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  1. Oh damn. I want the icetele! Fuck, so do I!
  2. I'm TOTALLY not an Ibby guy except for Icemen () and Destroyers, which I love! Would TOTALLY rock the fuck out of a PS10... The other guitarist in my old band had a sweet, immaculate old one identical to this: (The fucker never plays it and won't sell it to me! ) Icetele?!
  3. I have a tone-master, I like it. This.
  4. You should totally change your username to "Cougar Hunter".
  5. 1. Obtain guitar with design intended to offend people 2. Complain that people are offended 3. ??? 4. PROFIT! This. I don't give a {censored} if someone wants to be that big of an asshole, not that I'd ever own one, but if you're gonna go out of your way to shock and offend people, at least don't be {censored}ing stupid enough to bitch about it when you succeed.
  6. This thread is chock-full of {censored}ing righteous win!!! If you can't laugh your ass off at this {censored}, you have no soul! Also, Izzy is a PS GOD...
  7. Originally Posted by Murdoch Snipped from a random page, as you suggested. I'm glad I wasn't taking a bit of my sandwich. I just did it, too, and this one ruined me...
  8. Originally Posted by Murdoch Legendary thread is legendary... This. I had forgotten just how {censored}ing awesome this thread is! I could literally pick any page and totally start losing my {censored}!
  9. Originally Posted by KHAN 2012 tour off to a great start!!! {censored}ing RFL!!!
  10. I had this drummer come over to my house and jam about 6 months ago and he left his drums. Well he kinda sucked ass and I never had him back..But I keep trying to get a hold of him and he keeps saying that he is going to get them but then never shows..Well now he doesn't even respond to calls/texts. It's getting to be a pain in the ass because I really don't have room for them. How long do I have before I can just say the hell with it and get rid of them? Text him and leave him a voice message telling him he's got two weeks to get his shit, or it's going to the curb.
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