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  1. Local shop has a 1979 Alvarez 5054 12-string on the shelf for $100. Only problem is, there's some mis-shape to the body on the top, some of it is a wee-bit concave, some of it is convex, it is not extreme mind you, but when you eye-ball it from a flat vantage point you can see it. Is this fixable? I'm getting it for a beater guitar...worth it? She sounds wonderful, it's strung for 6-string but as I said it's a 12.
  2. The other day I was playing my acoustic and I went to slide down really quick to hit a chord, well by golly part of a clipped string was sticking out just right and I jammed my finger right into the needle. Bled for awhile Got me thinking. What's the worst you have been through for a guitar string-related injury?
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