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  1. The chord Poparad describes with the B string open is actually the most commonly published version of open G if you get down to education material as that's the one which appears in the original Mel Bay. etc. -- however the shape you are learning is the preferred one IMO. That said, almost all good guitarists mute the B on the A string partially if not completely. It gives the chord a much more controlled sound, less boomy -- more jangly. That's what I see on most video of great guitarists playing also -- and I've had great success with that over the years. In terms of the 4th finger, tough it out -- pretty soon you'll be nailing it with ease. I think that's a matter of preference. I can and do play it all three ways but generally default in finger and sound preference to the full on four fingered version. I don't think that's the norm, though. On an electric under heavy distortion I think most people naturally mute that "B" on the A string because that major third under gain tends to get dissonent and distracting.
  2. I've heard lyrics and music penned by HCAFers. Hetfield's not losing sleep, I assure you.
  3. It's very easy to get the Metallica sound on any amp that has both "gain" and "mid" knobs.
  4. What was the problem? The big problem is, you guys forgot Indy 1-3 were totally weird too
  5. I couldn't disagree more. I think that the BoR nails the JTM45 sound. What were you playing it with/thru?Peavey Rage 158. Ok, both a Valve Jr. and a JCM 900 set clean (although "clean" is relative with the Mark III series). To be fair, I didn't have the 900 by the time I got rid of the OCD. I dunno, I guess I find pretty much all pedal distortion to sound off.
  6. I didn't like either one, and I had a v4. I just don't like dirt pedals much, what can I say. I guess I just don't find pedal distortion very convincing. If you really go into the BOR expecting to be like "that's a JTM45" you're gonna be sorely disapointed, IMO. I've heard the Fuzz Factory really is ace though.
  7. What exactly are you referring to by Escrow? I have TONS of references on VERY HIGH DOLLAR guitar gear on EBAY - ALL 100% POSITIVE SALES FEEDBACK. I CAN accept Paypal if that is security for someone. I am a PREMIER MEMBER going on 8 plus years. I also stand by my word that the guitar is as advertised - NOTHING LESS - G U A R A N T E E D !! Not being difficult here, but if I need to just advertise it on ebay, I will. I am just trying to give a lower sale price with me saving the ebay fees... It will sell on ebay- no doubt. There have been 2 others in the past 6 -8 months on ebay - not near as good looking as this one nor with FACTORY PAF's They were both advertised WELL over 5K each. Hope this helps any doubters. If I get any negative vibes from this ad, I will just pull it in the best of interest - no big deal - I'm very easy... I'm just saying, you're trying to sell it without pictures, and with 8 posts to your name. Nobody in their right mind is gonna give you Four thousand dollars without putting the actual guitar through Escrow; I'm not trying to break your balls but nobody gives a damn about eBay feedback on here because they don't have any kind of protection. All that stuff is nice, but you're talking about north of Four grand. Honestly, if you're serious, you should just put it on consignment.
  8. Neither one of you have 2 nickels to rub together. Seen many reissues with the Ronald McDonald finish. How many historics do you guys own/play. I had `94 Murphy Historic 007 sold it for 10K in 2001. Don't tell me about originals or historics. Please! Treat this as a les Paul. Great Price too. ahahah you're actually trying to pass that piece of crap off as a HISTORIC? dude, fake fake fake. Unless it's like 14th stock historic. There's like 10 things wrong with it: a) Historics come with the pickguard attached; that picture doesn't even have the holes for it. b) Historics don't come with '57 classics c) The only Les Pauls that come with '57 classics are the Custom and the Classic Antique (which this clearly isn't; the headstock is bound on the CA) d) The '58 reissue doesn't have a flame top; there are 200 limited 50th edition 58's with flametops which are authenticated, aged and signed by Tom Murphy, they sell for $7,000.00. e) The headstock is wrong, the logo is coming off, and it looks old and cheap for a 2008. f) Even Gibson wouldn't let a sunburst that poorly executed out of the factory, not even as a regular USA model. g) The binding doesn't appear to go over the fret-ends like on real Gibsons. Simply put; it's probably an Epiphone with a reshaped headstock and cheap decal. It's not not even a Gibson. h) The knobs aren't placed correctly I've played lots of Historics, and that sure as hell ain't one, scammer. I doubt it's even an Epi; it's probably a Payless guitars Chinese copy
  9. Fake: Gibson doesn't make a model with those specs and they certainly don't make sunbursts that look like that.
  10. Hello, I am not sure how to post pictures on this site. If someone can let me know the process, I will be more than willing to post some very recent detailed shots. thanks, Phil photobucket, and use the tags they give you You'll also need to put a guitar of that value through Escrow.
  11. Phil can not, and will not give out IP addresses to forum members, but if I get a lawful / legal request from the authorities, we can release the information to them. Good luck with your dispute - sorry to hear about that. Talking in the third person no? :o
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