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  1. That is idea I had in mind. You may be shocked with how much you can do with a very small budget. I did that in my old studio, and I will do this also in my new studio.
  2. Get several heavy rolls of cloth...hang them.
  3. That was a nice read, many of the points there contribute to why I record everything (even a practice run) you never know when the best take will happen.
  4. In your price range I would consider the used market also.
  5. The MXl 2001 can be a bit brittle, but with a nice warm preamp it is much better than many realize.
  6. Will you be using this for solo work, or for your band? If you will be recordign your band I would go with the studio, if just solo you could get away with the POD.
  7. + 2 on a Peavey classic 30 Good cleans...good rock and blues tone.
  8. Agreed, 100 percent. When I started on the amp modelers and valvestate stuff (ie: had a Fender 1000 Performer amp, which was Fender's first foray into the transtube type of market), it was all just terrible sounding. It wasn't until I stocked up on great old tube amps with old Mullards and RCA's and GE and Phillips tubes did the recording get that much easier. I like EL34 tube amps.....they usually sound great, and are usually matched with transformers that are underbuilt because they're not trying to push out mega wattage. I've found that it's more easier to set a mic up in a fairly wide range in front of the speaker and get a really good sound from a P90 or parallel wired humbucker setup. To be honest I found tha Marshall Valvestate 100 to sound pretty darn good (the clean channel could be a bit better though).
  9. So true. Possibly spend a little more money on a used Classic 30. I agree
  10. Big Wake Studio , named for a saying of my fathers. He always told us to "Live life to its fullist and leave a Big Wake behind you". Ive tried to do that all my life. I like that line...it beats "try not to get her pregnant".
  11. It helps, but it is not perfect (in my studio anyway).
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