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  1. Actually, I got this soul in a rent-to-own deal...came with the couch and coffee table set...
  2. Hey Phil, I actually have a copy of the session on my laptop! I found the audio file and transferred it to my PC laptop, since I didn't bring my Mbox or 002 on this trip with me. I'll cut up the parts in Audition on the plane and hopefully I'll find a connection in Boise to post them tonight or tomorrow. [Man it's cold up here!]
  3. Hey Phil, I can get the clips emiled to you on Monday. I'm in Kalispel Montana at the moment. Its 4 degrees out side right now! I head to Boise tonight and then i'll be home late Sunday. -Mike
  4. Just in case anyone's wondering: The Bruno we're talking about is my '64 Bruno which is an Italian knock off of a Hofner violin style bass. And can be seen being played by Lyle here.
  5. Phil, I'm heading out to Montana and Idaho over the weekend...go ahead and post the Bruno clips and I'll check 'em out when I get back on Monday. Unless I can find wifi while I travel...
  6. Listening to your clips I think the tone is more modern sounding than the Bruno... I'd really like to hear them up against the Bruno tracks...
  7. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe I don't want you to think that the Bruno recordings were not inspirational - I really did dig the tone! Hey, I'm not trying to take credit for your inspiration! I was just wondering what the tone of the Rogue sounded like. For years I thought about getting a new pick up for that bass, but after hearing Lyle rock out with it during the What The? set a few years ago, and the cool tone we got with David at your place, I don't think I'd mess with the pick ups. ... I could solo out a Bruno track for a few seconds and post a clip of that if it would be okay with you and James. I was thinking of doing that myself, but I don't have any place to post them. Go ahead and post a clip, maybe a few bars from the outro where you can really hear the thickness in the tone and a couple bars from the verse too...]
  8. How is the pick up? Is it warm and fuzzy like my Bruno? I still love that sound we got...the harmonic structure of the hollow body is just full and goo-ey and spongy...
  9. Hey Phil, My session at your place last spring didn't inspire you to pick up the Rogue did it?
  10. Yeah, VF1...just ran across it cleaning out the closet in the studio over the weekend...
  11. I'm sure no-one's interested, but I have a Line6 POD-PRO rackmount, barely used... and a BOSS VF-8 also lightly used. I might have the box for the Boss, POD is in a two space rack bag...
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