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  1. music123 used to be really great. From 2002-2006 I bought $40k worth of stuff from them. But I won't order from them anymore. Twice they sent me wrong items... I can get over that, but what really bugs me is there new shipping times. I used to be able to make a call and have what i need next day... Not so anymore... There have been 2 instances in the last few months where I placed an order on monday. Took till wednesday to clear my music123 credit card... Then it took them till the following monday to ship for overnight. Royal screwed me twice when I was in a pinch. I wouldn't piss on music123 if they were on fire. I wouldn't buy from them
  2. the fulltone deja vibe is the closest I've ever heard... May not sound exactly like a leslie, but it has a sound all it's own... And that sound is very very hip
  3. yeah the r84's are superb at stereo imaging... I love using them as drum room mics, and sometimes overheads... Also sound fantastic on guitar cabs
  4. I started miking it in mono... While it sounded cool, didn't pick up any dimension... I was using an re-20... Didn't pan out. I ended up using 2 aea r84's as a spaced pair... About 3 or 4 feet back from the leslie. Sounds incredible... I really slammed the tape, and it sounds pretty old school... The coolest part though is when he was kicking it on... The slight amount of delay from which one mic picked it up to when the other mic picked it up... Almost sounds like there is delay on the organ... Super fantastic...
  5. i was recording some organ tracks the other day, for our new album... My buddy brought his a100 in w/ his new leslie... It was unlike any other leslie i've ever seen... The thing was the size of a refridgerator... Got some sick ass organ tones to tape. I really wish he would have brought his 1/4" adapter thing for it... I think it would have really jammed on guitar. And speaking of leslies for guitar... I've been really wanting to get one for my guitar rig... But I already have too much stuff to travel with... I also have a pretty big synth/elec piano rig... But I got turned on to that songworks rotary wave and that thing sounds pretty sweet... I'd like to use it in conjunction w/ my ac30... Supposedly they are pretty cool. Our organ player travels with his a100 and smaller leslie... It's not that big of a pain, but it still sucks moving it and trying to get it onto weird stages
  6. I love my memory man in the studio, I think it's fantastic. But i am having serious trouble with it live... It just seems to dark to cut... I've had the problem off and on for the last few years. It never bothered me too much until now. It seems that it either gets totally lost when the amp is cranked, or it's got this really huge low mid bump, and it's kind of hard to control the level/wetdry so that the delays can be heard with chords. I am trying to explain it as best as I can... I am sure some of you have experienced this though... The only solution i can come up with is to put the memory man in it's own efx loop with an eq pedal... I have a dunlop eq pedal that i haven't used in years... Maybe that would do the trick... Roll of some of the lows, and alot of the low mids... This way when i kick on the memory man it has the eq already inserted just on the memory man... Would this work?
  7. You're confusing mixing and mastering. I assure you I am not confusing mixing and mastering... What i described are perfectly legitimate mixing techniques... Maybe they aren't for you... But they are definately very worthy techniques... And the people tellig some of the new guys that mix bus comp in eq are mastering things, are telling a half truth. The goal for most mix engineers is to make the best out of the mix..while still leaving room for the mastering engineer to do his job. there are alot of mastering engineers out there that have totally f'd my mixes royally. I only use one mastering engineer now... But it isn't my choice where my clients go for mastering... If my mixes need a little more sweetening at the end, can i count on some deadbeat ME to hear this? Can i expect the ME to hear everything I do? Of course not. Once the final mix leaves my studio, it is usually the last time i hear the tracks until it is printed to cd/vinyl. Thus i make the most of it while i still have the ball in my court. There is absolutely nothing wrong with compression and eq on the mix bus. Just my opinion though, and it has never shown itself as a problem in the slightest
  8. there's a big difference though between needing to fix something and using comp/eq for sweetening.` Say I got mix going and it sounds great...But it needs something... Do I want to mess with individual tracks? No the mix sounds great, but i strap the ltd2 across and wow it gives it a bit extra edge... Then the mix is sounding really good...But the ltd2 is set and chomping a hair of my lowend...So i pack on the germanium tc... Has the sweetest bottom ever... I give it a little low end boost... Then i give it a little shelving boost at 10k and the top really starts to sparkle... Now i have made my mix even sweeter and added the nice chandler sound to the mix. Doesn't work for every track, and you shouldn't do it if you dont hear the need.
  9. I almost always use an eq and compressor on the mixbus... But they are not necessarily compressing or eq'ing... Sometimes they are just there for color. I always use eq on individual instruments. But a few of my favorite combinations are: Drawmer 1968--->Lil Freq Chandler LTD=2--> Chandler germanium tone control Smart C2---------> Lil Freq or Summit MPE-200 For bus comps, usually no more than 3db of reduction. My use of eq is mostly for high/low shelve... +1-2db at 60-100hz to make up for mixbuss eq... or just to make the bottom sit a little better. Then a bump at 10k or a little higher
  10. Dont know how much to ask for it, it cost me $1500 in parts birdseye maple neck, sperzel locking tuners, 57 roundback les paul countour, 7.25" radius swamp ash/maple body... Duncan antiquity pickups Finish and pickguard are messed up since my refin...But it sounds marvelous
  11. numrologst

    ehx, vox

    ehx pulsar, vox over the top boost, ehx holier grail $300 for them all
  12. Here are the guitars again: 63 Telecaster - Swamp ash/maple original pups Custom tele- Mahogany/Brazillian rosewood p90's and filtertrons Rick-Maple/Maple rick single coils 64 Jazzmaster- Alder/Maple original pickups Signal chain----> Guitar----> Keeley Comp--->Time machine boost---->Vox over the top boost---->Memory Man----> Chorus----> Seek trem----> loopmaster---> rx and maz amps I have bright guitars and dark guitars, good effects. Fantastic tone. It's just too dark either way. Cut knobs help, but don't really do it. I guess try some more tube combos is all i can do
  13. Oh and i do have a treble booster, time machine boost. My dirty tone doesn't seem to have a problem now that I think about it, it's mainly my clean tone.
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