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  1. My preamp has been acting weird on my FGX720SCA. It cuts out and sounds scratchy. Took it to my workplace (I work at a guitar shop) and had the guy look at it. A few days later, he heard back from Yamaha and knew exactly what the problem was. They need to replace the whole 55T preamp because they don't sell the individual part that is malfunctioning. Yamaha charges $150 for the part. I don't know if I will be charged for labor or not. I don't have a lot of money to spend. I do however have a decision to make on whether I want it repaired or if I should just buy a new guitar.
  2. Thanks. I'd say keep trying, if it doesn't put you out of your way. This is my second. The first was also an online order, but one I couldn't pass up because of a pretty incredible price offer. SJ-100. It's one of the best-sounding gits I've ever played. I really would not have expected to fall in love with one of Gibson's square-shoulder dreads, as their slopes are so much more highly coveted. I was able to try a couple locally, though, and was completely knocked on my ass. Got a better deal online, though, so fuggit. The only Gibby acoustic I thought sounded decent was an older model, I
  3. Yeah, sorry about the divorce. Freaking out about maybe popping the question myself... If you're popping the question because she's hot and you don't think you can do better, don't do it. If you're popping the question because she's a good life partner and doesn't complain all the time and looks out for your best interests (not hers all of the time) then you're more than likely okay. Tons of psycho girls I've dated before and a few I thought about popping the question to, but looking back I'm glad I didn't because I'd be living in a totally different world. My wife is a fantastic friend, I
  4. i lugged my 70 lbs twin reverb to some dudes work and when I get there the very first thing he says is, "I have 30 amps, so I dont really need another one" then he kept saying, "how bad do you wanna sell it?" I was asking $650 for a 5 year old blonde twin reverb in near mint condish. ...then he pulled a power tube and saw the silvering and I said it probably needs new tubes and then he said its really bad for the amp to play it with dying tubes. then he asked what kind of tubes does it have? so I said they are groove tubes, I forget I think rebranded sovteks and he was like, " no I mean what
  5. I hope you enjoy it. I have never gotten anything out of the numerous Gibson acoustics I've played (at any price range), but some people like 'em. Congrats.
  6. Hey man, I'm the dude looking at your amp...I will NOT kill you. I promise. I think it's better for both of us that I know where you live!
  7. Who's got experience here? I can't remember if I've tried the hi-beams or not. For some reason I felt they went dead fairly quickly, but maybe I was thinking of a different set. I know the Blue Steels were a pretty good string when I tried them. I can't remember if I loved 'em though I'm looking to make an order through Elderly.com so the more same kind of strings that I buy, the cheaper they get. Going to put them on my Schecter C1+. I'm looking for a nice fat, clean sound with a dark, aggressive distorted sound. I'm also looking for strings for my Telecaster which is very b
  8. Been wondering about Hi Beams for a while. I may have to order a set online. I use 80/20's exclusively on my Ibanez. As for the gauge, it's actually 12-54: http://www.drstrings.com/catalog/hi-beam-8020, the same as just about any other .012 gauge string. DR calls their 12's "mediums." Ernie Ball calls the same gauge string "medium light." Martin, D'Addario, and numerous others simply call them "lights." Nothing really "in between" about them unless you're used to Ernie Balls or something else where they can't get the name straight. BTW, John Pearse makes a "bluegrass" set that's 12-56; the E-
  9. you have to stop! lol. I have too many guitars right now. (I hope my wife doesn't read that, she'll have firepower) I only use one or two frequently; the others are just to make me feel like I have a collection. Haha...how things change...
  10. Artcores are not exciting to me. There was a time when I was 17 that I wanted an Artcore, when I first discovered them (or they first came out maybe), but it's an Ibanez. Sorry, but I'm gonna make some people angry - their basses are all that count in my book.
  11. Just a little census here. Obviously in today's economy, there are a few nice noble people which adamantly support mom and pop shops, but those people are decreasing as other costs rise. All of us can hardly resist walking into Guitar Center and walking out without buying something (though some of you have more self control than me). What is it about say, Guitar Center, that makes you want to buy gear? Whether it be strings, picks, sticks, amps, a new guitar... is it the prices? The atmosphere? The friendly service (only applicable in some locations...)? Selection? I'll be honest an
  12. Anybody try these? They have a really interesting in-between gauge at 12-52. Wondering if they are any good!
  13. Just called D'Addario for information on Players' Points because I knew they discontinued them. What she said was that they extended Players' Points until August (when they open their swag store) and they are going to be getting some new shirts and a stool by the end of June for the Players Points program. Looks like we're not totally on the outs guys! I have like 80 points amassed from the past 4 years.
  14. Mesa/Boogie (DC-3, Fifty/Fifty) Marshall (JMP-1, Valvestate VS80) Roland (Micro Cube) Behringer (Vintager GM110) Crate (Excalibur) Carvin (X-100B) Peavey (Rage 158, MP-4 Plus Powered Mixer)
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