Rockerverb +412 ($3000) -- but in all reality it's a great setup for most rock/hard rock/blues/country musicians. Without a doubt the tone is there -- the dirty could be better, but like I said I might just need better preamp tubes for it and it might need servicing too considering it's never been. When I was first shopping back in 96-97 I really didn't know much about amps other than this one was big, could be made into a stack, and had a cool tweed covering. I actually played it against a 5150 combo then and bought it for those amatuerish reasons -- however, having played a 5150 again recently I have to say I made the right choice even though I didn't know it then...lol These are'nt made anymore but can be picked up really cheap on ebay and I have to say that it's a great buy considering a Marshall offers the same thing for $2000-2500 with the JCM 2000 series. Worth checking out!
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