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  1. Todd, in a cinema, the primary sound is handled by the LCR screen speakers and the surrounds handle the fx and ambience. I think the OP's question (based on the bands he mentioned) was more of moving the priimary sound around, a different application and less subtle having the surrounds suddenly handle some primary audio routed to them. I agree that (with experience and understanding) some interesting effects could be developed, I just don't think the OP's goals are practical given the cheap-cheap-cheap nature of the approach and lack of good multi-channel production experience. You and I have the advantage of years of seeing what works and what doesn't, from many different approaches. That's a big, time saving step that gives us a better chance of being successful. Just my thoughts. Doing an HBO premiere screening next week, they decided to drop the multi-channel audio in favor of an LT/RT mix because the need to focus on other more important issues with the product. AND, we have multi-channel in-house!!! They Being who? HBO? That's the difference in markets- probably wouldn't fly here in L.A. Some director's panties would be in a bunch... But I agree with what you're bring forward here, I'm just of the "Pirate" mentality of doing things for very little cash & putting huge effort into it. I've done both- and the underground type things I do for a hobby demand that low-rent approach. My experience often, as you pointed out, saves me. But if the OP gets discouraged, then he won't push the boundaries of his own creativity; and none of us should step on that too hard... My thoughts being that we (collectively, as a group) tend to put things forward inthe light of being professionals, when this person is clearly along the artist vein. T
  2. Surround sound in Live= tough. I've mixed many a soundtrack in surround in the studio, and as most of us do, mix bands live. What the op is going for here is pretty doable; a small space with just a few things in the "rears". What most peeps are thinking interms of surroudn mixing doesn't really apply- because a true surround mix ala Movie Must be realistic positioning; we rarely ever "hard" pan anything other than music. That probably isn't what the OP is shooting for (correct me if I'm wrong). To be honest, I don't see why this couldn't be done with a good 6 Aux console ala Mix Wiz... but the aesthetic would be somewhat an experiment. To address mix issues & balance issues - well who goes to a movie theater and always sits in the "Mix Position", 2/3 back, centered by THX Rules? The solution? Get your speakers up over the audience heads. Thus the people beneath are getting a wash outside the coverage pattern, and those in the pattern are getting far away. This is sort of the accepted solution (in addition to multiple surround speakers, but that probably isn't the case here.) To Automate, one could use a PTLE system, but it would have to have the Complete Produciton toolkit option. Again, quite expensive. However, with the right multiple channel interface, Nuendo could be an excellent choice... biggest issue would be latency. Bottom line is that all the issues brought forward here exist, but You could do this for less than people think... and I agree with you don't be afraid to fail approach. Just understand what your limitations might be and experiment when you're not on the clock.
  3. where are you located? I could be very interested in the tops. Todd A.
  4. If he can't even make edits w/o pops & clicks, chances are most of his other edits are lousy, too. Get the original audio project/OMF and do it right. Drawing a new fade takes 2 seconds. Trying to find a click can be a PITA. -Dan. This. In ProTools, Use the Pencil tool. Hold the Control Key and using the I Beam, scrub the audio over the click...Find it, and zoom in, Keep doing this until you can visibly see the click. Then draw it out. OP, Some of the tricks listed here are cool, but you said that the clicks are on Dialogue, so this will work. Waves De-click works well, Sonic No-Noise also very well. Todd A. Edit: Sorry, I noticed you're in Logic 8...Does not apply, but Logic must have a similar ability.
  5. That's really oversimplified, but useful for a beginner... Doesn't cover minor keys.
  6. From a strictly empirical standpoint (I dont' have Aged's EE background), I run Everything from a Pioneer CDJ-1000 to QSC amps off of a Somewhat standard 6500w Honda Genny. It's not one of the inverter types. Gear works fine. I've removed all my AVR gear from my Amp racks, and only use it work more delicate stuff. Todd A.
  7. I bought this shortly before our band broke up, so it only made it to two shows. I'd like to swap for something I can use in my project studio. I'm mainly interested in mics and preamps. I have other gear I can sweeten a deal with if you have something high-end. email: bob @ hrmusicians dot com MBox 2 Pro? Todd
  8. I picked up a MC Mix last week. nice layout, as I would expect from Euphonix. having used the S5MC's a ton, I am looking forward to picking up the MC Control as well. I dig the Eucon protocol... just works nicely. I largest wish would be for Digidesign and Euphonix to kiss and make up, but I realize that's probably never going to happen. I used Nuendo with the MC Pro's and I was impressed with the level of integration- It's pretty cool, and I look forward to seeing the MC mix work with Nuendo as well. I have a 6 month Trial license of NUendo, but apparently I can't register it to a level enough to get an unlock code from Steinberg/Yamaha- That's a bit of a knock on it in my book, although that's not Euphonix's issue. Here's a coupl eof tips, coming from the school of hard knocks... take this with a grain of salt, because this knowledge was earned on a System 5MC... A) Used Shielded Ethernet Cables. If you have any length on your run between controller and computer, I would highly recommend this. We were experiencing module drop off and erratic performance until we switched over to the shielded cabling. I noticed it as well when I initially hooked up the system through a Gig E router- It was struggling a bit until I made up a shielded cable. YMMV- If you have a very quiet (electromagnetic-wise)room you may be fine without. B) do not share the Eucon Enet port with Internet ot other network traffic. Get a second Ethernet card (100bT is fine) if you don't have the ports available. This will work wonders. C) Static IP= headaches D) PC support is coming. The Eucon software work fine on the MC Pro/S5MC setups using PC's, so I woudl imagine it would be fairly simple for the Euphonix fellows to get it running. I know I am going to Run Nuendo and SME on a PC.... i hope. Have fun!!!! Todd A.
  9. Still looking to buy. There's a guy selking one in the Am forum spam thread
  10. trade a carl martin tremovibe for the keeley? Ooohh.... Very possibly. Let me check into the Carl Martin...I'll hit you backvia PM Todd
  11. How much for the dollar on the left ? $1.25... It's been in Canada. T
  12. Ill pay 35 for the micro amp, also Id perhaps buy the holy grail as well. But im not sure If i can afford both, do you still have them? Hi...PM'd you back Todd
  13. Hey Everyone, I'm a self-taught guitarist and when I was practicing one of the things I really wanted to get down was sweep picking. I practiced very hard and for a long time. Now sweeping comes natural for me but I never use it, even after all that time. I can play most cover songs with sweep picking. But when I am improvising, I can't. I have the skill down, and I would like to use it. But I don't know how. Personally I hate metal but its really fun to play. If someone wants me hear me play, I would really love to play some metal improv (honestly because it just sounds nice) And I have the skills of playing metal, but I don't know how to play metal. I guess another question is, how do you "shred"? The only way to learn this is by getting in improv situations and then forcing yurself to do it, as an exercise. -Todd A.
  14. how old is the mm? I don't remember exactly when I got it, but it hasthe attached powercable, so it's an older unit. I'm thinking 2000-2001. -Todd
  15. OK, here's the list... EH Deluxe Memory Man - $160. Seen some battles, but not in bad shape. Power cord attached... Keeley Java Boost - Killer Treble booster. -$175 New Condition. MXR Micro Amp- $35 Seen some wars, still works great. EH Holy Grail Reverb - $70 Great shape W/ Power adapter Voodoo Labs Tremolo - $60 Original 2 knob version Boss DS-1 $20 Seriously torn up... hehehe Buy the Keeley or the MMand I'll tossit in for Free!!! If you want the entire deal... $350, Shipped. Paypal OK. Todd
  16. no, i allegedly heard that mike fuller allegedly said those are poorly made pedals- allegedly speaking, of course. considering that Mike Fuller's pedals are made by GIT students, i wouldn't necessarily talk... allegedly , that is...
  17. ... just light distortion a la blink 182/green day This is considered "light" distortion these days? wow. I guess things have changed.... -Todd A.
  18. I bought Serial #1242. Waaaaaayyyyyy back in 1990. Or was it '91? hmm Can't remember. I *think* they started at #1000, so mine wsa early. I do remember waiting for it for some time, as they were in short supply. He he Lab Sound, what a place!!!! So I think $425 is a bit steep. But The market will tell!!!! -Todd A. Really? New? When? and...I thought I was being humorous? This is what I'm doing...and what most people do when selling something. 1. You don't ever say "I'm willing to give this to whoever will give me the most money" or present the price that you ACTUALLY want something for, and then say you are willing to negotiate because then someone will always ask for a lower price. 2. I said I will "negotiate" price, so basically mid-upper $300-$425 considered. Here's the simple "fact of the matter"...I retubed it, it cost me a decent amount of money...hardly played on it since then, which bumps the price up. I'm also including the footswitch (standard Peavey sort), some contact cleaning solution, and the manual (not hard to get).
  19. my favorite reply to lowballers .............................................................. .........................no,but i'll sell you a crack pipe for $0.99? Careful...If they work for the FBI, then you're guilty of interstate conspiracy... he he...
  20. After a little research I've decided to lower the price to $425! That's what I paid for mine New!!!! :eek: :eek: he he Methinks yer a bit high there friend.
  21. Well now i'm convinced I need one when someone in the recording forum gives props to a pedal! I use a modded SD-1 but it gets schrill with the tone past noon when recording it. It benifits with an EQ too somtimes. It's either an OCD or i'm savin my pennies for a Klon. What amp and how are you running it? Clean amp, semi-dirt amp?? Dude, OCD over the Klon. Seriously. I put both of them together and the OCD really outshined it. THe versatility there is amazing. I love the lower gain settings- you can really get it to push nice and grind like a pushed fender..think Bassman. Then as the other poster said, lower your volume on the guitar, and great tones. The only gripe I have with it is that it seems to have a very sensitive output stage that interacts with certain other pedals- it get louder and softer depending on what it's feeding... a bit strange. but manageable. -Todd A.
  22. oh {censored}....guitars: 15000 dollars amps: 6000 dollars, pedals: 5000 dollars total 26000 dollars 100% VAT Taxes don't count!!!! he he he j/k. Gets kinda insane, no? -Todd A.
  23. Hmmm....boy.... This is kinda embarrassing... OK, 3 Tom Anderson Guitars- $6500 Pedalboard-$2100 (Keeley Compressor-$250, Keeley TS-9-$150, Fulltone OCD-$175, Keeley Looper-$85, Maxon AF-9 $189, Vox Wah-$90, Diamond Fireburst-$180, Radial Looper-$70, Voodoo Tremelo-$100, TC Chorus-$275, Deluxe MM-$275, Divided by 13 Switchazel-$275. Divided by 13 FTR-37 - $4000. Total- $12,600 :eek:
  24. OK, I have a fulltone OCD mounted in a pedalboard...It feeds a keeley looper, which then feeds a Diamond Fireburst, then into a Radial Looper. On the looper (Loop #2) is a Deluxe memory man. Whenever I turn that loop on, and have the OCD on, the level drops noticeably. None of the other pedal do this. Anyone else have this combination, or something similar, and can confirm this? Here's a pic of the board: Tx in advance -Todd A.
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