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  1. As new. Half price of new. Very subtle that does color unless pushed. paul paulmmcrawford@gmail.com $100
  2. Speed and intensity control. Natural tones $50 Paulmmcrawford@gmail.com
  3. New condition Grrat, limited color, unless you push it. Clean. Boost worthy. $100 Paulmmcrawford@ gmail.com
  4. I have a perfect Demeter fat controlmid boost, buffer that I'll trade for ditto. Read reviews. No color, uless you dial in
  5. My bes5 bang for the buck anything, my car in vitage 16 combo at 16 doest have to be pushed real hard to cut. I. Have to add some color, but it has some not pushed hard headroom
  6. Univalve. The most fun I've have a an amp. Phil, being the fact that u only have to buy nor tube, I have a bunch and the el8is toy. I'd have to say a few of my 6l6 are magic
  7. great review. Man, what an amp. Obviously, as you said PRS lends confidence. Given how much his oter amps cost, I'm so surprised it is so cheap. Makes me wan to sell my Dr Z Maz to get one. I don't need 50W. Be playing 15Wish live for years and always kept up. Good amps, I have. This is an exciting amp. Strange the multi OM outs. 2 4?
  8. These wealthy famous players are still using tube amps. These toys, much of the time, are for the awesome effects they have
  9. I played in a very popular 5 pc band w loud drummer. Univalve thru 2X12 or 2X10 closed cab. I just love how my 18W Dr Z Maz cuts. I have a 100W Carvin old Quad and power, but I never use it, out
  10. Looking fr a good diverse player for a 3 pc. I'm good at that. Have a great drum 774-281-4996 Just fun and $ E Bridgewater, ma
  11. Solid amp everything works. I just have too many now and new to shed a few. $300 + ship. This thing roars
  12. Would you be interested in a trade for a Laney AOR w/NOS RCA 6V6's
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