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Rotosound RS 66LC Medium Gauge Long Scale Bass Strings




Brand new set of Rotosound Electric Bass strings, Hand made in England:


.040 , .060 , .075 , .095



$14.00 including shipping


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Any of you guys into "Tape Op" Magazine ?


I have a bunch of back issues I'd be willing to trade for ????


These sell for $5 each at www.tapeop.com , just so you have the idea of "value"...


The 16 back issues I have are ...


* NOV/DEC 2005

* JULY/AUG 2003

* JULY/AUG 2005

* MAY/JUNE 2003

* SEPT/OCT 2003

* MAY/JUNE 2004


* SEPT/OCT 2004

* JULY/AUG 2006

* SEPT/OCT 2006


* JAN/FEB 2004

* SEPT/OCT 2005

* MAY/JUNE 2005

* NOV/DEC 2006

* JULY/AUG 2004




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Joemeek VC6Q: Older version of unit. Excellent condition. $250.00


Epiphone Les Paul: Limited edition blueburst flametop. Made in Korea. Excellent condition. Pickups upgraded to Seymour Duncan 59 in neck and JB in bridge. Upgraded Grover tuners. Switch replaced. $375.00


Euthymia ICBM Fuzz: Boutique clone of Op Amp Big Muff. Sounds Huge. $100.00


Line6 Rotomachine: Rotary speaker simulator: $80.00


Pedalworx BENT HCEF edition: Rare boutique tonebender clone that works off of standard 9V boss style power. $100.00


Bennett Labs Brown Sound: Marshall In A Box type distortion. Discontinued: $120.00


Open for trades for a Shure SM7 , AT 4047 , or certain ribbon mics only

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I need to get rid of my beloved H8000FW. I need a new roof and I'm flush out of cash. I'll be picking one up again soon once I have the money, but right now the roof needs to get done. I've only had mine for a few months. It was originally an Orville and was upgraded to H8000FW. Pretty much it's entirely brand new parts and board and full warranty.


I have all the new manuals and accessories like the BNC T-bracket and terminators for wordclock, the Comapact Flash PC Card adapter with 32 Meg flash. I can provide pictures on request. It is like new.


I'm looking to get about $4800 for it shipped. This is a great deal as brand new these are $5500 and I've only had this a couple months. Paypal accepted.

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Make an offer or trade for pedals?


The ol is getting pissed with all the gear i'm hoarding.

10 space open rack and 1 space shelf

I think i paid $40 for the rack and 20 for the shelf

Also have a ADA 2 button momentary footswitch fs something




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Presonus Firepod. Comes with everything you'd get if you bought it brand new. Asking $350+shipping


Audix D6. Works great, the grille is dented. Asking $100+shipping


Audiopile drum mic kit. GREAT starter drum mic kit. The tom mics aren't great, but the overhead SDCs are fantastic and the mic clips are pretty awesome. Here's a link: http://www.audiopile.net/products/Microphones/DK6_Drum_mic_kit/DK-6_cutsheet.asp Asking $100+shipping.

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YAMAHA REV100 very good condition with power supply. $90 shipped.





STUDIO PROJECTS VTB1 MIC PREAMP with rack shelf and power supply. very good condition. $120 shipped.






RANE SM26 RACK MIXER. very good condition. $80 shipped.









TC ELECTRONICS M350. very good condition. $130 shipped.











shipping is to the U.S. only. (AK and HI will cost more).






please e-mail :carr3rd@aol.com

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