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    Delta DiO 2496 Soundcard/Interface for sale here:
    Delta DiO Soundcard/Interface on Ebay
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      Not on my forum you don't... insta banned!


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        FMR RNC Really Nice Compressor, used, perfect shape. Comes with power supply and box. Well-maintained in smoke-free studio environment, never taken to gigs. $125 + whatever shipping is, probably about 7-8 bucks in the 48 states.

        The only thing that may bug people about this is that it has industrial-strength Velcro on the bottom (OTOH, this could be a great selling point!! ). If I remove it, it'll leave a residue, so I'll keep it on and give someone the choice of either removing it or keeping it so they can easily mount it on a rack tray.
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          I have a pair of AMR/Peavey ERC-12 condensor microphones with Peavey hard cases for sale. These are the short pencil-type condensors that Peavey made when they still made their higher-quality AMR recording line. I'd like to get $100 shipped (to the USA, PM me for shipping cost to anywhere else) for the pair of them. PM me if interested, thanks!
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            EMU 1820 Master level Recording Hardware - $325 shipped
            includes Breakout box, cable, soundcard, and the CDs with drivers and Cubase LE and some other random softwares.

            Can provide pictures on request.

            As for trades, I'm interested in all things guitar - amps, pedals, rack gear, whatever. PM me.

            Wtb: GK 700RB, GK 400RB-IV, a decent bass guitar

            Happy fun trades with: Angelhair0, Jimihalen, MahaAtTheVishnu, Duderanimous


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              Event Electronics PS8 Studio Reference Monitors - $250

              Used, excellent condition and performance. Shipping extra.


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                I don't hang out here much, but Phil suggested I post this here and I might get some hits.

                Rode mic in sig, comes with weird flimsy shockmount. Used by me 3 or 4 times, never without a pop filter (so no spit in it).

                Willing to trade for a decent PCI soundcard for basic home recording.
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                  Epiphone Valve Junior 5W tube head. Used for 3-4 hours in the studio for guitar solo overdubs in like, October 2006. Haven't turned it on since. Perfect condition. Sounds excellent.

                  $70 coldhardcash for HC folk. NY pickup only. Will not ship. I'm on Long Island in Nassau County. Hit me up.
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                    I've got an Empirical Labs Fatso Jr to go... that whole grad school... in NYC... thing means selling more or less everything I own. 2-channel compressor + tape sim/harmonic distortion generator. Perfect working condition, some light rack rash but nothing remotely serious. $1720 shipped. Sounds amazingly great.
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                    • Here are a few mics I have for sale....

                      *AKG C451B ....GREAT mic...seriously awesome for recording acoustic guitar, as an overhead, or on percussion. This is just the mic, no clip or bag. Sweetwater sells them for $569.97....Save over $200 and buy mine for only $350 !

                      *NOS Electrovoice 607's ! These have never been used, and are still in the box with original wrap and papers ! These are really cool on snare, electric guitar, etc. I have 4 extras ! You will probably NEVER find any more of these as NOS. Be advised that you'll have to put a XLR on one end of the cable...but these mics are SO worth it ! Buy a killer vintage mic for only $100 each !

                      PAYPAL ONLY !!!

                      I'll also entertain trade offers !

                      Prices include shipping within the Continental USA !



                      • MXR eq
                        MXR Dual Octave, 10 band, 2 channel eq.
                        Rack type unit. Bought on eBay as an impulse buy, but I really have no use for it. Only used it for about 10 minutes, seemed to work fine.
                        $25 (or best offer) plus shipping (priority mail)
                        Continental U.S. only

                        Paypal only


                        • Bump, message sent.
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                          • MXR eq:

                            new plan. I'd trade this for another piece of equipment. Maybe a high gain distortion pedal like a Marshall Jackhammer or ProCo rat. Other quality dirt pedals. No choruses, pitch shifters, flangers, wahs, delays, reverbs. Like to keep it distortion pedals only.

                            I'll even take accessories as a trade. I just don't have any use for this since I don't play live. i think this is more for PA type stuff. So if you've got a ****************load of guitar picks or strings, let me know. Also cables, straps (wide ones).


                            • looking for a kick drum mic. PM me if you have one you would like to let go of.




                              • Mint Condition Digidesign Command 8. Used for a few hours on one project in my home studio. Still has the plastic over the LCD.

                                Pick up in NYC or I can ship it.

                                $800 takes it.