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Audio Equipment For Sale

Please contact: Sherri Hendrickson sherri@vsoundinc.com 310-293-4133

(email will get you a faster response) :)


Prices based on recent ebay sales of same item. All items in working condition unless noted otherwise. All items come from a smoke free studio-lightly used in Classical/Jazz production. Shipping from Los Angeles area or local pickup Paypal or $


Tascam DA-38 w/MMC-38 (Best Offer)

Alesis RA-100 Power Amp ($100)

Panasonic DA7 mkII Mixing Console w/3TDIF,3ADAT,1AES,1ANALOG cards and Meter Bridge ($2000 OBO)

MOTU Timepiece AV Parallel (Best Offer)

M-audio Digipatch Optical Patchbay (Best Offer)

Z-Systems Z8.8 Digital Router AES on coax (Best Offer)

Otari UFC-24 (Best Offer)

Whirlwind Multisplit 1x3 Splitter (Best Offer)

Yamaha NS-10s Pair Mint ($500) SOLD!

Shure Mic Drum Kit (3X sm57 1xBeta 52A Brackets Mint Cond) ($300)

Aphex 107 Mic Pre (Best Offer) SOLD!

Lexicon MPX110 Reverb (Best Offer)

Alesis Nano Piano (Best Offer)

Rode NT5 Microphones Matched pair w/Case ($250)

Auralex D36 DST Roominator Studio Foam Kit Purple/Black Mint ($125)

Earthworks M30 microphone ($600)

Shure BG 2.0 Cardioid microphone (Best Offer) SOLD!

AKG C414-ULS Pair w/Shockmounts ($1400)

Oktava MK-012-01 Pair (w/-10db pad, card capsule) ($200)

Tascam CDR-5000 Stand Alone CD recorder (Best Offer)

Alesis HD24 (3 HD caddies and FirePort) $1000 (HDs available also) SOLD!

Digidesign M-box (Original) ($100)

Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer Mint cond ($100) SOLD!

ADAM Audio S3A Original Design (a&B speakers) ($5000 OBO)

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John Hardy M-1 Four Channel Preamp. This unit has been in a non smoking professional studio for the past several years not being used, as the studio deals largely in post. This is the basic, no frills model, with the peak indicator and the standard outputs rather than the deluxe secondarey output Jensen transformers. This model does of course have the JT-16-B Input Transformers, Jensen's best input transformer, and the 990 discrete op amp. It sounds phenomenal. The unit probably could use with an alignment from your local backline technician. The third channel is a bit quieter than the others, and the gain knob could use some cleaning. I've checked the unit out and all channels have that wonderful Hardy sound. I already have enough Hardy channels so this is yours for a remarkable price. This unit new would be over $2000. $1250 plus shipping.



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TC Electronic Konnekt 6 Firewire interface for sale/trade






Comes with the Firewire & Power cables. Don't have the original box or Cubase recording software. Mint condition.


$100.00 shipped and paypalled in the US or would love to trade for or toward a nice little Mixer or microphones. PM me with any questions.



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Thought I'd post these items up here first prior to heading off to Ebay with 'em. These items are for sale within the US only due to issues I've had with overseas shipping. Paypal is preferred but I'll also take postal money orders. Prices do not include shipping. Photos are available upon request and you can check out my seller references/feedback under "orbit909" on Ebay and under "bentley" on Gearslutz. All items in excellent condition from a smoke free home studio and guaranteed to be in perfect working order.



RND Portico 5043 compressor with rackmount kit: $1200


Sherman Filterbank 2 Rack: $600


Purple Action 500 series Compressor: $500


Chandler Germanium Compressor WITH Power supply: $1250


Mackie MCU Pro with 3 spare faders: $800

-Please note, the plastic display has some light scuffing that is visible under direct lighting but not when the unit is powered up. It came from the factory this way and is more of a cosmetic nuisance than anything else. All faders work fine and the spares are simply in case any of them start going bad.


Studio Projects C1 Mic: $125

-includes case, shockmount


Rode NT 2, original version: $200

-includes case, shockmount


Rode NT 5 Pair: $225

-including case, mounts


Audio Technica At 4033SE: $259

-Includes wooden box, shockmount


Hafler TRM8 Studio Monitors: $600

-Please note, these are HEAVY and I'd rather not have to ship. Pickup preferred in the Chattanooga, TN/Atlanta, GA area. Used but not abused and never played at extreme volumes. You'd be hard pressed to find better monitors at this price range.


Please PM with any questions.




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EBTECH HUM ELIMINATOR. 8 channel rackmount. has some scratches from being in a rack. $140 + shipping.





STUDIO PROJECTS VTB1 MIC PREAMP with optional power supply and rack shelf included.

$100 + shipping.






GROUND LINK. used with the GROUND CONTROL MIDI controler. good condition. $75 + shipping.








EMINENCE PATRIOT BLACK POWDER ( 8 OHM). good condition. $35 + shipping.

















if you have a hardtail 7 string and can add cash, let me know what you have. i'm open to most any brand but not lower end guitars. i'm not looking for an even trade, i need to get cash out of the trade.



JACKSON SL1 GHOST FLAME. includes original hardshell case. great condition. small nick in the tip of headstock. $1300 + shipping.














shipping is to the U.S. only. (AK and HI will cost more).





please e-mail :carr3rd@aol.com

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Been looking for a good deal on a new/used ADAT card for the Yamaha 01V. I've got the Tascam card if anyone is interested in a trade.


Been looking for a good deal on a new/used ADAT card for the Yamaha 01V. I've got the Tascam card if anyone is interested in a trade.

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Please respond via craigslist ad as I rarely check PMs



Laney LC15 Amp: $200. 15 watt 1X8" speaker no reverb model. Excellent + condition. Instructions included.


Digitech Whammy IV-$100. Excellent condition.


Digitech PDS 8000 Echo Plus Delay/Sampler-$250. Excellent condition.


Gold Plated Humbucker set- $20. Generic gold plated neck and bridge humbucker set from an Agile Les Paul style guitar. Mounting screws included.


Bennet Music Labs Brown Sound Distortion- $100.00. Excellent + condition.


Large Pedalboard- large (40"X24") generic black pedalboard. Unused. Covered in Velcro compatible carpet.


Korg A3 Effects Processor - $300.00. Excellent condition.


M-Audio BX8a Active Studio Monitors (Pair) - $200. First generation BX8s with room adjustment controls on back. Excellent condition.

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I was actually browsing this thinking it was a new thread.... Now, I know Gibson just bought Harmony Central - which I think is a terrific idea - but now how about a little common sense by deleting these old threads and starting new ones - that last post here is from 2011 - right? And I really wanted that M49!

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