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  1. Looking for 2009 Alternative Mode TRAP KAT
  2. Peavey tube sweetener --or similar ........
  3. Our external effects will only go to 48 =---there we stay. We burn a 16 & 24 CD for the clients
  4. Crystal Studios -- "crystal clear" and also started in the 70's >>> up in Crystal Bay-Lake Tahoe
  5. I dissect/analyze every tune .....more from the earlier days of music. I will raise my voice, if I walk into a business, and there's a Beatle tune playing through the ceiling >> with only a snare & bass and a harmony coming through > because someone did not wire the balance correctly. Just irks me to leave Paul /George or lead vocal out of the mix.:poke:
  6. Guitar & Vocal tracked on a early Roland 1680 recording --- mastered on a VS 2480 with midi sequencing for bass /drums / etc. http://www.songramp.com/mod/mps/viewtrack.php?trackid=65987
  7. First :: we clamp a car "battery jumper cable" to the metal chassis of the amp to a solid ground Second :: We run a direct out of the cab Third :: A direct box is connected to a Y > at the guitar jack Fourth :: You can run the guitar chord once around the neck of the artist {a simple loop actually works in most cases } and you will notice a considerable drop in hum.
  8. Yikes >> give us a little more time --takes a long day ~~ to drive down from Big Sur:poke:
  9. http://www.ryandavidorr.com/music/997 A few new ones from our latest production .. I like Delight & Disappear
  10. Great converter -- we connect SPDIF I/O --The digital Rbus connects all of our effects , in the racks >> and the AES to our MasterLink via the DEQ 2496
  11. I use the Roland 2480 and a computer in my studio. To be honest the 2480 does the vast majority of the work and the clients are always happy with its results. That unit is highly under appreciated. So do you use Roland mmp-2's with it, if you do you can run them through optical inputs and get better track separation. I run a Manley DVC through a SEK' D 2496 converter
  12. Not sure if it is a weakness, per se >> since no client has asked for certain plugins or editing --but, we do not have a PC/Mac in the studio..Still strictly all Roland Daw
  13. Just how I have always done things --in the "matter of monies" Works for our clients.......
  14. Being a little too aggressive with the payment/time side of the studio. Probably too ruthless with the clock--and payments due at the end of each days tracking...Or maybe that how we stayed in business for 20+ years;)
  15. Pickup a used Behringer DEQ 2496 ..for 'bout a $100 ..and play around..fun, quick, pseudo mastering:thu: ~~just think dip *** not boost *** when you start grabbing EQ's
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