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  1. Without a doubt. . . my hero. . . Tom Scholz. I'd truly give my right foot to have that guy's talent. But, alas, no one wants my right foot that badly. (It would seem to do no good to give up my left arm!)
  2. I just picked up a Vox Tonelab yesterday evening and have burned through all the presets. I can tell you, without equivocation, that the unit produces some killer lead tones and some great clean electric sounds, as well. But when it comes to that classic hard rock rhythm crunch, it is all mud and fuzz! Does ANYONE have an idea how to get a great distorted, non-muddy, non-fuzzy rhythm tone out of this thing? I have a Gibson Les Paul with P90 pickups and am using no other effects and no amp. I want to go straight into the board. Basically, if I can't get a great, hot rhythm tone, this Tonelab is going back to Guitar Center. :-( Thanks so much. This post is listed on two other guitar forums, since I wasn't quite sure where to put it. Stephen Pruitt, Ph.D.
  3. Due to recent microphone upgrades and other equipment purchases, several very nice mikes have to go to help raise a bit of cash: TWO Shure SM81 microphones in truly mint original condition with the original cardboard shipping boxes and original Shure manuals. These mics simply cannot be distinguished from brand new and have EXTREMELY low hours. They are pristine and perfect and a steal at $260 (including shipping) each or $500 for the pair. (Of course, the mikes also include the molded plastic carrying cases, mounting clips, and wind screens.) Shure KSM32 microphone which is absolutely in brand new condition and, quite literally, has less than 2 hours of total use. Includes the locking aluminum flight case (and key), all accessories (including the velour bag, shock mount, non-shock mount, and even the Shure decal!). It even comes in the original cardboard shipping box! This mike cannot be distinguished from brand new. It is perfect. Price: $325 plus shipping. Please email all inquiries to Stephen Pruitt at never2latestudios@yahoo.com First come, first served. . . Thanks much. Steve
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