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  1. The reason I don't care for modelers is exactly because they sound mic'd, I want the source.
  2. I bought some Mullard reissues from viva tubes and none of them are microphonic and they're in a high gain amp.
  3. Do you guys think Jimi would still be a rocker or would he have went into jazz or traditional blues?
  4. I had the Ampeg v1001 or whatever it was called. I got rid of it pretty much right away. It was also the quietest 100 watt amp I've ever heard, I mean I had to crank it almost all the way up to play with a drummer.
  5. I had this big heavy Peavey Heritage 2x12 that sounded awful (tube power section SS pre-amp lol) but it had a whole bunch of knobs to dink with, too bad none of them could make the thing sound good. I bought a Marshall jcm 800 after that, vast improvement.
  6. It's very possible to get some satisfying high gain sounds with the right combo of pedals. The trick is to run the amp clean then get yourself a EHX metal muff or similar pedal that can be your meat and potatoes high gain rhythm sound then use your SD-1 for your solo boost. Adding a noise reduction pedal like a ISP decimator can help noise from getting out of control. You'd be surprised how many guys use a setup like this.
  7. I have a 100 watt version, it's great! Highly recommended.
  8. Definitely the one where people are eating and washing dishes in the background!
  9. As a guitar player I would say that 50 watts of solid state power is fine for practice but most PA systems are much more powerful than that. So if you are running your e-drums into a larger system and just using your amp as a monitor then you're probably okay. If you're trying to really move some air then more is always better.
  10. I had a little Peavey Bravo years ago, it came with a sheffield, nice sounding little amp. I happened to have a vintage 30 laying around so I thought I'd do a swap speakers and honestly I barely noticed a difference between the two.
  11. Just today my piss smelled just like tuna, I was like wtf? Then I remembered I took a fish oil pill this morning. Thankfully I didn't eat a bunch of asparagus with it!
  12. I've only played through one once, it seemed pretty decent actually. Nice cleans (of course) and a nice old school kind of overdrive channel, classic rock to 90's grunge sound. Not the best amp for metal without pedals but would get you into so-cal punk territory without pedals.
  13. I remember those marshall combo's being really good sounding, it's pretty much a 900 right?
  14. True, I use preamp distortion though. Punk-metal.
  15. I have Eminence Phat's in my Budda 4x12 they sound really good, they have a growl in the mids that I love and smooth highs and balanced lows.
  16. I put new production Tung-Sol 7581's instead of 6l6's in one of my amps without any issues. They're rugged, clean and punchy.
  17. I practice at low volume with 100 watt amps all the time so don't let that stop you from buying one.
  18. Warhorse

    New, used amp

    A friend of mine has one of those, its surprisingly good sounding HNAD!
  19. Straight cabs are the most commonly miced up cabs when two are used in the stacked configuration, so what you're hearing on many recordings is the bottom cab at least in my personal theory.
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