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The Swap Meet

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Do you have something you want to buy / sell / trade? This is the place for it - The Studio Trenches Swap Meet.


Call it a flea market or a yard sale or whatever they call 'em in your area - out here in LA LA land, we've always called 'em Swap Meets. And the cool thing about swap meets is that you never know what you might find... so you browse around the ol' drive-in and when you see something you're not interested in, you keep going... but occasionally... :cool:


So, what do you have that's cool that you want to sell me for cheap? :D


PS No outside spam - HC contributing members only for postings please. :)

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I'll start :cool: -



I've got a pair of Alesis Monitor One Passives (the old gray ones) that I'm trying to get rid of because I just bought some Tannoy Reveals and I don't think i'll be needing these.


I would like to sell them for $150 shipped.



PM me if you are interested!


Thank you!




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Sean, that '49 sure looks sweet! Unfortunately, I don't think I can afford it right now. More accurately, I don't think I can convince my wife that I can afford it right now. ;) OTOH, back when she was on RCA, she did all of her vocals through a '49, so maybe I could work off of that angle "...hey honey, look! It's the same type of mic you used back in your RCA days! And it's been fully restored... the price seems reasonable... wouldn't it be cool to have one of those? They ARE great mics..." ;):D

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I got a mint condition Mesa Boogie Dc-10 head with very low hours looking for a Sf Deluxe Reverb......I also have cash and live in the bay area


other things I am getting rid of .......


Waldorf Q yellow k/b version with 3 expansion cd's


Waldorf Microwave Xt rack expanded to 30 voices


Sebatron Vmp-2000e dual valve mic pre

very low hours mint


SPL Dynamaxx Stereo Comp/limiter/de-esser with sidechain


Electro Harmonix Big Muff Russian Model


Vox Wah v 847


please pm me with any offer trade/cash



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Due to recent microphone upgrades and other equipment purchases, several very nice mikes have to go to help raise a bit of cash:


TWO Shure SM81 microphones in truly mint original condition with the original cardboard shipping boxes and original Shure manuals. These mics simply cannot be distinguished from brand new and have EXTREMELY low hours. They are pristine and perfect and a steal at $260 (including shipping) each or $500 for the pair. (Of course, the mikes also include the molded plastic carrying cases, mounting clips, and wind screens.)


Shure KSM32 microphone which is absolutely in brand new condition and, quite literally, has less than 2 hours of total use. Includes the locking aluminum flight case (and key), all accessories (including the velour bag, shock mount, non-shock mount, and even the Shure decal!). It even comes in the original cardboard shipping box! This mike cannot be distinguished from brand new. It is perfect. Price: $325 plus shipping.


Please email all inquiries to Stephen Pruitt at never2latestudios@yahoo.com


First come, first served. . .


Thanks much.



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Originally posted by gearmike

I'm sure no-one's interested, but I have a Line6 POD-PRO rackmount, barely used...

and a BOSS VF-8 also lightly used.

I might have the box for the Boss, POD is in a two space rack bag...


Or perhaps a Fostex VF08? :)



EDIT: oops! I meant to quote Phil's reply. Still not used to the quotes being at the bottom of the post! :o

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Originally posted by Woody's Buzzed
I'm clearing out some of the stuff I no longer use. PM me for more details.

Audio Centron 16 ch 4 buss console mixer - $100.00

Tascam 8 ch 4 buss mixer. (Great for project studio) $75.00

Lexicon Core2 DAW w/daughter bd. (only works w/ win98) $45.00

ART 31 band EQ $60.00

Yamaha midi patch bay with cables. $50.00

All stuff works great. Shipping extra.



(Message moved to proper thread by moderator). For contact / email details, please see the original thread. But please restrict any online discussion / questions to THIS thread. Thanks. :)

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