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  1. I love that amp with a real LP. Since you have the special I wuld test it with the PRS.
  2. Yeah..I was kiddin..that is a good score. I hope you get it.
  3. It depends on the cab and if it is also a closed or open. I have even had good results on small combos. I usualy find it better on a 4X12 cab on one of the ones that is farther from the floor. You may want to put the cab on a couple hard plastic boxes or some sort of riser this should help cut the mid problem.
  4. I got one from that time too...but it does not have a maple neck....grr
  5. What do you consider as low end-ish...I have had good results all around with a 609.
  6. Nice review. I tried to get them to send me a unit to review (or get me one at a discount) and use for project presentations at our college but they never answered my request. I get a small budget from the college each year for this but I am currently out and I have to pay out of pocket. It was a shame because I was going to use it in my "best bang for the buck" portion of my audio seminar which would have been seen by many. PRS treated me great recently and I know my seminar at least helped them sell 20+ guitars in the last month.
  7. I have a great condition RP150 with box and instruction manual. I also Have a excellent condition Boss ME20. Please make reasonable offers.
  8. http://www.rondomusic.com/cgi-rondomusic/sb/productsearch.cgi
  9. That is idea I had in mind. You may be shocked with how much you can do with a very small budget. I did that in my old studio, and I will do this also in my new studio.
  10. Get several heavy rolls of cloth...hang them.
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