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  1. i am a slave to sallie mae and the department of education because my parents have debt problems too. and i couldn't get a job to save my life in '08. now i am beating the job offers away with both hands. was not worth it, i will never suggest student loans to anyone ever. get 3 {censored} jobs and go to school. it's easier because you can always quit the other 2 when you get the money right. you can't quit a student loan.
  2. I think the only part of that song that isn't downpicked is the triplet in the ascending riff after the second solo. Hell, Hetfield even downpicks his solo! This is true.
  3. i lol'd more than i should have.
  4. I vote for Charlie Sheen or Steve Carrol. Both were on top hit shows that now seem to suck (especially 2 1/2 men) without them. Michael Scott is the funniest character ever, or at least since Kramer on Seinfeld. ever since charlie left, that show has become a predictable dick joke, fart joke, ****** joke, repeat. but god damn if i don't laugh hysterically at it still.
  5. HIs people have their own TV channel and he even hates that. the {censored} if i was black, i would hate BET as well.
  6. Didn't Zakk or his wife come out shortly after the scam and say that Chad Dyer had been fired only for people to find out weeks later after that statement that he was still running Zakk's site? not only that, but spamming his services via social network profiles he maintained.
  7. bahmp this is the thickest, clearest sounding guitar i have ever had. i got rid of a gibson explorer because this thing {censored} all over it.
  8. bumpage. looking for ltd vipers or eclipses with 22 frets.
  9. thanks for the offer, but i'm looking for regular scales. my fingers are too short for baritone lol.
  10. bump. anything? +cash on my end.
  11. gonna open this up to 6 strings as well. 24 3/4" scale preferred. +cash on my end if need be.
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