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  1. It's not that the mixer's internal Wi-FI is bad, it's all the crap in the 2.4 band mucking things up. 5GHz is a must anywhere but at home.
  2. For the Leslie bottom, stick a little bitty mic through one of the lower slots. Or get a Kelly Shu Flatz with a Beta 91, and put it just inside the rear panel.
  3. If all you can spend is a grand or two on the whole thing, I'd rent or better yet hire out.
  4. They must not have been the buds that come with the units, as all the one's I've heard were dreadful. The wireless are good.
  5. No law says that you must have drums. One of the best shows I've seen was a girl, her acoustic guitar, and a bassist.
  6. Stretch Saran Wrap over the monitors. With some tweaking they will still be usable and will be beer proof.
  7. A friend could use that MP418SP should you decide to sell it.
  8. Royalties ain't much these days, especially for songwriters. Less than a penny per play I think.
  9. Funny, a friend who uses 935s and 945s keeps an 835 for "girls with icepick voices". Maybe his is mellower than most.
  10. There should be* no need for a transformer split - lots of folks use hardwire splits. Two consoles so connected are sufficiently isolated internally that phantom can be fed from either console or both. *Unless there are issues with the power grounds being at different potentials on stage and in the studio. If the above is the case, but you have the studio split feeding a digital stagebox that connects to the studio console via CAT5, there should be no problem. I hate to say it, but the new Presonus setup looks really good. You can get the Presonus stage box, mix surface, and an EWI hardwire splitter for under $4000 shipped. See
  11. In one of the (exceedingly lively) rooms I've worked a lot, things can be great on stage - reasonable volume and everyone is happy. As soon as the PA is loud enough to get a good blend with the monitor wash in the house, the house wash onto the stage makes the monitors disappear. The struggle then begins. One tracks band wanted the monitors so loud that I basically had the house killed between 100 and 400. (And this wasn't hip-hop, this was 'easy listening' stuff.)
  12. According my preferred dealer: X32 and a pair of S16 = $3412 + shipping. CS18AI and a RM32AI = $3450 + shipping. Presonus is finally getting interesting again.
  13. IME the Bose can't do anything that a 10" 2-way and a small sub can't do - and the Bose costs a lot more money. I'd take a B-52 Matrix 2000 over the Bose.
  14. IMHO high-passing the bass is not the way to solve any problem that one might have.
  15. For under $700 shipped it's an amazing piece. (And I hate everything :-)
  16. I believe that the new Behringer X series have more features and cost less.
  17. If you don't need the USB out, get a used MixWiz. If you need the USB, wait till the Xair mixers come out. If you are in a hurry and have FireWire, a used Presonus 1602 will cost about $500.
  18. Does a K2600 sound better through a JDI than through a ProDI? Yes. Does it sound better through a ProDI and through a Director? Yes. Is each step up worth the money? That depends on the user.
  19. If you are on a common monitor mix with the other folks, use what they are using, so yours will have the same feedback frequencies as theirs. If you are on your own mix or on IEMs, pick what sounds good on you, so long as it does not pick up everything in the room (as do the VX10, KMS105, AE5400, PR20/PR22).
  20. The RS selectables are very poorly regulated. There's no telling what the actual voltage will be. Set it one notch low, and measure it when it's powering the keyboard.
  21. No complaints with my Behringer. The Pyle works fine. The Audiopile.net unit is fine.
  22. With MI and semi-pro gear, new gear sells for about 30% off of MSRP. Current used gear sells for about 30% less. Discontinued used gear sells for 10% to 30% less than if it were current.
  23. Were I going analog, I would not choose any of the mixers mentioned in the OP. I'd go MixWiz or GL2400/GL2200. But I would not do that. I'd get which ever X32 or Xair best fit my needs.
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